f(♥) Projects – Victoria’s birthday

Hi everyone! This is your only admin, Aerin 🙂

I’m not a projects person but i got a good idea and i decided to do it~but of course, i need your help! You don’t have to pay for anything, you just need a few minutes to do this 🙂

What exactly?

Birthday messages and drawings sent to her me2day and Weibo. Easy, right? But..you have to sign up for those two sites first. Let’s start with Weibo~

So you go on the homepage

Then add your details~

You will get to this

Once you click that, it will send you to your email. This is the email they sent me

And you’ll get here…

You will be logged in after that, but, if you want to log in again some other time…

Now go to Vic’s weibo

There’s 2 ways you can send her a birthday message

^ you can also upload a pic (in case you’ve made a drawing)


It has an English version so you can sign up by yourselves..but! how do you mention her?

Like this~

That’s it!

Birthday messages

Korean: 생일 축하합니다

Chinese: 生日快乐


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