[NEWS] f(x) to make comeback on M! Countdown on the 25th with title track ‘첫 사랑니 (Rum Pum Pum Pum)’

f(x) Speaks of True First Love… Comeback with Full Second Album Title Track “First Wisdom Tooth”

Group f(x) is coming back on the 25th with their full second album Pink Tape.

According to f(x)’s agency on the 19th, title track “First Wisdom Tooth (Rum Pum Pum Pum)” is a pop dance track with an impressive guitar sound that is mysterious and addictive and an exciting percussion rhythm. It is expected to give off a light and airy atmosphere with a marching band sound that adds to the rhythm blending with lyrics that go “rum pum pum pum.”

An agency representative explained, “A first love was compared to a wisdom tooth. It was solved in a unique manner, alluding a story of a true first love which happened belatedly to a wisdom tooth’s characteristic of pushing out other teeth and growing in last,” and “It will make you feel f(x)’s own unique charm, which is receiving much love with its experimental and differentiated musical color.”

f(x), who will hold their comeback performance on Mnet’s M! Countdown on the 25th, will appear on KBS2’s Music Bank on the 26th, MBC’s Show! Music Core on the 27th, and SBS’s Popular Song on the 28th in succession.

f(x) garnered anticipation for their new album beforehand with an art film, which was completed as a new form of a graphic visual project. Composed of images and a narration with a dreamlike atmosphere, it expressed the faint yet fresh feel of a first love.

f(x)’s full second album Pink Tape will be released both online and offline on the 29th.

T/n: The title is a bit of a play on words with the lyrics of the song. “Wisdom tooth” in Korean can be directly translated as “love tooth” because wisdom teeth begin to grow in and cause pain around the time one is old enough to start falling in love and experience heartbreak.

Source: TV Report
Translation: 0wonhee @ iheartfx.com

One thought on “[NEWS] f(x) to make comeback on M! Countdown on the 25th with title track ‘첫 사랑니 (Rum Pum Pum Pum)’

  1. Very informative. I learned a lot about what Pink Tape is all about. Also why they made the Art Film. Krystal was introducing us to what first love feels like.

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