f(♥) New Year’s Eve Special – f(x)+2014!

Our site has several ‘traditions’; be it birthday specials, Christmas specials and anniversary specials and I have decided to make the f(x)+201X pattern one of them!

Thus, this year I am doing another year wrap-up with all important happenings involving f(x) this year~

2014 was surely not a easy year for f(x) and for the whole world overall but let’s look at its positive parts and hope for a good 2015!


f(x) won a bonsang at the 28th Golden Disk Awards (140116)

20140118-100616.jpg (800×535)


f(x) won ‘Best Girl Group’ at the 20th Korea Entertainment Awards (140208)

[포토] 에프엑스 크리스탈, '오늘은 제가 대표로 왔어요'

Krystal participated in the new SM The Ballad line-up and had duets with TVXQ’s Changmin and EXO’s Chen

Luna presented an award at the 11th Korea Music Awards (140228)



Amber was chosen as an MC for the second season of ‘We Got Married Global’

Amber (once again) was a special MC for Show Champion’s 100th episode (140319)

기사 이미지

f(x) without Sulli performed at the Simply Kpop Tour in Shanghai (140322)


Luna was chosen as an MC for MBC Music ‘Dance Battle Korea’


OnStyle announces ‘Jessica&Krystal’ and filming starts in LA and New York

f(x) gears up for a comeback


Luna is appointed as an ambassador for CAPA


f(x) makes a comeback with their 3rd full album ‘Red Light’

Amber is chosen as an MC for KBS Global Request Show ‘A Song for You’ Season 3

SM announces Sulli’s hiatus

Victoria attends the ‘Pirates’ movie premiere to show support for Sulli

기사 이미지


Victoria is chosen as an MC for Jiangsu TV ‘最强天团’ (‘The Amazing Group’) and f(4) guest on it

Sulli’s relationship with Dynamic Duo’s Choiza is confirmed

f(4) performs at SMTOWN in Seoul


Krystal attends Jessica’s Guangzhou fanmeeting (140906)

f(4) are chosen as models for Chinese online game ‘TERA’

Krystal is chosen as the female lead for SBS drama ‘My Lovely Girl’


f(4) performs at SMTOWN in Shanghai (141018) and SMTOWN in Tokyo (141004, 141005)

Sulli makes a comeback for the ‘Fashion King’ press conference and movie premiere

Luna also attends the ‘Fashion King’ movie premiere

루나가 포토타임을 마치고 인사하고 있다.(패션왕)


Amber collaborates with Zhou Mi on his debut stages for ‘Rewind’

Luna starts using her Instagram account again


Sulli attends stage greetings for movie ‘Fashion King’

기사 이미지

f(4) performs at Best of Best in Guangzhou (141116)


MBC Music airs a ‘One Fine Day’ special with Amber and Ailee

Thank for following and showing f(x) love this year and let’s love them even more next year! Happy new year!

3 thoughts on “f(♥) New Year’s Eve Special – f(x)+2014!

  1. f(x) Simply The Very Best in Korean Popular Music. The Greatest 5 Girls Ever Grouped Together. Victoria, Amber, Luna, Sulli and My Personal Favorite Krystal are exceptionally talented and have been superb for five outstanding years. 2014 was one of my favorites. My Lovely Girl, Krystal stared in a leading K-drama role and Red Light exceeded all expectations and was one of the best albums of the year.

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