Promo – f(x) 7th Anniversary Projects by the F(x) Facebook Group ♥

Details for all the projects:

1.) Tribute Video – Contest (A video from 2009-up until now)

2.) Tribute Photo – Contest a.) Picture of 7th anniversary special project ex. “f(x)’s 7th Anniversary) b.) A picture of them from 2009 up until now

3.) Fan Selca – Worldwide selcas in 1 photo (from different countries – worldwide)

4.) Fan video – Message *to f(x)* what you want to say to them ex. comeback etc.

5.) Fan Art – f(x) could be doodle,painting etc. a.) Picture b.) Video

6.) Games – (within the group only) a.) Q&A, – How much do you know about f(x) ? b.) Who gets it first etc. c.) Trivia – True or False ?

7.) Art products – like letters etc. (in picture .jpg etc. format)

8.) Song Cover – Can sing only the chorus or the whole song itself

9.) Dance Cover – Can dance only the chorus or the whole song itself Note: It will be cut – like showing a part of you either singing/dancing with the other fans

10.) Writing Contest – Could be article,review essay,poetry etc. *about f(x) & their 7th anniversary with us MeUs*

Messages ver.:

Can you create a message for f(x) witihin 1-10 sentences (maximum of 2 paragraphs) 😀 ?

And can you please send a selca ? ❤

Contact info: Yahoo! Account:
Gmail Account:
Or send it via PM:

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