[TRANS] 171025 f(Luna) = Instavid Update: “Our MeU always tell me to draw my eyebrows, but today I’m bare faced🙄”


Revealing Lulu’s bare face before leaving for musical practice .. Our MeU always tell me to draw my eyebrows, but today I’m bare faced🙄 I received #RxCinderellaAmpoule as a gift and I’ve been diligently applying it for a week ! It’s a really good item to use during season change💛💛  Among the 4 effector shots for elasticity, whitening, moisturizing and calming, I choose 2 of them that fit my skin time, i leave the base ampoule on for 10 minutes and it’s done!! Lulu picked the elasticity and moisturizing one, to describe how it works, I used it after I checked the condition of my skin at home, I used it, and it improved the condition of my dull, dry, fall-time skin👍🏻 If you leave it on for 5-10mins before foundation, massage it in and then apply the foundation, you’ll feel it adhering to the skin more moist and delicate💛😊💋 Of course, test products that fit you.
The advantage of the Rx Cinderella Ampoule is that it’s not sticky and it keeps your skin moist for a while. Let’s take care of our skin together in 2017💃 Find the #CNPRx #MyAmpoule !

Trans by hearteumi@functionlove.net. Take out with credits, if translating to another language please link back to functionlove.net. Thanks.

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