f(♥) New Year’s Eve Special – f(x)+2017!

Happy New Year, MeU!

This is functionlove.net’s 5th ‘Year in Review’ featuring all the highlights of 2017 for f(x) and Sulli!

You can check out the previous ones here

Note: I mentioned what I personally considered more important. If you want to see more, you can check out our archives. (on the sidebar)


Luna collabs with Hani and Solar for ‘Honey Bee

Victoria participated in Chinese variety show ‘Ace Vs. Ace’

E Channel ‘Strong Girls’ with Luna airs

Luna performs on ‘Immortal Songs 2‘ with her twin sister

The first ‘me(you) Book’ is released

(c) m_i_u_928


Victoria starts endorsing Syoss China

Krystal collabs with Glen Check’s June One Kim for ‘I Don’t Wanna Love You’ Single&Photobook

Luna collabs with C’est Out Seoul for a charity shop

Krystal attends Milan Fashion Week for Tod’s

Victoria finishes filming movie ‘The Legend of the Ancient Sword 2’

Amber is featured in epic shoot for W Korea (you’re welcome)


Luna slays an SK-II event in Okinawa, Japan

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Amber protests SM’s ways of handling her activities and goes on hiatus

Victoria starts endorsing Glico Pejoy

Victoria appears on ‘Happy Camp’

Luna attends Seoul Fashion Week


Luna starts a busking group with friends

Sulli starts endorsing Estee Lauder

기사 이미지

Krystal attends the Singapore Etude House Flagship Store Opening

Krystal also attends the 2017 Singapore Star Awards

Luna heads to Guam for a new variety show


Victoria’s new variety show, ‘Beat the Champions‘ airs

Sulli returns to Instagram after deleting all her posts in April

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난 쿠바

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Amber makes her first public appearance since March, in MBC ‘I Live Alone

Victoria teases her upcoming solo album

Sulli attends a showcase event for her movie ‘Real’


Luna’s Alphabet returns with a 3rd season

Victoria’s new drama, ‘A Life Time Love‘ airs

Amber returns to Weibo (and does a live stream with Pony)

Luna is casted in musical ‘Rebecca

Luna films a music video for movie ‘The Greatest Showman’ in London

Victoria attends the Shanghai International Film Festival for ‘Wished’

Luna MCs lifestyle show ‘The Taming of the Shrew 2

Victoria appears on Happy Camp to promote ‘Wished’

Amber features on Shannon Williams’ song, ‘Love Don’t Hurt’

Sulli’s movie ‘Real‘ premieres

The second me(you) book is released

(c) nm_6464

Victoria’s movie ‘Wished‘ premieres


Krystal’s drama ‘Bride of the Water God‘ airs

Luna releases an OST for MBC ‘Good Thief Bad Thief’

Luna attends SMTOWN in Seoul by herself

기사 이미지

Amber brings back What the Pineapple

Luna also attends SMTOWN in Osaka&Tokyo by herself


Luna attends SMTOWN Special Stage in Hong Kong

(c) K-Star HK

Victoria participates in variety show ‘Up Idol

Luna releases OST for MBC ‘The King Loves’

Victoria appears on Happy Camp once more

Victoria teases her solo once more

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f(3) reunites at their manager’s wedding


f(x) celebrates their 8th anniversary

Amber attends New York Fashion Week

Victoria starts filming drama ‘结爱·千岁大人的初恋‘ in Thailand

Amber collaborates with SUPERFRUIT for ‘Fantasy’

Amber starts filming American movie ‘The Eagle and The Albatross

Krystal attends Milan Fashion Week and breaks the internet

Victoria attends Paris Fashion Week

Luna endorses ISOI in cute CF


Amber and Luna participate in a documentary-type recording

Luna slays Seoul Fashion Week

Luna appears in beauty show ‘Please Give Me Your Vanity’


Amber is featured in a mini series with Irene Kim documenting their NY trip


‘Fantasy’ music video featuring Amber is released

Krystal stars in drama ‘Prison Playbook


Amber’s video is featured on international media

Luna’s OST music video for ‘The Greatest Showman’ is released

Luna stars in musical ‘The Last Kiss

Sulli endorses VEDI VERO

And this wraps up our Year in Review!

MeU, have a great, happy and healthy 2018 ♥ Thank you for sticking with f(x)&us!


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