[TRANS] 190406 f(Sulli) = Instagram Updates: “Let’s keep going🥰💘”

Let’s keep going🥰💘 @maisonvalentino

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Q: What did you have for breakfast?

A: Nutella Croissant

Q: Why do you always live like an idiot?

(her reply here, acc to SULLIXYA, is a play on words: bottle for ‘byeon’ and shoes as ‘shin’, which make up the word ‘idiot’)

Q: I want to become a peach. Are there conditions for peaches?

A: Do a somersault, then a handstand and you succeed in becoming a peach

Q: What do you hate doing the most?

A: It feels like the whole day is going by as I’m thinking about it……….

Q: Sulli unnie, what do you think is the prettiest part of you?

A: Clothes (?)

Q: Honestly, you’re not a person, you’re a peach

A: If peaches bruised well

Q: Say something harsh to the haters!

A: They’ll go nuts and it’ll hurt more… so I’m holding it in well

Q: Please block shalk12e, the guy cursing at you! It’s making me more angry

A: I think I’ve seen him once and I wondered why he’s bothering us peaches, if I see him once more block him right away

Trans by hearteumi@functionlove.net. Take out with credits, if translating to another language please link back to functionlove.net. Thanks.



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