[TRANS] 210923 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “A moment in time! See Lulu’s concert on October 16💜 “

A moment in time! See Lulu’s concert on October 16💜 [2021,Back to LUNA!] Sep 24, Melon ticketing open!! A moment in time! For just one day, a chance to see Luna’s secret stages that she’s never shown before, right in front of your eyes! With a variety of genres, from musical to pop, Luna’s doing various activities. On October 16th, Luna prepared a special secret performance and a radio corner where she can hear your stories.

We’ll also give you a special limited edition poster for ticket buyers!
An opportunity to enjoy a happy time with Luna! Don’t miss October 16th!

[How to buy a ticket for Melon]
➀ Click on the profile link of @pgnpictures.
[2021, Back to LUNA!] Click the link and get tickets for Melon reservation.
You can buy tickets after searching “Luna” on Melon Ticket!

– Concert name: [2021, Back to Luna!]
▫ Date: October 16th, 2021 at 6pm
▫ Location: West Bridge
▫ Ticket price: 99,000 won for regular seats.
▫ Contents: Live performance + talk event

Reservation link: https://ticket.melon.com/performance/index.htm?prodId=206200

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