Dear MeU,

Due to numerous false allegations and hate comments made towards Amber, I’m opening this page to collect all such instances, directed towards any of the f(x) members or Sulli, so we can act accordingly (report accounts for harassment)


When you see anyone on social media make false allegations or rude/mean comments towards any f(x) member or Sulli, leave a comment here or DM me with links and screen shots

Specifically, screen shots of said hateful content (so we can keep a record of them) and a link to those posts or to the hater’s accounts.

NOTE: If any f(x) member happens to find this page, please don’t read the hate tweets below! Watch cute videos of puppies instead. We’ll take care of these!

Current hate and false allegations to report


This account on IG that is hating on Victoria (+ their Twitter shown below)

Original tweets: (1) (2) (3) (4)

Tweet link

Tweet link

Tweet link

Original tweets: (2) (4) (the other 2 are linked above, no. 2 made their account private)

The person in the 4th photo also made another mean tweet

Tweet link

Links: 1 2

Tweet link

A series of hateful tweets, linked directly. Screenshots have been archived in case they’re deleted

Thread link