f(x)’s Schedule




1st [BROADCAST] ‘Up Idol’ – Victoria, 8:20PM CST
3rd [PERF] Musical ‘Rebecca’ – Luna, 7PM
5th f(x)’s 8th Anniversary ♥

[PERF] Musical ‘Rebecca’ – Luna, 8PM

6th [PERF] Musical ‘Rebecca’ – Luna, 8PM
7th [BROADCAST] Luna’s Alphabet Season 3 – 9PM
8th [BROADCAST] ‘Up Idol’ – Victoria, 8:20PM CST
9th [EVENT] Harper’s Bazaar 2017 Charity Event – Victoria (Beijing)

[PERF] Musical ‘Rebecca’ – Luna, 3PM

10th [PERF] Musical ‘Rebecca’ – Luna, 3PM
14th [PERF] Musical ‘Rebecca’ – Luna, 8PM

[BROADCAST] Luna’s Alphabet Season 3 – 9PM

15th [BROADCAST] ‘Up Idol’ – Victoria, 8:20PM CST

SUPERFRUIT feat. Amber – ‘Fantasy’ Release (Future Friends Pt. 2 EP)

16th [PERF] Musical ‘Rebecca’ – Luna, 3PM
17th [PERF] Musical ‘Rebecca’ – Luna, 7PM
18th Amber’s 25th Birthday ♥
19th [PERF] Musical ‘Rebecca’ – Luna, 8PM
21st [PERF] Musical ‘Rebecca’ – Luna, 8PM

[BROADCAST] Luna’s Alphabet Season 3 – 9PM

22nd [BROADCAST] ‘Up Idol’ – Victoria, 8:20PM CST
23rd [PERF] Musical ‘Rebecca’ – Luna, 7PM

[EVENT] OLAY Product Release – Victoria (Dalian, China)

24th [PERF] Musical ‘Rebecca’ – Luna, 7PM
27th [PERF] Musical ‘Rebecca’ – Luna, 3PM
28th [BROADCAST] Luna’s Alphabet Season 3 – 9PM
29th [PERF] Musical ‘Rebecca’ – Luna, 8PM

[BROADCAST] ‘Up Idol’ – Victoria, 8:20PM CST


Sources: articles, f(x)’s DC, their website. Translated&arranged by hearteumi@functionlove.net. Take out with credits, if translating to another language please link back to functionlove.net. Thanks.



142 thoughts on “f(x)’s Schedule

  1. Alyiah

    Is there a way to become apart of their official fanclub?I know other groups have it to where you can pay to become an official fan and then you get a merchandise kit. It that available for f(x)?

  2. 93anon

    Hi! Do you know what date their contracts expire? I thought it was September 5th because that’s their anniversary, but someone else said it was in October and that doesn’t make sense to me.

  3. Hearteumi when are the Chinese producers of Krystal’s movie “:Unexpected Love” and her drama “Graduation Season” going to release them. I really want to see my favorite actress performing again. I’ve watched “My Lovely Girl” many many times but I want her in something new. ❤

    1. Chinese productions usually come out about 6 months~a year after filming?? There is no fixed date/month for either of them, just 2017. The movie was scheduled for the beginning of 2017 as far as I remember

  4. My most anticipated upcoming event is Sweet Krystal’s drama “Bride of the Water God” in July. It looks like my Favorite Beautiful Actress is no longer dating. My Sweet Girl ❤ is going to be spending all of her time concentrating on her career. I do hope she has a little time for me. 🙂

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