f(x)’s Schedule




4th [BROADCAST] KBS ‘Police University’ – Krystal

[EVENT] Music Festival – Amber

5th [BROADCAST] KBS ‘Police University’ – Krystal
6th Luna ‘Madonna’ Single Release – 6PM KST
12th [EVENT] Fashion Festival – Amber
13th [EVENT] Media Event – Amber

[RADIO] Arirang Super K-Pop – Luna, 4PM KST

17th [EVENT] Brand Event – Amber
20th [EVENT] Brand Event – Amber
24th Krystal’s birthday 💜


144 thoughts on “f(x)’s Schedule

    1. the official color has been ‘Pearl Light Periwinkle’ (#7483c9) for some time. and for the fanclub name, if there’s nothing on smtown.com at the fanclub section, it’s not true. you can look for yourself.

      1. deborah

        Oh i never knew it was official. Was it announced on their website or something? I always saw comments compatibility about no color and name.

      2. Yes, they announced it at their concert on January 31st. Besides articles and the girls themselves, there’s been no actual official announcement though, so they probably haven’t set anything up yet but it exists haha

  1. Julie

    Thank you for all of your hard work in gathering this information and for translating! You make it possible for us non-Korean speaking fans to stay up to date on our beloved f(x). 🙂 I hope your interest in f(x) stays strong for a long time to come! 😀

    1. as of this moment, this schedule is up to date and isn’t missing anything that could be on their official website so no, they aren’t. Krystal also said they might not attend any..

      1. nicky

        ohh man seriously they never miss it, why just why??? their the only group from SM who is not going (dnt kno bout DBSK)

  2. f(Alex)

    I heard f(x)’s coming back sometime in May, I was just wondering your thoughts as to what concept they will go with in the next EP and whether or not they bring back f(Luna)(Amber)(Krystal)?

    1. I personally hope they’ll do something similar to Red Light because I loved everything about it, I’m not sure as to what other concept they could do, probably around the ‘mature’ area (maybe like Red Velvet’s ‘Be Natural’). As for LunBerKrys, they could bring them back. I’d personally love it~

      1. f(Alex)

        Yeah in Electric Shock, Beautiful Stranger was sung by those three and later in Pink Tape they did Goodbye Summer. They sang the songs without Sulli or Victoria and that created LunBerKrys so many people are hoping for that again.

    2. Tenkolee

      May is so close yet sounds so far away from now. I hope everything goes smoothly and nothing hinders them for making a daebak comeback this year. Anticipating their concept too because I have no clue what they are planning. All I know is that with every single release up to this date, you can definitely tell how much they’ve improved and gotten more mature. Also the fact that they are not afraid to try new music. I wonder if this year SM will think about promoting them outside of Korea. Not like going outside to promote their Korean album but like have a Chinese album or like a Japanese album. Either way I will always support them.

    1. Krystal herself said she doesn’t know anything about the comeback and they usually start preparing a few months before so it’s unlikely. Probably in the summer, after Victoria finishes her drama filming.

  3. Thaesu

    will sulli unnie comeback to fx. And may i know fx and sulli real twitter and face book account.pls, when will they come to myanmar. Missing sulli~~~

  4. Thaesu

    Do u know how can i watch sulli’s fashion king movie and also with eng. I don’t know where can i find that. As i am living in myanmar. If u know the way pls tell.me …

    Sulli fan…

    1. Victoria did indeed say that they’re planning it, but that means they’re at the very beginning (=they probably haven’t recorded anything yet, especially since Victoria is still filming her drama. they’ll probably start when she’s done with that)

      1. Alice

        okay thank you, oh I just watched Krystal’s interview with gogoboi and apparently somewhere in fall/autumn and probably a concert!! yaaaay 😀

    1. it is confirmed, but I don’t know who exactly is coming. Sulli might not (I think SM is making her come back during the girls’ comeback), and Victoria is already there so she might join and it would be f(4).

  5. Function

    So ah… Sulli is find not gonna lie I felt quite sad when I read about it. I would love to hear your thoughts as to what direction the group will go with their weakest link now gone, which is not kind to say but is very true. Also how do you feel about Sulli leaving?

    1. I don’t know how they’ll do from now, they’ll most likely work harder to fill her place and make us keep supporting them. I thought the biggest possible change might be made vocally, as Sulli has a higher voice and thus they can pull off song choruses like Jet’s and RPPP’s (which are on a pretty high pitch, a bit too high for Victoria or maybe Amber). And over-all, it’ll just look weird, and incomplete. I am very upset about her leaving because I’ve been a fan for 5 years and I had a special attachment to her, kinda like a baby sister (who doesn’t know me haha), and it’s just hard to see one of them go. I really hope she will do well in anything she wants and stays happy and smiley, because that’s the Sulli I know.

      1. Function

        The feels :*( it’ll definitely be new era for the group, and the fans for that matter. Now we just wait for the extremely long delayed album!

  6. candora


    Do you know how to get tickets for the UNIKOREA Culture Week on Oct 31? I happen to be in Korea around that time and would looooooove to see them perform! Any info would be appreciated! =D

      1. candora

        Thanks for the info!
        I’ve been following your site for sometime now and the info and pics you have on FX is just amazing!

  7. Deborah

    Do you know how long they will be promoting? Is it only for 2 weeks since Luna has her musical from the 17th-22nd? 😦 I hope not..

    1. That’s possible, since Victoria has drama filming in China. I’m not sure if we’ll get a repack either because of their schedules, but nothing is confirmed so all we can do is wait and see~

  8. caitlinm98

    Do you know if the rumor about the repack of 4 Walls is true or not and when it may possibly come out? Because looking at their schedules they seem really busy ad dont look like they will have time for a repack but then again the rumor came from an SM worker :/

  9. Sebast

    Would they finally promote more than just one video? They did that with “red light” and “Pink tape”… As they are heading their first concert ever, I think they must promote as much as possible from this album, but this schedule seems to be interrupted, isn’t it?

    1. I don’t think they will, people are interested in their comeback; honestly it feels like SM is using Sulli’s leave as a marketing tactic and netizens love it. I think they’re good with just one video and the existing activities, the album is selling very well too

      1. Sebast

        They are absolutely good enough at least with just one video… but it would be really nice to see new performances and videos. They have an amazing material in this album. Don’t you agree? It would be great to have another comeback en december or january promoting “Deja vu” + “Papi” or “Rude love” + “cash me out” or “Traveller”…. it doesn’t matter which song.. the fact is that they have a lot to give yet.

  10. Deb

    do you know who runs a big fx fansite? im trying to get got7 and seventeen fans to make an agreement with fx fans so we all vote for each other for MAMA awards. (got7 & seventeen fans are already doing that for each other) but they said it cant be done if there isnt a fanbase. its a bit confusing, but i hope you can help cause im sure we all want fx to win! 😀

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  12. Katherline

    It was confirmed that Victoria will be an MC at Golden Disk Awards and that f(x) will attend it on the second day (Jan. 21st)

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