f(x) is a South Korean girl group formed by SM Entertainment in 2009. The name is a play on the mathematical notation for function. The f stands for flower and the x represents the female’s double x chromosome. f(x) strives to be the kind of girl group that can change and adapt to many situations. The group members have also been nicknamed “function girls”. The group made their debut on September 5, 2009 with release of a digital single “La Cha Ta” (stylized as “LA chA TA”). The group is currently composed of four members: Victoria, Luna, Amber, and Krystal. 5th member Sulli left the group in August 2015.


functionlove was an international fansite for f(x) that updated on photos, videos and news every day, along with translations to the members’ social media updates and subtitled videos. It is one of the biggest sources for everything f(x). It was founded on October 6th 2012 and closed on January 9th 2023.

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  1. Hearteumi, Have you ever met Krystal? I love your blogs. You’re a very dedicated adminstrator. Keep informing us about Krystal and f(x). You and Smtown or the two most reliable sources for Krystal and f(x) updates.😊✌

  2. Kai Alexander

    Amazing! You’re just amazing I’m a huge fan of f(x) and now I’m a huge fan of yours thank you and , keep up the good work! And thank you
    ( Sorry for my bad English )

  3. PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD. since most international fans seem confused about how melon chart works, here is something that i learned from k-fans:

    part of the tutorial on fx-votary @ tumblr is mistaken. downloading DOES count for 60% of melon chart, but if you download using a package (unlimited streaming + 30 song downloads that is used in the tutorial) IT DOES NOT COUNT. repeat: downloading using the package DOES NOT COUNT TOWARDS MELON CHART. if fans are keen on helping the girls win, they should stream 4 Walls (continuously! add 4 Walls the song two times or more to your melon playlist and loop it) or download the song without a package.

    since the tutorial has been out a couple of days now, it’s possible that international fans have already bought melon packages to support f(x). use them to stream the song! since you can’t stream without one anyway.

  4. Hi hearteumi unnie! We (MeUs) are planning to raise Electric shock MV to 100m! I was wondering if you can publish the project on this website? This will help us! We should reach 100m before the 7th anniversary for f(x)! I beg you to help us please!

      1. linhmoonevanna

        oh… it’s just I don’t see you update very often on this site… but really thank you for creating such a great blog like this!!

  5. nbhisyear6

    Thank you so much for keeping this website running as whenever I miss f(x), I can still find their traces here. It reminds me of how much I loved this group! Thank you again!

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