Pre-Order f(x)’s 4th Full Album ‘4 Walls’!

Album Details (from YesAsia)

f(x) returns with their highly anticipated fourth album, their first as a four-member group. 4 Walls sees the group continuing to stand out with unique experimental concepts and electronic music. The album features ten new tracks, including the deep house title song 4 Walls and songs covering EDM, synthpop, lounge music and other electronic music genres.

Release Date: October 27th (28th in stores)


1. 4 Walls
2. Glitter
3. Déjà vu
4. X
5. Rude Love
6. Diamond
7. Traveler
8. Papi
9. Cash Me Out
10. When I’m Alone

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both stores count on the Hanteo chart

Ebay (link only)

Make sure it counts on the Hanteo chart!


14 thoughts on “Pre-Order f(x)’s 4th Full Album ‘4 Walls’!

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      1. Where are you from? Maybe there are groups in your country who order together. If not, you can do it alone, but you need a credit card for the payment! (and that card needs to have online purchases enabled; you can ask about that at your bank)

  2. Emily

    Hi, do you know how I can buy a digital download of the album? I saw that iTunes have it, but I don’t have an account with them. Amazon music doesn’t have it, and I want to be able to support f(x) by legally buying the album but I cannot afford the physical copy. Is my only option iTunes?

    1. You can order from anywhere! Kpoptown is best for those with less experience. You just need a (credit) card that can make online purchases (you can enable that at your bank)

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