[TRANS] 191009 f(Victoria) = Weibo Update: “I am Song Qian, the first torchbearer of Supernova Games”

我是#超新星全运会# 第1棒星火炬手宋茜,生而为赢,赛出水平!下一棒星火炬手@阿冷aleng丶 请做好接棒准备[超新星全运会] ​​​​

I am Songqian, the first torchbearer of Supernova Games. I was born to win and compete my best. Next Torchbearer 阿冷aleng, please be ready to take the torch.

Trans by ImmermitQian


190914 f(Victoria) = Weibo Update

#向前进夫妇再见# 在最早开始看小说的时候我就喜欢上了“向远”,我有些经历很像她,她的“倔”很像我。我们都相信通过自己的努力,人生可以一点点变得更好,也希望能通过向远给大家带来向上向远的力量。再见向远,也感谢这段时间关注向远成长的大家。[心]#山月不知心底事大结局#

#向前进夫妻再见# When I first started reading novels, I liked “Xiangyuan”. Some of my experiences are very similar to her. Her “倔” is very similar to me. We all believe that through our own efforts, life can be a little better, and we hope to bring upward and far-reaching power to the distant people. Goodbye to the far, far too concerned this time to thank everyone to grow. [心]#山月不知心底事大结局#

Translation made by Google Translate lol