221109 f(Victoria) = Weibo Updates

螺狮粉和小何,我都要[掌宝荧光棒] 绿洲 ​​​

Luoshi powder and Xiao He, I want

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221130-06 f(Victoria) = Weibo Updates

#何其有幸联手鉴茶#今晚品茶🍵 ​​​

#He Qi is fortunate to join hands with tea# Tea tasting tonight🍵

一会儿见[哈哈] 绿洲

See you later

公园里面耍大拳[笑哈哈] 绿洲 ​​​

Playing big fists in the park[笑哈哈]

#HeXiaoranMeetsXiaoShangqisParentsTemplate# Don’t be bitter, come and drink more and you will be good~#AlmostLover#

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221107 f(Victoria) =Weibo Updates

[羞嗒嗒][羞嗒嗒]先靠一靠 绿洲 ​​​

First rely on

FM电台热线即将接通,明晚18:00-19:00来#谁都知道我爱你# 实况热聊,说说你的追剧感想和生活趣事,小何主播在线翻牌[赢牛奶] ​​​

The FM radio hotline is about to be connected, tomorrow night from 18:00-19:00 #AlmostLover# Live chat, talk about your thoughts on chasing dramas and interesting things in life, anchor Xiao He flops online

你要是男的 我现在就嫁了@张佳宁 [害羞][害羞]啊哈哈哈哈 大家立冬快乐[憧憬]

If you were a man, I would marry now @张佳宁 ah ha ha ha ha happy winter start everyone

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221026+27 f(Victoria) = Weibo Updates


The anchor Xiao He has joined the Happy “Goose” radio station, and the audience will come to support! #How lucky the radio station is officially open#


#OurTranslatorOfficial Announcement##OurTranslator# Unswerving and loving, for the goal to be tough to the end! Looking forward to unlocking the new identity of the translator~ Hello, Lin Xi!

疯狂星期四v我两块,何笑然给你一段爱@许魏洲ZZ ​​​

Crazy Thursday, oh my two pieces, He Xiaoran will give you a piece of love @徐伟州ZZ ​​​

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note: He Xiaroan is her character in Almost Lover

221024 f(Krystal) = Jessica’s Instagram and Weibo Updates: “Made it just in time for my little one’s birthday! 👧🏻💜🥂🎂🎁💋✨”


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221006 f(Victoria) = Weibo Update

Gabrielle Chanel empowers women with freedom of movement through fashion. In this season’s #SpringSummerPremium Ready-to-Wear Collection#, I love 🤘🏻 rock-inspired leather suits with the conflicting lace trim; elegant camellias blooming at the waist of the dark-patterned double-C woven gold top; and With ruffles and bright pastel colors… What is the Chanel glamour in the eyes of Virginie Via? I have found my answer in this season’s press conference 🔍Weibo text, how about you?

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220907 f(Victoria) = Weibo Updates

#亲爱的生命今日开播#医生守护,守护一生。我是盛济医院妇产科医生杜帝。#亲爱的生命# 今晚19:30 @CCTV电视剧 @爱奇艺 @腾讯视频 @电视剧亲爱的生命 不见不散!

#BeovedLifeAirsToday# Doctor guards, guards a lifetime. I am Du Di, an obstetrician and gynecologist at Shengji Hospital. #belovedlife# Tonight at 19:30 @CCTVTVseries @IQIYI @TencentVideo @TVDramaBelovedLife See you!