220621 f(Amber) = Weibo Update

#爱情应该有的样子片头曲#新歌!@爱情应该有的样子官博 片头曲《Love should be》甜蜜上线,来一起感受这份心动

QQ音乐:Love should be
咪咕音乐:网页链接 ​​​

#Love should be like opening song# New song! @Loveshouldlooklikeofficialblog The opening song “Love should be” is sweet on the line, come and feel this heartbeat together [too happy]

QQ Music: Love should be
Kugou Music: Web Link
Kuwo Music: Web Link
Migu Music: Web Link ​​​

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220614+15 f(Victoria) = Weibo Updates


Cough cough! Let’s refute the rumors: it’s not the crew of “more than two months later”, nor the crew of “how to resume work in Shanghai”, we are the crew of “Warm and Sweet”✌️ Remember? Remember it! Remember [wink] Ah ha ha 😆 Good night [Spring Tour Family]

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