221107 f(Victoria) =Weibo Updates

[羞嗒嗒][羞嗒嗒]先靠一靠 绿洲 ​​​

First rely on

FM电台热线即将接通,明晚18:00-19:00来#谁都知道我爱你# 实况热聊,说说你的追剧感想和生活趣事,小何主播在线翻牌[赢牛奶] ​​​

The FM radio hotline is about to be connected, tomorrow night from 18:00-19:00 #AlmostLover# Live chat, talk about your thoughts on chasing dramas and interesting things in life, anchor Xiao He flops online

你要是男的 我现在就嫁了@张佳宁 [害羞][害羞]啊哈哈哈哈 大家立冬快乐[憧憬]

If you were a man, I would marry now @张佳宁 ah ha ha ha ha happy winter start everyone

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