170725 f(Amber) = With Fans [2P]

I don't think I ever took it to IG to appreciate the wonderful city of LA for making it so easy to casually meet all those amazing people and artists I've been looking up to all my life that truly inspire me every single day. It's funny to think that not too long ago fangirl Tea would have freaked out about each and every one of them since growing up in europe they all seem like a far away dream while LA spoils you so much you get accustomed to it so fast you start seeing them as the chill pals they are, working in the same industry as you. Just a small selection of my favorite people I had the honor to run into – featuring @ajol_llama @notryanhiga @jparkitrighthere @juncurryahn @justrandomeveryday @dumbfoundead @515sunnyday @saythename_17 @kiyoko11

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^ there’s also a boomerang with Amber as the last item of that post


170712 f(Amber) = With a Fan [1P+1V]