“Love is MeU, Love is f(x)” Project Part 1 and 3: “How I Discovered f(x)” – Your Stories!

“Love is MeU, Love is f(x)” is functionlove.net’s 3-part project for f(x)’s 9th anniversary

This post contains the 1st and 3rd parts of the project: MeU’s stories of how they discovered and fell in love with f(x), and MeU’s loving words.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Part 1.

Your Stories

Teresa, America

The first time I ever heard of f(x) was through their song Zig Zag from the Electric Shock album, and I remember feeling like there was no other idol group that could pull off this, like, industrial pop music style that f(x) had brought to the table, especially back then. Hearing the Electric Shock EP was such a formative moment for me (I was around 12 years old at the time) as that album, and the rest of f(x)’s discography, permanently altered my taste in music. Now I’ve recently turned 18 and their impact, as well as my love for f(x), is still embeded deep in my heart. 💜 #loveisfx

Merr, Philippines

It was Krystal unnie whom I discovered first through her drama with Rain and then mesmerized by her beauty and acting, I search a lot about her and then discovered that she is in a group called f(x). I then started listening to their musics and watched their reality shows. What I love about them is firstly because of their diversity in making/creating musics that people really loves and also their individuality that makes them stand out the most, their bond that is of a family. You can clearly see through their little gestures that they adore and treasure each other and I hope that f(x) will stay longer together, be healthy together, to do things they love together and to have the love they deserve. f(x) hwaiting !

Ada, Romania

I discovered f(x) back in 2011 when i was still exploring the K-pop world by trying to listen to different groups. My story isn’t impressive, but f(x) are one of the bands that helped me become a K-pop fan because they stand out from most of the groups and they have an unique style, their every comeback bringing something new, different.

Mimi, The Netherlands

Pink Tape art film introduced me to the group! I was really interested in video editing and film at the time (still am) and came across the teaser video coincidentally. I was really intrigued to find out it wasn’t actually a film trailer but an album trailer (!!) and started digging deeper into the group and their concept + music. I fell in love with the content and members more and more and to this day am still discovering new reasons to love these beautiful talented women ❤ MeUs always with f(x) ❤

Emma Schlicher/ajol.ove, Massachusetts, USA

When I was 6 years old, my mom had our neighbor babysit me for the night. Our neighbor had just moved from Korea. She made me watch a music video. That music video was LA chA TA. This wasn’t about 2 weeks after it had been released. I fell in love with the group instantly. Amber’s tomboyish style, Victoria’s dancing, Luna’s vocals, Sulli’s smile, when Krystal’s aura captivated me instantly, and to this day they still mean everything to me.

Annabelle, Canada, Quebec

I discovered F(x) by Youtube’s music video suggestions. I was listening to Gangnam style by Psy at the time. After i clicked on “Electric Shock” by F(x) and I fell in love with Sulli first. I thought she was so beautiful! And after I fell in love with every member, one by one. I listened to more and more MV by them. After “Red Light” came out, I bought my first ever Kpop album and it was the “Red Light” album, by F(x)!💜

Linda J., Indonesia

I found f(x) exactly in 2012 when they performed at Smtown in Jakarta. The concert was broadcast on the TV station in my country. At that time, I was very interesting with the short hair girl, she is Amber Liu. After that, I started to find out about Amber and finally made me fall in love with her and f(x) too

Ekhet Joulief, Philippines

I discover f(x) through jessica of snsd that she have a sister whose name is krystal that also included in a girl group f(x).

Heesook, Spain

When I first got into kpop, I only listened to boygroups. One day in yt suggestions, ‘Red Light’ MV appeared and I totally fell in love! I couldn’t stop listening to their songs then nor now.

Lou, Catalonia

i’ve been liking f(x) (and also having a big crush on amber hehe) since last summer more or less, but at the start of this year they caught my attention so i decided to watch f(x)=1cm and that made me absolutely fell in love with them, until the point that now i can’t imagine my life without them 💜

Wahzi, Malaysia

Found out about f(x) 9 years ago (2009) through a video post (La Cha Ta) that my friend shared on facebook stating that “the tomboy is handsome” which caught my attention. lol

Sophia, France

When I was losing myself on YouTube when I was younger and came across la cha ta

Sky, Spain

I saw a photo of amber and thought she was really cool so i wanted to google f(x) and i fell in love with their music

Synt, Indonesia

i was watching some snsd’s videos and then i came across ‘f(x) four walls’, never thought i’d fall for them this hard.

Mon, Italy

during their pink tape promotions, through a friend

Rhf, Saudi Arabia

From hot summer

David, Norway

I watched a Chinese drama (Beautiful Secret) with Victoria in it and fell in love with her, which lead me to discovering f(x)

Iselle, Philippines

I discovered f(x) when i started to like amber because of her androgynous style, i did search for them and i also did watched ALL their music videos that time. I got hooked in an instant and i knew im starting to love them.

Tita, Indonesia

i know them from watching mtv kpop section

May, Thailand (Admin of “f(x) Thailand” FB Group)

7 Years ago, I did a part-time job as a IT, Laptop, Computer salesperson and my senior open La Cha Ta & Nu ABO MV every 5 minutes then I can’t help falling in love with them HAHAHAHA

Héloïse, France

I discovered f(x) when I was in seventh grade. I had a classmate who was literally obsessing over Amber, always posting about her and f(x), so I decided to check them out. Rum Pum Pum Pum became my ultimate jam and I still remember that it was the first song I ever downloaded on my very first phone.

Wayne, USA

In 2011 I saw Krystal at Yuna’s Kiss & Cry and fell in love with beautiful Krystal. She introduced me to f(x) & Kpop. I’ve loved f(x) ever since & they will always be my favorite musical group ❤

Zie, Philippines

I became a kpop fan last 2016. At first I only knew Krystal because I thought she was really pretty but I don’t know her group. I also stanned other popular groups from SM. Then I played SMTOWN SUPERSTAR and was amazed by the uniqueness of their music. I started to listen to their albums and fell in love completely. I started watching their videos and I was captivated by their aesthetic and uniqueness.

Pinn, Thailand

I’ve known f(x) since thier day one, I was just 11. At first, my bias was only Victoria, year by year, I saw them together doing thier best on stage and being stronger when the trouble passed by, I started to love them all.💜💜💜💜

personwaitingforf(x), Turkey

Thanks to Youtube. “Rum pum pum pum” I watched the video and I said “wow they are really great”

Kaylee, USA

It was back in early 2015 I was watching random music show performances from different artists. As i scrolled down what was recommended next I saw what was an f(x) Red Light performance I clicked on it and instantly fell in love with them. After that I wanted to learn every little thing about them I knew there was something special about them.

Fiona, Perth, Australia

I saw them on a K-pop music TV show called SBS PopAsia. They were playing Pinocchio (Danger) and my eye caught on Amber and Krystal. I ended up looking them up online after and I have been a fan since.

Kayla, Scotland

YouTube! I was slowly getting into kpop when Red Light was recommended to me. I watched the MV and immediately fell in love and from there watched all their MVs and bought all their albums. It was love at first site and I’ve been a MeU ever since 🙂

Chels, UK

I discovered f(x) through the YouTube suggested. I had already started to get into kpop, but they were like a group I had never seen before. Hot Summer was the first MV I watched, and I was floored straight away, just from the neon pink tank at the start!

Sav, Indonesia

Through youtube

Farhanah, London, UK

i watched the kdrama heirs and i really liked krystal’s character. she was really cute anyway i looked up the cast and saw that krystal was in a kpop group called f(x). so i searched them on youtube and i watched the electric shock mv.

Asylla, Philippines

Thank you for that wonderful question. LOL so how did I discovered f(x)? Way back 2009, the only KPop group that I knew was Super Junior. Wasn’t really that fan of them though but I kinda like Donghae and Henry. One day, one of my classmates shared an issue about Donghae and Sica (as far as I remember). Then I started stalking Jessica of SNSD (btw, my male classmates were so obsessed with SNSD lol). I actually liked Jessica at first alongside with Yoona. Weeks after stalking SNSD, one of my male classmates shared a video of “Jessica’s sister”‘s group lol (LaChata video teaser). The video, for me, was full of mystery which made me interested in them, especially having Amber on the group. Sept. 5, 2009 came, it was their debut stage, that’s when I fell in love with them. Not just because of Amber, but because of f(x) as a whole. They are not just your ordinary Kpop Girl Group. They’re unique, and an experimental group from SMent. Plus they’re multilingual, they’re easier to understand unlike other groups. That’s merely it. Oh, I forgot to include that KryBer became my bias since then. lol Up until now, im still a MeU and forever will be. I am patiently waiting for their comeback. ♥ Happy 9th Anniversary to the only group that I stan all my life 🙂 ♥

Mija, Malaysia

I am actually an smtown fan so i looked forward for f(x)’s debut since the beginning. So its been 9 years right. I was 16years old on that time. Their music is fresh and unique. At first im just liking their musics, I mean I wasnt totally a full time MEU. But my feelings toward f(x) grow during pinocchio. Plus i got a chance to see them live so f(x) is so special to me.

Marina, Brazil

I GUESS I found Electric Shock on youtube and liked the coreography? 2012. I was into learning kpop coreographies at the time. And the song was so catchy too… From then on, I began to like f(x) even more, and still here!

Amini, Indonesia

I first saw vic on WGM then the kids came on the show i really love their bond its so sincere

ClnKwon, Philippines

I was in grade 9 when I discovered f(x). Me and my classmates were searching for a kpop song to be used for our dance number and we ended up watching f(x)’s dance practice of their song “Gansta Boy”. I fell in love with Amber first and then as the time goes by, I finally fell in love with the whole group. ☺️

Liza Liad, Philippines

Hello I’m Liza from Philippines. I discovered f(x) on 2012, when I was watching SHINee/Super Junior’s music video (I forgot if I was streaming Sorry Sorry or Lucifer that time) then Electricshock MV appeared on recommendations. I watched it then saw Amber, I fell in love with her instantly because we have similarities and I really appreciate her talents. After that, I started streaming their videos and I fell in love with each member as I watched more of their vids. f(x) is one of my main biased groups and my most favorite girl group. I tried to stan other girl groups but they can’t replace f(x) in my heart. The girl groups that I only stan are f(x) and 2ne1 because they are both unique in their own ways. f(x) has special place in my heart. I remember the time when I tried to leave Kpop world last 2014, I can’t resist Super Junior and f(x) so I came back and continued supporting them. We love you, girls! We are waiting for you and we will never get tired of waiting.

Natasya, Indonesia

I love kpop when I was in 8th grade the first group I liked of course Super Junior and then I discouvered about SHINee it was before f(x) debut. Later in 2009, I heard that SM debuting new girl group and it was f(x)!!!!! I immediately love them with all their uniqueness. Their songs are different like others but its addictive I love it. Since then I become part of MeUs family I have no regret stans f(x). f(x) the only girl group whom I stans really hard no other girl group can replace them. And soon is their 9th Anniversary, means I already in my 9th years become MeUs uwu. Happy 9th Anniversary to my favorite girls, f(x)!!! xx

Skaila Dizon, Philippines

I discovered f(x) I guess on Nickelodeon. I knew I saw them first with the rumpumpumpum music video. I fell in love with the song and search them in YT. Then I left the fandom, and get back again when I saw Amber in a buzzfeed video. and here I’am being a proud MeU

Faith Lanie Lumayag, Philippines

It was back 2009 when KPOP was trying to go global, our music channel (MYX) was so generous enough to show kpop videos. I was turning my radar on, to look out for new kpop acts. And as I watched, I discovered f(x) La Cha Ta. I was more curious so I looked for more MVs and I found Chu and Chocolate Love. Their unique concept and beautiful faces really caught my heart; not to mention, their crazy dance moves. I know from that day, there is something about this group that’s none like the other. and that’s when I became a MEU.

Nisa, Indonesia

Because of my friend. She gave me snsd videos and ask who is the prettiest member in snsd? And my anwer is Yoona. My friend said that one of f(x) members is really looks like Yoona. I’m curious and we watch f(x) hot summer live performance. I love the song so much. The fact that all of the members can singing and dancing very well make me interest. At first, I thought Amber is a boy. And Krystal got my attention because of her beauty and charisma. All of them are beautiful, natural, and talented. So I start download so much videos of f(x). Electric shock make me become f(x) fans. They’re perfect and unique.

Islay, Philippines

Sulli’s drama, To The Beautiful You, was aired in the Philippines and it became a huge hit. I liked the pages of the actors and I came to see a post in facebook which has a title of f(x)’s Sulli, etc. etc. At that time, I just knew about Minho’s group which is SHINee. So I got curious and watched their MV’s on YouTube. The next video on the playlist has f(x) on its name and remembered Sulli because of it. I think the MV was Hot Summer? So I watched it and liked the song and everything until I watched every single MV they have. I really liked their music and MV’s back then that I started downloading their songs. That is when I started to be a fan, learned each members name and everything about them. Been loving them for 5-6 years now? And no one can stop me anymore from stanning them. Girl their music should be considered a genre, f(x) IS A GENRE ITSELF. Girl, I waited for how many years already. I can wait for them for how long it takes, although I miss altogether so badly 😢 but I’ll still support them and be their MeU for life 💜

Jessica, The Netherlands

Through Youtube. I saw randomly a MV with a lot of colors, so I clicked. I really liked the MV. (Electric shock)

Hannah Heaven C. Ma, Pampanga, Philippines

I discovered F(x) through an app called ‘wattpad’ I think I’m grade 6 or 7 that time…I read one story and the title is ‘Labyrinth Academy’ I got hook up with the story then I discovered that the protagonist is ‘Krystal Jung’ I didn’t know her so I search up her info then I realized she has a group f(x) then I listened and watched and yes I stan them, I’ve got hook up to them so hard until now. I really miss them, I want them to comeback, to perform together…to make another memories…I love you F(x)!

Mikaela, New Zealand

I first discovered f(x) a little after amber had her solo debut. Ambers short hair and boyish looks was so cool that I had to know more. So when I heard she was a part of a group I checked it out. And it had been the best thing ever. Luna, Krystal, Victoria and sulli. All so beautiful, funny and very talented. I fell in love with them as I got to know them. All of ambers llamaness and Luna’s vitamins. Krystal’s savageness And Victoria’s goffy Mum self and sulli, who i believe will always be part of f(x) forever with her cute self. It was fun watching f(x) do things and I can’t wait for more. 💜💜💜

Ariel, Indonesia

i knew f(x) since i was in elementary, now im a college student, my friend she’s a huge kpop fan and she inroduced me to f(x), she said one of the member is snsd’s jessica sister, i only knew snsd back then so i was like “oh cool”, that time hot summer just came out and then when i heard it, its so cool and catchy so i immediately downloaded it, i watched the mv, and i was so obsessed, i still can see 11 year old me jamming and dancing to hot summer, krystal caught my attention the most because she’s soooooo pretty, she’s too beautiful, one of the most prettiest girl, but to be honest im not into f(x) until 4 walls, i mean after hot summer i didn’t really catch up on f(x) and i regret it, im so stupid… why did i do that? but then 4 walls came and that comeback slayed me so hard, i began watching f(x) stages again and im slayed by the queens and then i love them even moreeee, the amazing group full of tallented queens i love you guys so much victoria amber luna krystal sulli also happy 9th anniversary, we love you, we still can wait because you guys are worth the wait ❤

Mouna, Tunisia

At the end of 2009, I found a channel which diffuses some of Korean Shows and at that time I was a big fan of WGM and watched every couple and when Victoria & Nichkhun were added to the show I didn’t who they are, but I still watched her and since the first episode I fell in love with her personality I found it her so cute and funny so I was curious who is this girl, So I googled her and I found she is from a gg called f(x) and I watched their MVs I liked the songs especially La Cha Ta but I wasn’t still a fan of f(x) just a fan of Victoria and with every episode I fall for her more and more until the episode when the other members meet Nichkhun and I fall in love with their charm and since that day I’ve decided to be an f(x) fan and I never stop being one

Yul, Brunei

F(x) debut is on September 5, 2009. I know about f(x) when I watch LaChaTa and also chocolate love MV at YouTube. To me f(x) is unique and special group. Their concept is also different from the other girl group, I love all of their music. The members is even special to me although I’ve never meet any of them. My bias is Krystal. But I love f(x) members so much. They mean everything to me.

Mika Peraz, Philippines

Hi! HAHAHA I don’t know where should I start. First, here in Philippines one of the most viewed television network released the korean drama “To the beautiful you” starring Choi Minho and Choi Sulli then this got my attention after I watched this. I like the leading woman which is Sulli then I started to search about her on the internet. Well, I’m not into k-pop before but I know some of the groups like SuJu, GG and etc. I was 13 years old when I discovered f(x) little by little, I tried to listen and watch to their mv. I laughed very hard that time when I saw the mv of “Hot summer” because I know the song but not the singers. Since the day I searched about Sulli, I started liking f(x) too. I memorize their names and informations, their songs and albums, the drama or tv shows they have and I’ve must be crazy if I don’t have any news from them lol. One time me and my classmates performed “Electric Shock” and also I used “Red light” for my audition to be passed as a member of a dance troupe. I’m into f(x) and I’m obsessed when I saw them on my newsfeed. This is my story anyway. I’m an avid fan of them since I was 13 until now, it hurts seeing them promoting as individual but I’m so very proud of them because they achieved the things they deserve in this world. I hope they will comeback soon and if their contract ends I will continue myself to support them no matter what. I’m happy to be part of MeU! and as one of it I would like to greet them in advance even if they can’t read it today, “Happy Anniversary f(x), Saranghae!”

Demi, Australia

I became an instant fan after a friend of mine showed me Electric Shock. Not only was the song super catchy and I was unable to shake it from my head for the longest time but the girls who were singing it sounded so amazing and danced so freaking well. They also had this aura of confidence and strength that I was drawn to. So, I started to view their other MVs, starting with Pinocchio, which I thought was such a strange yet interesting and fun song. From then I watched all their MVs and just enjoyed each and every one of them. They were all so unique and catchy. They were also just so distinctively f(x) and that aura of strength and confidence (with an added sense of cool) just really pulled me in. And oh by the grace of the gods, I started watching their interviews and shows and fell into the talented, goofy, strangely hilarious world of f(x). Throughout the years of being a fan, I learned something different from each member and I can honestly say that I look up to these five talented women and that they helped me escape from my own reality with their music and journeys. I’m a proud MeU forever and always.

Maria, Indonesia

I’m Maria from Indonesia, the story on how i discovered these amazing girls was back when invincible youth was still a thing…I fell in love with vic’s personality, she was just this ray of sunshine, and then I started to listen to their songs like nu-abo, chu~, and PINOCCHIO (my fav song). Everytime i got back from school i would watch fx koalla until i get bored and then i stream invincible youth just to watch victoria and amber. And they cameback with 4walls, I STREAMED THAT SONG ALL YEAR VOTED FOR EVERYTHING, and they got invited into THEIR FIRS MAMA PERFORMANCE, and then SM locked them in the dungeon, I always get angry when fans protests that their faves haven’t had a comeback in a month or two, BITCH I GOTTA WAIT HOW MANY FUCKING YEARS FOR MY GIRLS, THINKING THAT I WOULD SEE THEM ON THE STAGE, but no. They haven’t even gotten their lightstick and they held a tour after 5yrs of debut, i am so upset and desperate, i wanna stick around but it’s hard, i keep saying that they won’t disband, but i’m scared it might happen, I’LL KEEP ROOTING FOR MY GIRLS MY SUNSHINES MY EVERYTHING, I LOVE YOU GUYS TOO MUCH❤️💖💓❤️💖❤️💓💖💗💘

Kiara Kulcsár, Hungary

They are the first girl band which I loved first. In my opinion the girls are very strong personalities. Everybody is an individual. I miss so much Sulli, but I know she is alright now. I hope SM Ent. will see they are a perfect girl group and will cameback soon.

Diana, Singapore

I’ve been a MeU since around the end of 2013 which I recently realised is a really really long time. It’s kind of a long story but I got into f(x) through Amber when I saw her featured in Henry’s 1-4-3 music video. I got curious about Amber because I was sure that I heard her name before and that she was in a girl group. I thought she was pretty cool (very cool) and wanted to know more so I googled her. I then found out that she was in f(x) and then I went back to YouTube to search for f(x)’s music. The first music video that popped up was Rum Pum Pum Pum. I’ll be honest and say that I did not like it at first. Which in hindsight is probably because I wasn’t used to this style of music. Kpop in general very foreign to me at then though I believe that f(x)’s music was unique in kpop too. Anyway, I continued on to watch the Electric Shock music video and that was when I really interested in f(x). From that, I went on to watch more music videos from f(x) and realised that I loved every single one of their music videos. Especially Rum Pum Pum Pum which I fell in love with on my second listen. I was sold and became an official fan after I started watching their variety shows. Basically, I fell in love with their music, then their personalities and never left.

Karina Reuque, Chile (sent in Spanish)

Estaba en mi tiempo libre cuando descubrí sus videos, y pues OMG! Desde entonces que son las reinas del kpop para mi.💜

Dorothy Celly, Indonesia

When i was 10, my older sister used to download every single new released kpop albums + MVs to her & my phone. One day, i discovered f(x)’s Hot Summer album on my phone so i listened to it and i loved Hot Summer & Danger so much! I would always listen to the songs and watch the MVs together with my friends. I just felt like they are the coolest most badass girls i’ve ever known!

Lei, Philippines

It was mainly because of SM’s older groups. Knowledge of Jessica being the older sister of Krystal. Secondly, because of Hot Summer. Randomly watching tv, then Hot Summer was shown. Nonchalant, really. But then, Electric Shock came. Sulli on TTBY. I felt the connection. Like, this is it! This is the group! There and then, I became a full-pledged MeU.

Samantha, UK

I found the Rum Pum Pum Pum video on YouTube in 2013 and from then on wards i was in love!

Cansu, Turkey

I watch the collab Anna Kendrick with fx then I searched them and find them. Later I watched the electric shock mv!

Paula, Texas (USA)

My sister showed me the music video for 4 walls. She did say I was abrasive of it because this was my introduction to kpop 2 years, so I was feeling it. Then I noticed I started going back to the music video and like the aestheticness of the video.

Dainna, Chile

My cousin was watching videos of kpop, so i said to him to put one who is called “electric shock ” and i fell in love of the girls

Indah, Indonesia

I’ve known f(x) when they join a collab stage with SHINee in 2010. I’m not into them at first.. as time goes by, they released pinocchio and hot summer that made me into them.. in 2012 I join an agency in roleplay world and the only girl idol that attached me the most was Victoria.. I learnt about her by watching f(x) performances, variety show, wgm and many more.. from that way, I’ve fallen for f(x) more until now.. they have their own charm which I can’t compare to other girl groups.. I just love Victoria at first, but now I love all the girls equally.. such a pity that SM couldn’t make a comeback for f(x), but it’s a relief that everyone doing their job while taking care of each other.. their bond is really strong..

Chuyu, China

From the show “We got married!”

Fiqah, Malaysia

It was in 2010, Nu Abo brought me to f(x). I was like why this group were so unique, the hair style (two tone) and Amber. Then I discovered all of their songs one by one, thats it when I knew La Cha Ta and their ultimate performance in a heavy rain but they still smiling. Hardworking Victoria make me fall in love more with f(x). I started to love f(x) and watch all the videos about them. F(x) make me turn as a SM stans. I adored all group in SM but f(x) is my ultimate bias.

nelumbium nelumbo, Indonesia

My older sister showed me Nu ABO mv. She’s a MeU, she’s always talking about f(x) members a lot too (especially Amber, her bias is Amber). Me and my sister loves f(x) so much. 💞💞

Jass, Philippines

It was in 2010 when I started loving KPOP, particularly Girls Generation. I discovered f(x) when I found out that Jessica (my bias) has a younger sister in another girl group. I totally fell in love with the group during “Chocolate Love” because they were all so charismatic and have this aura that’s different from other girl groups.

Joanney, Philippines

It was around 2011 i think when my eyes caught f(x)’ charms. I was just passing in our living room when my older brother changed the channel to a kpop channel and there electric shock was playing i got hooked and the first one i noticed was krystal 😍💜 and then starting from that moment i fell in love with my girls. 💜

freak.woman, Indonesia

I’m start know f(x) is from amber eunnie and sica eunnie, the first time i see them is they look not good at all. And I’m start to hate them. But, just in a few days. I start to search everything about them on internet, coz I’m curious about them. Start from “HATE TO LOVE”. After I’m watch they MV and hear their song, I would say. Ahhh they are so good, I love it. And I’m just realize that I’m so fool to hate them he he… Now, f(x) is like my OXYGEN. I always watch them for 4 times in 1 day (morning, afternoon, evening, and night). I love them so badly 😄 from HATE TO LOVE. That’s my story how I love f(x)..

Elise, Philippines

I am a fan of Anna Kendrick. And when I was searching a video about her, I accindentally saw the film that she made with f(x), Funny or Die. In the beginning of the film where the music video of ‘Electric Shock’ was played, I immediately fell inlove with them. I instantly became a fan. I can still remember the day when I discovered f(x). I listen to their songs and watch their music videos whole day! Literally. F(x) is the one who bought me to kpop. That time, I already know bigger groups than them. But they are the ONE and ONLY kpop group I stan.

Fae, Philippines

First is when I saw SooJung on dream team. She’s such a cool girl so I search things about her and it leads me to this lovely group. I fell in love with the members individually because of their uniqueness. They shine on their own and they amazed me as a group. In ups and downs, they have each other’s arm. In times of sadness, listening to their music and watching them raise my mood up. I’m not a korean and I can’t fully understand what they say but their actions speaks that they love us(MeUs). In their 9th anniversary, there are a lot of changes that already happened but them still being together makes MeU’s heart flutter. I wish them good health and happiness. May their friendship last forever ❤

Sunsun, Australia

through SBS Pop Asia

Issa, Philippines

I was watching “To The Beautiful You” and from there I started follwing f(x). I may have not be there for them in the begining, but I’m here ’til the very end.

Raine Rhinoa, Philippines

I discover f(x) during their Electric Shock era. I found them as a group with their own charisma which really captivated my music tastes.

Ban, Canada

My name is Ban, from Canada. I had been aware of Kpop growing up, but never go into it knowing it would be difficult as an international fan to follow and support groups. However, one day I was browsing youtube and came across Ambers Shake that Brass music video. Amber caught my interest right away because she was expressing who she was as a person in an industry I believed to not allow female idols much freedom in expression. I learned Amber was part of a group called f(x), and right away began to watch all their music videos, variety shows, interviews since back when they debuted up until their 4walls release back in 2015 around when I discovered them. I loved everything about them. They were such a close nit family, like siblings who love one another but sometimes get on each others nerves. Their love for performing always showed and it was always a joy to watch their stages. f(x) is unique in music and style. Each member has great talents and a big heart, and they are not afraid to be who they are and show support for their fans. They are very relatable. f(x) makes me love who I am as a person.

Agos/lulu, Argentina

i think i’ve know about f(x) since like 2012, when one of my friends started listening to kpop and i found out what it was. i didn’t pay attention back then, but f(x) were always on my mind, i thought amber was really cool and that the group’s name was super smart and original. i started listening to kpop in 2016 and at the begining of 2018 i wanted to know and stan more groups, so one night i decided to search for f(x), after watching a little bit of amber’s “where is my chest” video. i thought she was funny and pretty and really liked her sarcastic sense of humor. amber was the main reason of why i got into the group. i think it took me only one night to fall in love not only with amber but also with the whole group, i connected with their music even though i couldn’t understand it. i watched a lot of videos of the girls, learned their names and fell in love with their personalities and the beautiful bond they have with each other. it’s been seven beautiful months with them, but they feel like seven years. i haven’t even lived a comeback or anything with them yet, but i know that, no matter what happens, i’ll always be there by their side. right now i can’t imagine a life without them, they’re my everything so much more. i love and stan a lot of groups, but no one will ever be as special as f(x) in my heart. happy anniversary my girls. love always, agos/lulu from argentina.

Danté Le Beau, Manchester, England, UK

I was studying music at college, and one of the units we studied was “World Music” and we studied Traditional and Contemporary music. This meant that I studied K Pop, specifically we looked at SNSD and BIGBANG. But the songs we looked at were terrible, no two ways about it. So I decided to look into Korea’s Rock scene, and found FT Island, CN Blue and Guckkasten. Well in my research of the latter, I found a video on youtube of Guckkasten performing with 5 girls (Who just so happened to be F(x)) I liked the vibe that these girls were giving off, so I saw a video off to the side of an “Electric Shock” Areia remix (Which I highly recommend) and fell in love with this music. For the record I also loved the “Hot Summer” and the “Nu ABO” remixes. Well a few months of listening to these tracks in and amongst my personal playlists, and I decided it was a MUSIC SIN that I hadn’t heard the original versions. I first listened to “Electric Shock” then “Red Light”. Upon listening to “Red Light” I realised that if I was going to listen to any group, it would be these, track after track I wasn’t ever disappointed; “Pretty Girl”, “Milk”, “Dracula”, “Danger”, “Toy” etc. I liked how the sound never stayed in one place for too long. Now I grew up around Rock music, The Black Crowes and Stereophonics, then later, Metallica and Iron Maiden, all are groups that don’t have fandoms, or that kind of culture. As such I’ve always felt out of the K Pop scene, I will never call myself a fan of the genre, I figured I like F(x) and a few of the Korean rock bands, I’m not a K Pop fan, I’m a fan of good music. So when I heard that F(x) released a new album I had to hear their new sound, since it was never the same twice. I really liked the “4 walls” album. I thought it was new and different and very European sounding, given that I’m from the UK, that says a lot. I got a few of my friends to listen and they couldn’t believe there was a side of K Pop that didn’t sound cheap and cheesy and they actually liked it too (Their experiences were restricted to “Gangnam Style” and “Gee”) I loved the new sound, especially tracks like “X”, “Papi” and “When I’m Alone”. I only own the Red Light and 4 Walls albums, but I do live in the UK and it’s really expensive to buy K pop albums over here (Release price of 4 walls was £45 or about $50) I don’t really listen to any other groups, I’ve seen them perform in London at the Korean Festival along with Guckkasten, and then again at Kcon Paris. I do look forward to a new album, I think it’ll be exciting to see where they go next.

Bea Jeryca, Philippines

Through “To The Beautiful You” starring Sulli and Minho 😍

Lisa, Italy

I discovered kpop in 2012 thanks to PSY and since then I added the genere to my playlists and started listening to it sporadically. I didn’t have a favourite group or artist, I just listened to random songs. Then, in august 2015 I was on holiday in London and as I went to visit the National Gallery, in Trafalgar Square was held the London Korean Festival. Taking a flier I discovered f(x) were going to sing in a couple of hours and I was like “Wow, I know them!”. Being Italian, I never thought I would ever been able to see any kpop artist perform live, so I was really excited and I had to beg my friend to stop and wait for the performance (she didn’t want to listen to “my Chinese music”). We waited and Amber came out singing Shake That Brass with Luna, then Krystal and Victoria joined them and they sang Rum Pum Pum Pum, Hot Summer and Red Light. It was AMAZING. Listening to music is a thing, watching a performance is definitely on another level. Well, since then i “fell in love” with them and even even though recently they are not promoting together, I try to follow their individual schedule as much as I can.

Aega, Philippines

I found about f(x) while watching Electric Shock in a Music Channel

Madeline, USA

I found the Electric Shock music video on YouTube around the end of 2013 and I was hooked. I kept watching more videos and had seen them all by the time Red Light came out

Danar, Indonesia

I found them after accidentally watching Victoria’s WGM

meusoyuna, South Korea

I was 12 and it was the first time I went on Youtube! I fell in love with fx after watching RPPP music video, because their voices were so great💜

ishy, Philippines

Because of To the Beautiful You.

Cheska, Manila, Philippines

I was a huge SNSD fan, and I really wanted to venture into more kpop groups, so I just clicked on random music videos. I stumbled upon Red Light, and I liked it. A friend of mine also suggested Rum Pum Pum, and from then on I was a casual fan. It wasn’t until the release of 4 Walls though, when they became my ultimate group and since then I’ve loved them with all my heart.

Angel, Philippines

I discovered f(x) while starting out in Kpop back in 2013, and I watched their live performance of Rum Pum Pum Pum. I thought their unique concept was very refreshing since it’s quite different from the usual girly concepts I see. I’ve been a fan of them ever since!

Roux, Bali (Indonesia)

I discovered them completely by accident. The happiest accident ever 💜

Mitali, India

I discovered f(x) in 2018 by their song 4 walls

Monica, Romania

I was scrolling on Youtube when I found “Chu~❤!” by f(x). I loved that song and I started to listen more songs by our girls.

Key, Indonesia

I discover f(x) from my friend, she show me some videos and i thought f(x) is a unique group and i fall in love with them until now!

Ally, Malaysia

The kpop fever was starting to go really hard and I just thought why not jump on the bandwagon and when you decided you don’t want to be part of it anymore just jump off. While looking for groups, I saw the LA ChATA teaser. From then onwards, it just became irreversible. I loved them too much. I’ve loved them then, I love them now and I’ll love them for years and counting.

Benedicta. Y, Indonesia

Victoria’s WGM.. it was the start i have my eyes on them… Until come the Red Light era.. and that’s the part where i said “yep.. i definitely need to stan this girls!”

Deborah, Nigeria

So, I was into Korean dramas before kpop, and had watched TTBY and The Heirs. I think it was Krystal I was checking online when google suggested Sulli and showed me the connection between them: they were in a group called f(x). I listened to their music, and I haven’t stopped since then.

Antonette (@xolovesnette), Philippines

through shinee.

aviang, Philippines

I discover fx because of soojung and sulli, I watched their dramas and then the nex thing i knew is i’m watching their mvs and it goes on… haha

Zulaikah, Malaysia

I remember my sister’s friend came to our house and started introducing me to Kpop in 2012. She showed me this m/v of f(x)’s pinnochio and I was so intrigued in Amber because of how she looked. I didn’t become a fan at that time but I kept up with their songs like Hot Summer and Electric Shock. Fast forward to 2013, when they released their pink tape album. I was blown away because of how amazing the songs were. Watched their rum pum pum pum performance and instantly fell in love. my first Kpop album was also f(x)’s pink tape. and here I am today. still supporting them. even though I wasn’t here from the beginning but I hope that I will be in the fandom for a long time #Happy9yearswithfx Sending my love to everyone in the fandom and most importantly to f(x). To more years together.💜💜💜

Jinelle, Philippines

Hard to explain, but it is simple, I came in because of Sulli’s to the beautiful you. To be honest, I am saying that SHINee is the first ever group I stan, but no, it is f(x). As I enter, it was the end of Rum pum pum era and I didn’t expect that f(x) had a comeback like once or twice (if lucky) a year. Red light was the best for me since it is where I did experienced being a true MeU (we don’t have a fandom name back then though, we call ourselves aff(x)ion, those days were the best) Anyway, going back, when Sulli left f(x), my world almost crumbled into pieces. But I saw Krystal, Victoria, Amber and Luna. I saw that I joined this fandom because I love them all. Not only Sulli. Now, I am doing my best, getting update for f(x) and to their former member, Sulli.

Igor Costa, Brazil (Admin of ‘Stay United f(x)‘)

In 2014, Ailee came to Brazil. I couldn’t go to her show, but on TV I got to know her and to be enchanted by her music. And it was precisely through her great friendship with Amber that I finally got to meet f(x). I was fascinated when I heard the music and watched the MVs; the first song and MV I met was Red Light. The group is really amazing and very talented. I also made a fanfiction with them and got to know them more thoroughly in the research I did to create the characters. All of them, Victoria, Amber, Luna, Krystal and Sulli are girls full of talents and abilities. They are complete ladys, angels who have been sent to earth to bless mankind!

Trường Lợi, Vietnam

I found a song ‘Danger’ on Youtube when I was 12. At first, I just listened and I thought nothing was special to me. Then, I actually fell in love with f(x) when I watched their music video. I searched their informations, their profiles: birthday, position, their families and so on… I have been a fan for 6 years already. And I will be a MeU till the end of life.

Sung Ha, Indonesia

I met f (x) in 2012 with Hot Summer on Music Bank when I was 14 years old. At that time I didn’t know anything about K-pop. since then, I have come to believe that love exists, I immediately fall in love with them. I don’t believe in love that time because my life is so hard, I don’t really receive much love, broken home, bullying. but after knowing f (x), my life became more colorful, I felt their love, they taught me many things, they have brought back my life. I love them so much. I promised myself “I will stay with f (x) forever”

Nureni Kakanegi, Indonesia

It was back at 2010 when my sister showed me their MV ‘Chu~’. I really love the song and the dance. When I first saw them, at first I love Sulli, but since my sister has choose her as bias, then my eyes got captivated to Krystal. And since that, I become her fans and so do with f(x) 😍😘

Anna, Russia

It happened in december 2017. On the avatar in social media of my friend i saw Amber. I wonder “is it a girl or a boy?”. Google said that Amber is k-pop idol from f(x). And then i started listen their music and now, i`m here.

fxfanmeu, Canada

I heard about a cool new group debuting in 2009 from SM Town and I loved the performance of La Cha Ta, especially Victoria’s flexible dance moves, Amber’s rap, Krystal and Luna’s voices! ❤

Cristal, California (USA)

I discovered them on YouTube! I immediately fell in love with the girls💜

Shreya, India

Through Amber! I saw Amber in a buzzfeed video and she just seemed so interesting and she was gorgeous so went to check out her music and learnt that she was in a girl group called f(x). f(x)’s music was so unique that I HAD to check out ALL of their discography and NOTHING disappoints. As for the members? I instantly fell in love with Amber but I started to get know and love f(x) when I watched Amazing f(x)!! That’s how I found out about my beautiful girls. I’m so proud to be a MeU.

Felicia, Texas (USA)

I discovered F(x) about 2 years ago by watching a video on YouTube where Amber was helping Steven from buzzfeed to be a Kpop star. I thought Amber was cool and I wanted to hear what F(x) sounded like. I had been watching Korean dramas for a while but I didn’t know much about Kpop. The first music video I watched from F(x) was Pinocchio (danger) and I really liked their sound and style. F(x) was the music I had been wanting or missing in my life.

I watched all their videos and shows that I could find! The more I learned about them and their friendship with each other the more I loved them! I like all the members of F(x) but the more I watched Luna I fell for her charms! She became my bias and I just love her so much! She’s Awesome! I don’t understand why more people don’t love her because she put her all into her work and is so talented. Her voice is Amazing and she deserves the best and I hope someday more people will love and support her.  All of the F(x) members are very talented hardworking and fun bunch of girls. I only want the best for them and I hope Sm will let them have at lease one comeback when they are ready!

Amber is my second favorite I can really relate to her and she speaks English so that’s awesome! She funny and really cool person! I really like that Amber and Luna have their own YouTube channels and make videos for us because I like seeing what there up too. I follow all the members and their individual activities and I try to be a supportive as possible. I have multiple copies of their albums if I had more money I would buy more. I wish I had found F(x) a lot sooner but I happy I found them when I did. I wish I could give back some of the happiness their music has given me.  Happy 9th Anniversary F(x)! Thank You for nine years and many more to come! I will always love and support F(x)!  F(x) Hwaiting!

Clairin, Indonesia

I first found out about f(x) through Jessica & Krystal, I watched 1st episode then I started liking Krystal and I searched about her on the internet and found out that she is a member of f(x) so I started to watched their music videos, variety shows and their interviews then I love them till now

Part 3.

Your Love

Which f(x) song do you hold close to your heart and why?

Airplane always cheers me up. It makes me feel like things will be okey. – Sky, Spain

Airplane because it makes me happy – Rhf, Saudi Arabia

I would say Ending Page, it was a song I fell in love with immediately and they close their first concert with that song, it’s even more beautiful since then! – Sophia, France

I like Airplane, because the melody is amazing, the member’s voices are very beautiful and the lyrics are so deep and memorable to me – Linda J, Indonesia

I really love all their songs but this particular stood up Sorry Daddy – Ekhet Joulief, Philippines

Red Light. Since it was the first song I listened to and it means a lot to me. Beautiful Stranger. The lyrics are so meaningful to me. The vocals are amazing. I love it! – Heesook, Spain

Ending Page. The last song that was performed by f(x) at every d4 concerts. The girls were really touched when performing this song with their own periwinkle ocean. – Wahzi, Malaysia

my favorite song is all mine, both the lyrics and the mv are so sweet – Mon, Italy

pretty girl. this song really makes me feel more confident about myself. – Synt, Indonesia

La cha ta , because it was their debut music and if it weren’t for that songg maybe I won’t know of f(x) – Merr, Philippines

One of my favorite f(x) songs is ‘Rum Pum Pum Pum’ : it proves that f(x) is an unique group, and everything is in the right place : vocals, instrumental, choreography – Ada, Romania

actually… i think it’s 4 walls! not only my f(x) special one but one of my favourite songs beyond all! 💜 love deserves to be mentioned as well  – Lou, Catalonia

Step by Me from the Chu~ single is a song I hold very dear, it’s such a simple and sweet little song and it’s always able to cheer me up! – Teresa, America

Chu~ cuz it was my first f(x) song I listened to and became a MeU with – David, Norway

My favorite f(x) song is Paperheart. The lyrics and melody says it all. Whenever i hear this song, i always remember them performing this in their concert, it brings back memories of the girls when they first debuted and became one of the best girlgroup in kpop. – Iselle, Philippines

My favorite f(x)’s song is 4 walls. Cause like krystal said is the song always feeling new for her – Tita, Indonesia

Dracula – Touching my heart with their high notes and inner! – May, Thailand

Rum Pum Pum Pum because that’s the song that made me discover them, and also the only choreography I’ve managed to learn. Ever. – Héloïse, France

“Hot Summer” ❤ f(x)’s #1 song in 2011 when I first saw Krystal & discovered f(x) & Kpop – Wayne, USA

Love is my favorite f(x) song; it never fails to pump me up and give me strength. For some reason I can’t entirely explain the song really touches my heart – Mimi, The Netherlands

Airplane // the melody and the lyrics of the song literally makes me feel like i am flying hundreds of feet above the ground. It’s a masterpiece that showcases fx’s vocals and unique sound. – Zie, Philippines

All Mine – I always have teary eyes and big smile while listen to it – Pinn, Thailand

“Electric shock”. It is the song that made me into the Kpop world.💜 -Annabelle, Canada

Paper Heart and Goodbye Summer beceuse because it deeply affects me and the melodies are very beautiful – personwaitingforf(x), Turkey

My favorite f(x) song is paper heart. The lyrics are so sweet and cute and just make me feel good. Also the girls vocals in the song are amazing. – Kaylee, USA

All Mine, I think it’s mainly because of the MV but there is something about it that makes me feel happy and warm inside. The song is also a BOP! – Fiona, Australia

Red Light because it was the first song of theirs I heard and what made me fall in love with f(x) forever. – Kayla, Scotland

When I’m Alone… It’s just so beautiful, it makes me feel like I’m dreaming and reminds me of a wonderful time in my life. – Chels, UK

I chose lachata ,even i love all their songs ,but lachata always have great impact to fx debut until now – Sav, Indonesia

goodbye summer! the lyrics are cute and it reminds me of the end of summer. d.o’s voice with their voices sounds so pretty. i really love the guitar in it too! – Farhanah, UK

Sorry (Dear Daddy), Surprise Party, Beautiful Stranger, Beautiful Goodbye, Gangstah Boy, Electric Shock, So Into You , Airplane, Goodbye Summer, Ending Page, Red Light, Summer Lover, All Night, 4Walls, X, Diamond, All Mine ♥  – Asylla, Philippines

All Night. This song suits my taste, classic R&B. – Mija, Malaysia

I always get emotional in some way listening to Ending Page… Maybe because of this BEAUTIFUL album and the concerts’ endings. – Marina, Brazil

Ending page from pink tape – Amini, Indonesia

I’m into Paper Heart. I love the rhythm of the song and also their vocals are so sweet. I find solace every time I listen to it. – ClnKwon, Philippines

Paper Heart, So Into You, Ending Page, Goodbye Summer, I love the lyrics of these songs and the songs feels like connected in my heart. – Liza Liad, Philippines

so into you!!! first i heard this song its immediately close to my heart after i read the translation the lyrics i was like “ah~this is right” and i love it so much. – Natasya, Indonesia

-paper heart -4 walls -ending page. it has a wonderful vibe. – Skaila Dizon, Philippines

It would be Ending Page. It simpy explains how the love of f(x) keeps everything together. I can’t really explain because it’s just too beautiful. – Faith Lanie Lumayag, Philippines

love, Because the music and lyrics match with my character – Nisa, Indonesia

Electric shock, because it was the first song I saw from fx – Jessica, The Netherlands

Red Light is always the one that close to my heart because red light is my era, it’s the first song that got me in the fandom. – Hannah Heaven C. Ma, Philippines

My faveorite song is beautiful stranger. I would listen this song on repeat because it made me so happy. When I down or tired or I just needed a little extra in the day. – Mikaela, New Zealand

to be honest f(x) has too many meaningful songs but if i have to choose one then it’ll be 4 walls, the song made me become a MeU 🙂 – Ariel, Indonesia

Sorry (Dear. Daddy) Back then I was a teenager and I was awful to my dad and I couldn’t tell him how Sorry am I to him So every time I listen to the song I would cry so hard – Mouna, Tunisia

Ending Page, everytime I listen to this song I remember how f(x) sing it wholeheartedly. – Mika Peraz, Philippines

RPPP! It was the first comeback I was able to be part of and it was an awesome time. – Demi, Australia

welp it’s amber’s song borders, i can relate into being pressured on a day to day basis, i almost cried watching the video and the amazing lyrics – Maria, Indonesia

‘LA chA TA’ close to my heart. – Kiara, Hungary

My favourite song is Ending Page. To me, the song is bittersweet but at the same time, in some ways, a little hopeful. – Diana, Singapore

Ending Page es esa canción que estará siempre en mi corazón ya que interpreta una relación que no quiere llegar a su fin, como lo que espero con ellas💜– Karina Reuque, Chile (sent in Spanish)

Everytime i listen to Hot Summer it feels so special because that’s the song that got me into f(x) when i was only 10 years old! It basically reminds me of my childhood 💜 – Dorothy Celly, Indonesia

I just feel sad and happy whenever I hear Goodbye Summer. It’s bittersweet. It’s sad but beautiful. Although sad, I feel at peace. – Lei, Philippines

All Night is my favorite song as it shows the beauty of f(x)’s vocals and its a song that will never get old! – Samantha, UK

Electric Shock because it was the fx song that i heard – Cansu, Turkey

Shadow. Honestly I don’t but I like the mysteriousness and simpleness of it. – Paula, USA

“Sweet witches”,because I heard this song right after meeting the person who would be my best friend – Dainna, Chile

4 walls, I’m not sure why, but mostly because it’s their last comeback song before they’re busy with their individual activity – Indah, Indonesia

All mine – Chuyu, China

Beautiful stranger. Because I can feel how unique are f(x) just by the song title. This song make me strong to endure my high school life. It feels like a friends sing this song to me. – Fiqah, Malaysia

Shadow and No More. Basically all songs from their album, Pink Tape. Because it’s so lovely and unique. – nelumbium nelumbo, Indonesia

“All Mine” is my favorite f(x) song because it’s energizing. I love how the music video showed the girls being happy, carefree and having fun. – Jass, Philippines

All Night, because it’s a bop. It’s my favorite song, and Toy, because the meaning behind the lyrics are so powerful, and each member really shined down through that song. – Emma, USA

My answer will always be Electric Shock because that song I became their fan and fell i love with them. – Joanney, Philippines

I love Red Light. That song makes me remember what the meaning the f(x) words. F(x) means if they are a multitalent girl. They can adaptation in every genre of music in this world. That’s make me love ‘Red Light’. – freak.woman, Indonesia

I love all f(x)’s songs, but I love Rum Pum Pum Pum the most. Because except for few musical instruments, the girls are making music by their own Voice. It’s Acapella. – Elise, Philippines

Ending page. We don’t know what will be our ending page but we promise that MeU’s love will always be on top – Fae, Philippines

I love f(x) because they are such a talented, unique group. Their album, Pink Tape, was one of my favourite albums. – Sunsun, Australia

Milk, the message was dark yet simple. – Issa, Philippines

Ending Page because the lyrics (plus the melody) touches my inner emotional self. I don’t know why but I kind of turn emotional when i listen to that. – Raine Rhinoa, Philippines

Ending page. A beautiful and relatable song that tugs on the heart strings. All the members voices blend so well together. – Ban, Canada

rppp because it was the first f(x) song i heard. also ending page and airplane because i can feel the emotion of the lyrics without understanding the language. – Agos/lulu, Argentina

My fav. song is All Mine, I love the tone, their powerful voices and the relaxing vibe of the song 😘 – Bea Jeryca, Philippines

Not exactly close to my heart, but I like Shadow a lot. It’s romantic and all, but “Every day, I secretly chase after your footsteps I’m always careful so you won’t notice No one says it but our date has started” always made me think of a stalker thing and I find it really funny – Lisa, Italy

Paper heart, it is the song I wanted to hear everytime I feel so exhausted and sad. This song melts my heart and makes me want to love f(x) more. – Aega, Philippines

Ending Page. What a perfect way to end Pink Tape, and their first concert – Madeline, USA

Rum Pum Pum Pum. The elements of the song are amazing: rhythm, melodies, vocal and dance are unique. – Danar, Indonesia

Let’s Try because the lyrics really give me courage to go on – meusoyuna, South Korea

All Mine. This song is gold and iconic. The beat, lyrics and how f(x) sung it makes me cry so hard. – ishy, Philippines

My favorite song would have to be Step. The beat is just so upbeat, and when the girls perform it, they look like they’re having genuine fun! – Cheska, Philippines

Rum Pum Pum Pum. I really like the album Pink Tape and this particular song is very catchy and represents the uniqueness of Pink Tape and f(x). – Angel, Philippines

It’s so hard to choose a favourite f(x) song. Each song is an exciting and unique surprise, that brings you on different adventures! – Roux, Indonesia

4 walls it really mystery love the chemistry of their love – Mitali, India

“Butterfly” is my favorite song because it reminds me of holiday, summer times and great memories. – Monica, Romania

My favorite song from f(x) is Goodbye Summer, because the lyrics is simple and tragic but so beautiful – Key, Indonesia

There’s no single one so I’m going to say 4: LA ChATA, Pinocchio, Paper Heart and All Mine. LA ChATA: I found my girls through this song. It holds a special place in my heart as it marks the point I became a MeU. Pinocchio: First win. No other words needed. Paper Heart: I just thought it describes how they are all just human and they want love but they’re scared to get their hearts broken by people they love. All Mine: Although they never said this, but I just felt like this song was f(x) describing their love for MeUs. Not to mention it came out as a surprise. MeUs + f(x) = Love – Ally, Malaysia

Ending Page. We can’t denied that everything have an END. But like the lyrics said “I hope our love remains on top”. I hold that words closely in my heart. – Benedicta. Y, Indonesia

All mine & Goodbye Summer. The lyrics of these songs are really amazing – Antonette, Philippines

PAPER HEART!!! I LOVE THE MEANING OF THE SONG!!! – aviang, Philippines

paper heart will forever be in my heart because of the meaning behind the song and most importantly the vocals of the members. Its just so beautiful. – Zulaikah, Malaysia

Amber’s song “Borders” comforted me a lot when I am afraid to begin a new uncertain decisions. “Never be afraid… Stand up straight fight your way.” – Jinelle, Philippines

Beautiful Stranger and Ending Page are my favorite songs, because they remind me of my first date. All the feelings of distant and troubled dating were described in the songs. – Igor Costa, Brazil

“Love” is one of the perfect song I have ever heard. It contains both sad and emotional at the same time. I wish I could see its music video in the future. – Trường Lợi, Vietnam

Beautiful Goodbye. It’s a beautiful song. The music, their harmony, their voice, it’s beautiful! – Sung Ha, Indonesia

It’s “Beautiful Goodbye”. Because I can hear the sincerely vocals of all members that reach the deep meaning of the lyrics, so it’s really touching my heart. – Nureni Kakanegi, Indonesia

I think that is ‘Butterfly’. This song sound so beautiful and the lyrics so soft. – Anna, Russia

Nu ABO because it was so catchy and unique – fxfanmeu, Canada

A song I hold closely to my heart is Shadow. Through its music composition and lyrics, it’s inspired me to be more creative in my writing. – Cristal, USA

All mine! It was the first song they released together as a group since I became a MeU. – Shreya, India

I flew to Korea to see the musical Rebecca and as the plane took off Airplane came on my headphones. Every time I hear it I’m reminded of my trip! – Felicia, Texas (USA)

My favourite f(x)’s song is When I’m Alone. I don’t know about music and i don’t understand the lyric but i just love the melody and f(x)’s singing voice lol – Clairin, Indonesia

Which f(x) moment do you treasure the most and why?

Even though i wasn’t there, i really appreciate their concerts. I’m so proud of them and i’ll always be. – Sky, Spain

4 wall first win it was so emotional – Rhf, Saudi Arabia

Their concert is the thing I treasure the most because of their smiles while doing it and every break where they’d talk to fans make me want to cry, also it’s something that is so meaningful to the group and the fans! – Sophia, France

Of course what would it be for me is that when they performed and the rain heavily flows down their skin and infact ive heard the news that 3 of them hospitalized Amber,Krystal,Sulli at their young age they developed the word professionalism thats my treasured moment and of course the first ever concert of f(x) – Ekhet Joulief, Philippines

4walls first win on MCountdown. The day that we showed them that we are always here to support them after all the hardship they’ve been through and appreciate their hardwork. – Wahzi, Malaysia

Seeing them so happy to have their first solo concerts – Mon, Italy

their encore concert in japan! i think they put so much effort into that concert despite having so much other work to do. – Synt, Indonesia

their first win with 4 walls , because after sulli unnie’s department from the group, they still pursue their career and also seeing them cry makes me cry alsoo – Merr, Philippines

i treasure the moment of their first win (110429). A group’s first win is always emotional, and no matter how many wins will follow, the first has a special meaning – Ada, Romania

maybe many meus will agree with me and it’s 4 walls first win! their first solo concert was so touching as well 💜 – Lou, Catalonia

I think I most vividly remember their first win with 4 Walls, it was definitely melancholy but it was such a powerful moment for both f(x) and meU – Teresa, America

4 walls win the members were not expecting it cuz of line-up changes I still cry while watching it – David, Norway

Their exchange of letters segment in Go f(x), because it made me realize how close their bond is and that f(x) will forever be together not just as a band but also as a family. – Iselle, Philippines

when their all held the concert for the first time cause their 1st concert is when their all 6 years of debut. – Tita, Indonesia

4 Walls 1st win, after facing the hard time they proof that they still have what they deserved! – May, Thailand

At their Dimension 4 concert, when they went into the crowd with the pretty merch tee-shirts (that I still want to buy to this day) and interacted with fans. – Héloïse, France

f(x)’s First Solo Concert ❤ – Wayne, USA

When MeU prepared an event for f(x) during Airplane (Dimension 4) .. to see the love & emotions, how much the fans and the members treasure each other and treasure f(x) …. really beautiful – Mimi, The Netherlands

La Cha Ta in the rain! One of f(x)’s most iconic stages. It really shows their passion and innocence. everyone is enjoying the stage. – Zie, Philippines

First win they received with 4walls  – Pinn, Thailand

Their first concert. Even if i wasn’t there, I was happy they had their own concert.💜 – Annabelle, Canada

“ 4 Walls Win on M Countdown” because they were all crying, but they were crying not only for what they earned but for what they had lived – personwaitingforf(x), Turkey

F(x) celebrating Victoria’s birthday during the encore of their 4 Dimension Docking Station concert. The whole moment was cute and touching. The concert was also amazing! – Fiona, Australia

4 walls 1st win. It meant so much to f(x) and MeUs. – Kayla, Scotland

Pinocchio First Win! You can tell how much the girls earned it. – Chels, UK

I like fx show in dream concert 2011 they are superstars that time ,and they’re looked very young and energetic – Sav, Indonesia

their first ever win ❤ – Farhanah, UK

Sept. 5, 2009 – F(x) debut ♥ April 29, 2011 (1st Win) so happy i literally cried that time while watching live in my laptop ♥ Nov. 5, 2015 (1st f(4) win) so happy and sad the same time for what they’ve been through. Just watching the video again is making me sad but happy. Also, I treasure every Kryber moments. lol – Asylla, Philippines

4 walls’ first win. I think they deserved to know that they deserve to win and people love them so much. I wanna hug them TT – Mija, Malaysia

Maybe the concerts…? Although I didn’t attend, I really like that the girls had the chance to have that experience with MeUs. They felt our love. – Marina, Brazil

I love them backstage after music shows chanting f(x) – Amini, Indonesia

During their first concert. The happiness were visible in their eyes as they sing their songs and it made us (the fans) proud and happy. – ClnKwon, Philippines

I don’t have something in particular but I treasure the moments when they are still five and not that busy on individual activities. Because I love seeing them happy together. – Liza Liad, Philippines

DOCKING STATION!!! THEIR 1ST CONCERT! after few years since their debut they finally had their 1st concert and revealed our fandom also their 1st win after sulli left TT – Natasya, Indonesia

when they won the 4 walls. they cried and I cried too. and that is the most memorable moment. – Skaila Dizon, Philippines

1st win for Pinocchio and 1st win for 4 Walls. It might be so different (after having lost 1) but I can really see all the hardwork and pain of our girls, and for me it so, worthwhile and special. – Faith Lanie Lumayag, Philippines

Their debut stage – Nisa, Indonesia

I don’t really have that, bc I treasure all moments. – Jessica, The Netherlands

The moment that they’re still complete – Hannah Heaven C. Ma, Philippines

Their first ever concert. I didn’t get to go but I hung onto clips and bad audio version of it because I was so excited for them to have this moment. And as a fan I really wanted to be part of this moment where they were together again. – Mikaela, New Zealand

the first concert, i just love it so much it feels so f(x), every moment in the docking station are so amazing, i even bought the dvd, one of the most amazing concert, they should do another ,f(x) deserves more than one concert ._. – Ariel, Indonesia

Their first win with 4walls, it wasn’t their first win ever but it was their first after a long hard time and after Sulli’s departure. – Mouna, Tunisia

During “Danger” 1st win. That was the moment I treasure the most because the girls deserve it – Yul, Brunei

Their bondings while having their trip in other countries and when they achieve that makes them cry because of joy. – Mika Peraz, Philippines

Their first 4 Walls win. Even though Sulli was no longer with them, it was still a beautiful moment between f(x) and us fans. – Demi, Australia

them performing la cha ta in the rain was ICONIC, no one can relate, no other group can outdo them – Maria, Indonesia

f(x) televison shows. – Kiara, Hungary

La época de Red Light y 4Walls porque demostraron lo poderosas y buenas que son, y lo unidas que son, todo mi amor a ellas💜 – Karina Reuque, Chile (sent in Spanish)

When f(x) finally got their solo concert. They (and us MeUs) waited for about 7 years and we finally got it :”) – Dorothy Celly, Indonesia

The day our name “MeU” was announced really made me feel at one with f(x) as we finally had a name our girls could proudly call us by – Samantha, UK

All the moments ! – Cansu, Turkey

when they had their first solo concert, since they really deserved it for all their work and talent – Dainna, Chile

When they perform la cha ta in heavy rain + shaky stage + live singing + they’re keep smiling. Fact, they just debuted about 2 months – Indah, Indonesia

The time where they put memories into the time capsule on Hello f(x). – Chuyu, China

Amazing f(x) Where they gathered together and wrote something for the members. The letter was so meaningful and it was f(5) last moment. After that when they were doing their group chant after putting the capsule. – Fiqah, Malaysia

I think about many f(x) moments a lot, especially when they’re in Amazing f(x). – nelumbium nelumbo, Indonesia

Docking Station is a dream come true both for f(VALK) and MeUs. They killed all the performances; truly deserved the stage. To more concerts in the future💜 – Jass, Philippines

Their first win, because they deserved it since the beginning of their career, and their debut because it left such an impact on my life. – Emma, USA

During Amazing f(x) when they went in New Zealand. I was so happy when I watched it because we can see that they enjoyed their getaway. – Joanney, Philippines

Music Bank when they sing ‘4 Walls’ I’m so touching when its that. I’m so proud with our Me U. Even f(x) already hiatus for a long time, but when they comeback as 4 members and have an individual activities in their own life. But, our Me U so excited for see them to comeback again. And the proof is 4 Walls win it. F(x) members also cry when the news announce.. – freak.woman, Indonesia

Their performance with “la cha ta”. Even if the rain is heavy and the stage is shaky, they enjoyed their performance. You can clearly see their bright smiles while performing. – Elise, Philippines

Amazing f(x) time capsule. I hope they’ll comeback together to open it. – Fae, Philippines

their first music win, their reality tv shows such as hello f(x) – Sunsun, Australia

AMAZING F(X) !! – Issa, Philippines

I treasure the moment when they went to New Zealand and buried a time capsule. It was such an awesome moment for all of them, remembering the past and taling about what they want for their future especially about how their friendship will go. – Raine Rhinoa, Philippines

First win for 4 walls. The members were very emotional. They worked hard for this album & came back one member short, but had all the love & support from fans. – Ban, Canada

4 walls’ first win, because you can clearly see how much it meant to them, just like every dimension 4 show. – Agos/lulu, Argentina

It is the variety show Amazing f(x) in New Zealand 😍 I am able to see the real f(x) – on and off cam. – Bea Jeryca, Philippines

4Walls first win at M Countdown, it was so emotional and I was so happy for them *busting open a bottle of prosecco* – Lisa, Italy

I treasure this episode of amazing f(x), when they bury a time capsule. It makes me think they will spend their lives. – Aega, Philippines

The Docking Station concert. All their hard work for SIX YEARS finally paid off – Madeline, USA

Their 4 Walls 1st Win. The girls have been through a lot. I know they felt so relieved as they cried together. – Danar, Indonesia

Victoria’s birthday party at Dimension4DockingStation (2016/01/31) – meusoyuna, South Korea

It was luna’ss musical victoria from china went to Korea for their anniversary. – ishy, Philippines

Their music show wins during Rum Pum Pum Pum era. They really enjoyed that a lot while celebrating with EXO onstage multiple times! – Angel, Philippines

Their first win for 4 walls. Sulli leaving clearly took a toll on each of the members, but they worked hard and their bond only strengthened more. – Roux, Indonesia

Show:f(x) koala. When Victoria became Santa Claus and come to give our members surprised that was the best moment for me – Mitali, India

It was Electric Shock era and at those moments I had the KBS Channel on TV. I had a fangirling time everytime when I saw them singing and dancing. – Monica, Romania

Their concert of course, because everytime i remember they finally have concert i feel like i wanna cry at that moment – Key, Indonesia

Cliché but who cares. Pinocchio, first win. The look on their faces when they found out they won. I felt so proud of them. I thought “all those hard work paid off, angels. You deserve it and so much more”  – Ally, Malaysia

D4DS Concert. It’s a dimension where there are only f(x) and Me(You). – Benedicta. Y, Indonesia

Their 1st music show win & 4wall’s 1st win. Their crying moments made me go in tears as well – Antonette, Philippines

In their all mine mv!!! They really look so happy in that mv – aviang, Philippines

their 1st ever concert even if I didn’t get to go 💜 – Zulaikah, Malaysia

When they won the award for 4 Walls and all the repercussion that the song had, because it was significant because of the moment they passed. – Igor Costa, Brazil

For me, all the moments with them are so beautiful. – Sung Ha, Indonesia

The first win of “4 Walls”. Because they are sheed a tears of joy and a relief feeling that they have work hard and done it very well with MeUs. – Nureni Kakanegi, Indonesia

First win with ‘4 walls’, because this moment was very emotional. I cried with girls. – Anna, Russia

When f(x) won 4 Walls music show award. It was touching to see all the members together on stage supporting each other – fxfanmeu, Canada

I really treasure 4 Walls 1st win. Seeing the girls’ tears spill on stage made my heart ache. I hope they know they deserve the absolute best and that MeUs will always be there for them💜 – Cristal, USA

4 walls first win. It’s a speacial moment for the entire fandom and the girls and we all know why it’s so important. I’m so proud of them. – Shreya, India

The beginning of the Dimension 4 concert that intro and the anticipation of them going on stage for their first concert it was so amazingly Awesome! – Felicia, Texas (USA)

Amazing f(x) letters reading, they were sharing their real feelings toward one another – Clairin, Indonesia

How do you view f(x)’s bond/friendship?

I think it’s beautiful and so respectful. I’m really happy they have eachother – Sky, Spain

Like a family – Rhf, Saudi Arabia

Unbreakable, I truly believe them when they say they’ll perform until they are grannys – Sophia, France

Their relationship is like family. Indeed they never show to us, but we believe they often relate to each other. Friendship not always have to be shown to everyone – Linda J, Indonesia

They have such a great bond. They are all like sisters. I love and appreciate their friendship so much. – Heesook, Spain

They are sisters. They are family. – Wahzi, Malaysia

like sisters – Mon, Italy

their bond is precious – Merr, Philippines

I think that f(x)’s bond/friendship is one of the strongest ever in K-pop. Their interactions and support for each other are amazing. – Ada, Romania

as amber said, more than friendship f(x) is like sisterhood 💜 – Lou, Catalonia

No matter how far apart the members may be, there’s always that feeling of sisterhood between them, and that connection is able to bring warmth and happiness to meU – Teresa, America

Unbreakeable, they still show how much they care about each other & MeU’s wherever they are – David, Norway

FAMILY.  – Iselle, Philippines

Its so unique…. their come with different culture too – Tita, Indonesia

SISTER FOREVER! – May, Thailand

Despite the distance and the various turns their individual careers took, they still support and care for each other deeply, in 3*4 (that’s 12 lol) different, unique and sincere ways. – Héloïse, France

very close and loving support for each other ❤ – Wayne, USA

PURE LOVE FX ❤ – Mimi, The Netherlands

f(x) bond is f(amily). They may not always interact publicly, but there genuine love and care for each other can be seen through their support. – Zie, Philippines

F(x) always assures us that they won’t never ever be apart, it’s already obvious – Pinn, Thailand

I see them as sisters. They are protective of each others. – Annabelle, Canada

 excellent. I know they will always support each other no matter what. I really love them and the relationships between them – personwaitingforf(x), Turkey

“F(x) will be together even when we are grannies” – Luna They are a family that support each other even when they are apart. Just four sisters that love each other. – Fiona, Australia

It’s the best. I feel like they really love and care for each other. – Kayla, Scotland

They treasure each other so much. Even though they are so distantly apart, they take the time to talk every day and it shows how close their bond is. – Chels, UK

They are beyond friendship, they are family – Sav, Indonesia

they’re a family who will always be together no matter what 💖 – Farhanah, UK

REALest among Kpop. I feel and I know that f(5) is still communicating in private. Even though they’re not promoting as a group, each of them are still supporting each other. Meeting in private and etc – Asylla, Philippines

True friends? And like a sibling. Look how soojung love to tease amber >< I really hope their friendship will last forever and be happy – Mija, Malaysia

I believe they are close enough to want to spend a long time together… Not necessarily being always together, but being there for each other. – Marina, Brazil

They are all so sincere and never stop calling themselves family – Amini, Indonesia

Their friendship is the one thing I want to have. They are very supportive towards each other and they express their love by their actions, not just by words. – ClnKwon, Philippines

I see them like family. Vic is the mom, Amber and Luna are the sweet and caring sisters, then Sulli and Krystal are the pretty babies. – Liza Liad, Philippines

that so incredible they never shows their closeness to everyone but everytime the members said about each other i know their bond and friendship are really strong. – Natasya, Indonesia

 they are like a family. – Skaila Dizon, Philippines

SUPER STRONG! – Faith Lanie Lumayag, Philippines

Like real family. Victoria as mother, amber as big brother, luna as big sister, and krystal as their baby – Nisa, Indonesia

They seem Best friends to me, a really close bond. – Jessica, The Netherlands

One that is with trust and understanding. With great love and great care. Even if the group disbanded I feel like they will be friends forever. – Mikaela, New Zealand

f(x) has the most genuine and realest bond, just like amber said its not just about the music but the sisterhood they share, i know we rarely see them together now but we still can feel their bond, they are a true family, despite not being treated right, they are still together *im crying* – Ariel, Indonesia

As Amber said f(x) is a Family they may don’t see each other often but they will always be there for each other. that’s what family is – Mouna, Tunisia

I saw their friendship as a strong one though they are apart today their hearts will stay connected to each other everyday. – Mika Peraz, Philippines

I think their bond and friendship is just beautiful. You can just tell they are a group of people who have been through a lot together and care deeply for one another. – Demi, Australia

i like to believe that they have an open bond, they are all so accepting and understanding, they all support each other, they have been through hard times and they overcame that. I have mad respect for them – Maria, Indonesia

Sisters – Kiara, Hungary

Pese a que ellas no se ven, se observa la unión que tienen, no olvidemos cuando Amber no estaba en la empresa y ellas la apoyaron💜 – Karina Reuque, Chile (sent in Spanish)

f(x)’s sisterhood is very strong. It’s really heart warming everytime i see them supporting one another even if they are far away! – Dorothy Celly, Indonesia

f(x)’s bond reminds me of titainium. strong and unbreakable – Samantha, UK

Amazing, they are like a family ! All of them are so different. Thats what fx makes unique and special for me – Cansu, Turkey

I like that they try to keep it real despite what they’ve gone through and try to hold onto it. – Paula, USA

I feel that it isn’t a screen friendship like it happens in most of the “girl groups”, I feel that they really came to a sincere connection – Dainna, Chile

Their bond is amazing! When everyone accusing they’re not close to each other, they prove them wrong by showing their strong bond – Indah, Indonesia

Comrade in arms, they don’t mention each other often but they know they are there. – Chuyu, China

Family of course. I love how the members calling victoria as ‘umma’. It suits them really well. – Fiqah, Malaysia

I think their friendship is really pure and sweet. They really care and love each other. – nelumbium nelumbo, Indonesia

f(x) is family💜 Even if they are walking on their own paths right now, family will always support each other and reunite at the end of the day. – Jass, Philippines

f(x) is a family. They love and care about each other so much and I’ve never seen a love like theirs for each other.  – Emma, USA

Ohh gooodd… I’m so love with they friendship. They always taking care each other and support each other. Example, when Luna’s grandmother has passed away just in a few days ago. Krystal and amber had to reschedule their activities and goes to Luna’s hometown to see Luna and help her about it. I’m also cry when I hear if Luna’s grandmother got passed away. Condolences Luna Eunnie😇. I’m so grateful that you have the best members and sister in this world. 😘 – freak.woman, Indonesia

Their bond is really strong. I love it when they tease, laugh, bully & protect each other. Even they’re not blood related, you can see their bond and love as family. – Elise, Philippines

Family ❤ – Fae, Philippines

I think they have an amazing bond and that the girls are tight. they’re bond with each other is genuine. – Sunsun, Australia

Sisterly like SHINee. You can see how they treasure and love each other. – Issa, Philippines

Undeniably genuine and beautiful. – Raine Rhinoa, Philippines

Very familial like. No matter how far apart they are, even if not promoting, they are a family that loves one another through the good and bad. – Ban, Canada

their sisterhood it’s unbreakable. it’s been a while since the four of them were together, but they’ve proved that they’re always there for each other and that’s what really matters. – Agos/lulu, Argentina

They’re the best!! 10/10 – Bea Jeryca, Philippines

Even someone left, they are stronger and doesn’t forget to take care of each other. I think sending vm is really a must for them. – Aega, Philippines

A family. f(x) is family no doubt. – ishy, Philippines

f(x) may have individual activities but they always try their best to stay together as a group, even if they are in different places. – Angel, Philippines

They are sisters who care and support one another despite being busy with individual work and that is so rare and beautiful. I hope to one day make friends as awesome as that 😊 – Roux, Indonesia

I really love their bond how they support each is fantastic – Mitali, India

It’s like a family: Vic is mom, Amber is dad and Krystal, Luna and Sulli are kids. – Monica, Romania

I see f(x) bond is strong because eventho they not together they still contact and support each other – Key, Indonesia

An unbreakable sisterhood. The bond they’ve created from growing up together from being teenage schoolgirls to full-grown beautiful ladies can only be described as a family bond. Imagine Victoria, who basically raised the girls like a mother, and now they’re all sisters by heart. Them being there for each other whenever one of them is in need just proves how great of friendship they have. – Ally, Malaysia

Like an Oxygen. We can’t see it, but it’s always there and it’s strong enough to keeping us alive. – Benedicta. Y, Indonesia

It’s like an infinity sign. It will never end. – Antonette, Philippines

FOR KEEPS!!! – aviang, Philippines

I’m always jealous of their friendship. Even through so many struggles they are so close together like a real family. its adorable. – Zulaikah, Malaysia

It is like someone with a long distance relationship. Though they might not contact each other always, or meet always, the bond and trust never gets old. – Jinelle, Philippines

As true sisters, even from afar, they don’t lose the bond that unites them. – Igor Costa, Brazil

f(x)’s friendship is truth. They always take care each other – Trường Lợi, Vietnam

I love f(x) bond the most. – Sung Ha, Indonesia

Like a unique sisterhood, because each of them have a stand out characters of a mom, a brother, a pet, and a baby. – Nureni Kakanegi, Indonesia

I think that f(x)`s friendship more like sisterhood. They are so love and support each other like a real family. – Anna, Russia

Strong and forever! – fxfanmeu, Canada

The relationship between the members is one the most special I’ve ever seen. Their sisterhood is unbreakable. – Cristal, USA

They’re sisters. And their bond as a group is real. It isn’t public but we know that they’re they for each other and love and support each other – Shreya, India

I Love their friendship with each other and how they support each other even when they are apart. Their commitment to F(x) and the Meus is the best! – Felicia, Texas (USA)

f(x)’s bond is like sisters, they relies on one another, play with one another, teases one another, share experiences together and there should be more things that we might not know in their private life – Clairin, Indonesia

What is your favorite f(x) show and why?

Fx=1cm because it was with MeUs – Rhf, Saudi Arabia

ALL OF THEM, Hello f(x) was so unique and their stay in Africa heartening, f(x) Koala i was happy to see them travel, Amazing f(x) hold something special because of the time capsule and f(x)=10 cm it was beyond funny and it brought them closer to fans – Sophia, France

I really like fx=1cm because they meet their fans  Mon, Italy

f(x)=1 cm. because they seemed to really care and love their fans! – Synt, Indonesia

i forgot the name , but i love their reality show where they do the things in their bucket list and I hope they didn’t forget their time capsule. – Merr, Philippines

My favorite f(x) show is Amazing f(x) because it was so fun to watch. Also, rewatching it brings back so many good memories. – Ada, Romania

f(x)=1cm was the first show i saw from them, the one that made me fell in love with them 💜 i also love hello f(x) so much! – Lou, Catalonia

Hello f(x) is my favorite f(x) reality show because it was the first real exposure I had to f(x) as people and helped me develop a bond with each member! – Teresa, America

F(x)=1CM Cuz of their interaction with their fans – David, Norway

Go f(x)! Because we got to see their trueselves and its so fun seeing them living together in a house. – Iselle, Philippines

Amazing f(x). I can see their personality – Tita, Indonesia

f(x)=1cm , happy to watch them together as the 4! – May, Thailand

Amazing f(x) ❤ – Wayne, USA

Amazing f(x) ! It was the first show I watched as a MeU so it has a special place in my heart – Mimi, The Netherlands

Amazing f(x) // I will forever hold OT5 dear to my heart and the series of their adventure in New Zealand plus their time capsule shows the real bond of f(x) – Zie, Philippines

F(x)=1cm – I still cry watching it – Pinn, Thailand

Amazing F(x). It was the first show of a kpop group I listened completely and I was happy to see the girls as they are on TV. – Annabelle, Canada

“F (x) koala and f (x) = 1 cm” because they were all happy together there – personwaitingforf(x), Turkey

F(x) 1cm was very cute and I love how they got to surprise and interact with fans. They seemed to have fun and enjoy it as well which is great! – Fiona, Australia

Amazing f(x)! I’ve watched it over and over again, their personalities really shine in that show. – Chels, UK

I really like fx reality show called fx= 1cm, it was so precious to see them together in one reality show – Sav, Indonesia

f(x)=1cm because they got closer to meus through this and we didn’t see them for a long time so it was nice – Farhanah, UK

Amazing F(x). It feels good seeing them doing their bucket lists. And i am still hoping that they will come back in NZ as f(5), open the time capsule that they buried (if it’s still there lol), read the letters of Sulli and Krystal while drinking the wine of Luna. 2023, let’s hope and wish for it to happen ♥ – Asylla, Philippines

Amazing f(x) hahaha because it was funny. I love their characters so much. Thanks to the show they got to experience they things that they wish to do – Mija, Malaysia

Amazing f(x) was really fun! The best thing is that we can see them interacting with each other and in different places too. – Marina, Brazil

Mine is amazing f(x) all of them is there, and the capsule thingy i hope they went back – Amini, Indonesia

Amazing f(x), because I got to know and love them more because of that show. – Liza Liad, Philippines

amazing f(x) TT f(x) still 5 and it’s really shows how they are love each other i don’t know i just love amazing f(x) and i still rewatching it – Natasya, Indonesia

Amazing f(x). they are such a dork I love their humor – Skaila Dizon, Philippines

f(x) = 1cm Just like what the Chinese foreign student said, we may be millions of miles apart, f(x) is so much less than 1cm apart to my heart. – Faith Lanie Lumayag, Philippines

f(x) 1 cm, Because I love the way they treat their fans like family – Nisa, Indonesia

amazing f(x), i love seeing them being goofy they were so cute while they were on vacation also too many iconic moments  – Ariel, Indonesia

Amazing f(x) because we saw another new side of f(x) and what they wanted to try in their lives and their friendship. – Mouna, Tunisia

“Hello f(x)” is my favorite show because that is the first time they traveled and they are complete that time. – Mika Peraz, Philippines

I love Hello f(x)! It was so much fun to see them check of items on their bucket list and as a group. A lot of beautiful moments. – Demi, Australia

hello f(x), i feel like they are a real person and are relateable plus they’re quirky and funny to watch – Maria, Indonesia

Amazing f(x) – Kiara, Hungary

Amazing F(x) porque se vieron tan naturales aún teniendi cámaras sobre ellas. 💜 – Karina Reuque, Chile (sent in Spanish)

f(x) koala & Amazing f(x). Both of those shows are so fun to watch and Amazing f(x) is so cool because the members get to do the things that are on their bucket list~ – Dorothy Celly, Indonesia

amazing f(x)! seeing them have fun in new zealand was so lovely and when they exchanged letters it highlighted once again how beautiful their friendship is. – Samantha, UK

All of them but the last one was the best – Cansu, Turkey

My favorite show of fx is “amazing fx” because you can see the life of the members outside the stage and how they relate to each other, apart from being very funny – Dainna, Chile

f(x)=1cm because they interact with fans more and enjoy their quality time together – Indah, Indonesia

Hello f(x) and F(x) 1cm b/c they were so relax and comfortable on Hello f(x) and just so envious of the people that were 1cm close to fx – Chuyu, China

Amazing F(x), Their last moment as f(5) – Fiqah, Malaysia

Amazing f(x). Because i can see many of their beautiful friendship and treasure-like moments of them. – nelumbium nelumbo, Indonesia

My favorite show is “Amazing f(x)” because I love seeing f(x) conquering their fears, having fun and scratching out items in their bucket list. – Jass, Philippines

Amazing f(x) – Joanney, Philippines

Amazing f(x) is such a wonderful show about them. Coz that show told me about their habit for they in everyday. Thank you for the show f(x). I’m so love them💖 – freak.woman, Indonesia

F(x) Koala. Because it shows the hardwork and determination of the girls on promoting f(x) and Korea in different countries even kpop is’nt that popular in other countries that time. – Elise, Philippines

f(x)’s 1cm. It always remind me that they are 1cm close to our hearts – Fae, Philippines

my favourite hello f(x) because it was their first show together. their bond made me very emotional. – Sunsun, Australia

AMAZING F(X), it was just a bunch o teenagers enjoying life outside their comfort zones – Issa, Philippines

Amazing f(x), that was the last OT5 reality show and their talks about their friendship (especially how thankful they are for each other) and their future is something I cherish. The time capsule is also a reason for it being my fave. – Raine Rhinoa, Philippines

Amazing f(x). Great fun to see all 5 members go on vacation and experience new things. It was like watching a family vacation that fans kind of felt a part of. – Ban, Canada

i think the docking station show from the dvd it’s really special, just like vic’s birthday one. – Agos/lulu, Argentina

ALL! – Bea Jeryca, Philippines

f(x)=1cm. Sometimes I have the impression idols have to act a lot when they are in shows, but in this one people were so surprised that I felt it was kind of real – Lisa, Italy

I love amazing f(x), they show want they really want in their lives and also not forgetting the fans while doing it. – Aega, Philippines

Amazing f(x). – ishy, Philippines

My favorite show would have to be Amazing F(x)! It really showed their different personalities and their bond. They tried out so much things that they always wanted to do in their lives and it warms my heart to see them so happy together. I’m still waiting for them to open up the time capsule! – Cheska, Philippines

Amazing f(x). You could see how they all bond with one another and the quirks of each member. – Angel, Philippines

Amazing f(x). They are so dorky, funny and real. They are so relatable and not afraid to be themselves, which is an incredible thing! – Roux, Indonesia

“Amazing f(x)” because this show presented the moments when they were together. – Monica, Romania

Amazing f(x)!!!! Because the show itself is fun and i can see different side of them – Key, Indonesia

Amazing f(x). It showed f(x) in their natural habitat. They genuinely had fun together, trying out new things and discovering their own strengths. It was a joy seeing the people you love being happy. They also buried a time capsule. When they get back together to open it, I believe it’s going to be one of the happiest days for MeUs and especially the girls. – Ally, Malaysia

Amazing f(x). They’re happy. 5 of them. I couldn’t ask for more. – Benedicta. Y, Indonesia

Hello f(x) – Antonette, Philippines

amazing f(x) because you really get to see their true personalities and their true crazy self which is always fun to watch haha. – Zulaikah, Malaysia

It is difficult to choose one, because all were significant. I think their first tour was more remarkable because it was very amazing. – Igor Costa, Brazil

My favorite f(x) show is “f(x) Koala”. I don’t know why but I have close sensor and feel happy when I watch this show. Especially, they have come to our beautiful country, Vietnam. – Trường Lợi, Vietnam

 Amazing f(x). They are so cute in there – Sung Ha, Indonesia

Amazing f(x). Because it shows their healing time but at the same time to fulfill their ‘amazing’ bucket lists which is rarely variety show of idols do. – Nureni Kakanegi, Indonesia

f(x) koala. Because it`s very interesting show. When you watch this, your mood is rising. – Anna, Russia

I like it when they go on Variety shows together and Hello f(x) – fxfanmeu, Canada

One of my favorite f(x) shows is their performance at kconLA 2013. It was my first time ever seeing them live so it’s an unforgettable experience. – Cristal, USA

Amazing f(x)! Because that’s how I got to know about them and their personalities and that’s how I fell in love with them. – Shreya, India

Amazing f(x) is my most favourite f(x) show because they’re experiencing a lot of new things together and spending more time together. – Clairin, Indonesia

How did you react to the MeU fanclub name reveal?

SO HAPPY – Rhf, Saudi Arabia

I wasn’t stanning them yet so I didn’t really had any reactions, still the name is cute and is unique like f(x) – Sophia, France

Im hearing it thru audio coz im international fan despite im hearing their concert like that i still push through happy with the word yes finally – Ekhet Joulief, Philippines

One of the happiest day in my life. I was there at the concert and cried with tears of joy. That we finally have a fanclub name after 7 years. – Wahzi, Malaysia

tbh…. i think it’s really cute and lovely! – Synt, Indonesia

MeU stands for f(x)’s and the fans’ love for each other, but at first I had mixed-feelings about the name because i was expecting something else. – Ada, Romania

one of my favourite fanclub names! suuuper cute, just as our beautiful girls 💜 – Lou, Catalonia

I remember really liking aff(x)tion, so at first I was kinda bummed, but it almost instantly grew on me after the initial bummed-ness – Teresa, America

I Cried – David, Norway

I was so happy that i cant contain my tears. – Iselle, Philippines

Im so happy. Cause we’re waiting it for 6 years. – Tita, Indonesia

“Wait…what…for real? r u serious? hey! I think it’s gonna be KLAV or VALKyrie!” << My reaction hahaha – May, Thailand

I thought it was clever and cute. It also kinda sounds like a cat meowing oddly, which fits f(x) rather well. I’d have preferred to call myself a Mysteric though. – Héloïse, France

kind of late in their career but they are truly the most unique and greatest Kpop group ever created and if you love Kpop you are a loving f(x) fan – Wayne, USA

YES ! Should have been done way earlier but I was honestly just so proud and happy ! We no longer had to go by our own made-up fanbase names (although those were also pretty nice haha) – Mimi, The Netherlands

Honestly I was not yet a fan of kpop when they revealed MeU but I heard about it and thought that it’s a fitting fanclub name for a group that is named after math stuff – Zie, Philippines

The members seemed happy with it, so did I. – Pinn, Thailand

I was so happy! I was also proud because we had our fanclub name! – Annabelle, Canada

ahaha definitely “finally” I reacted and I was very happy. We had a name now! – personwaitingforf(x), Turkey

I was so happy! Legit the words that came out of my mouth that day was “Yes finally f(x) got a fanclub name after years!”. They deserved this long before. – Fiona, Australia

I loved it. MeU is so unique just like f(x). – Kayla, Scotland

I cried with happiness… I was so overwhelmed and happy that we finally a name to call ourselves officially. – Chels, UK

The first thought i was like Meu ..meujigeu? – Sav, Indonesia

at first i was confused but then i understood its meaning and thought it was unique just like f(x). also just as cute – Farhanah, UK

HAPPY and CONTENTED ♥ – Asylla, Philippines

I was expecting other name but MeU is great. I felt happier, I mean yayyyy finally. And i feel thankful. Though we had to wait for quite a long time, it’s just a matter of time. Love that all MeU are there – Mija, Malaysia

I really liked the name because I think it’s very unique! And we can relate to Me + U song too, I always think if it wasn’t a coincidence… – Marina, Brazil

The first time i know fx i thought our name was affxtion lol then im mad cos sm didnt bother giving us offcial fandom but im so happy the girls took their time to pick a name for us – Amini, Indonesia

I was so elated that time. I am so proud of my girls and I am also happy for the fans (including me). It’s like a dream come true. – ClnKwon, Philippines

I felt happy because finally, after the years of waiting, we have a name now. And I love the meaning of our fandom name. – Liza Liad, Philippines

SCREAMING HAHAHA seriously i scream so hard and proudly saying to my fellow kpop friends “HELLO GUYS FINALLY I HAVE NAME NOW!! CALL ME MeU!!!!” lmao – Natasya, Indonesia

its quite unique. – Skaila Dizon, Philippines

4 words: I SUPER LOVE IT 💜 – Faith Lanie Lumayag, Philippines

Wow thats really easy to say 😄 but the meaning is very deep… Me and U – Nisa, Indonesia

I found it cute, It’s lovely – Jessica, The Netherlands

I was so excited and extremely happy. – Mikaela, New Zealand

i think its cool..MeU, its cute too – Ariel, Indonesia

To be honest, At first I didn’t like, But when I heard f(x) Called us MeU I found it Cute and Unique – Mouna, Tunisia

I’m happy that time because after those years since they debut they already have fanclub name and it’s very unique. – Mika Peraz, Philippines

MeU is such an adorable name and the fact it was inspired by their me + u song just made it all the better. – Demi, Australia

at first we didn’t have a name and we just called ourselves aff(x)ionate and i thought it was real cool, but when fx announced the official fandom name I liked it as well, as long as they’re happy that’s all that matters – Maria, Indonesia

I love it ❤ – Kiara, Hungary


At first, I didn’t really like it but i also don’t hate it. But now i love it! – Dorothy Celly, Indonesia

I WAS ECSTATIC. Beyond glad because here it is! Finally! The name per se is beautiful. The meaning of the name was even more beautiful. – Lei, Philippines

I was shocked because I thought we’d never get a fandom name! – Samantha, UK

I love it !! – Cansu, Turkey

My fist think about the name was “really?” but over time I really liked – Dainna, Chile

I’m crying in happiness because this is what we’ve been waiting for  – Indah, Indonesia

I was shocked at first, horrified even. However when I heard Victoria repeatedly saying it, it sounded so cute. I’m proud to be MeU. – Jass, Philippines

I cried, I was so happy to finally have a name to call myself along with f(x). Being a MeU is one of the things I’m most proud of. – Emma, USA

At first I was like meh but when i heard the members reason i was like awww that’s the sweetest thing on earth. – Joanney, Philippines

I love it when its finally reveal about their fans name. Its so unique and so strange. But I love that name so much. We have a different fans name and unique fans name in this world💖 – freak.woman, Indonesia

I’m happy because after many years, finally we have our official fandom name. But sad at the same time because I feel like SM is’nt treating our girls right. – Elise, Philippines

although I was used to aff(x)tion, I think MeU is cute. it makes me feel close to the girls. – Sunsun, Australia

I got mixed emotions for it. Truthfully, it wasn’t what I thought for our official name but it grew on me later on. – Raine Rhinoa, Philippines

Proud & excited. The name was perfect & after learning it took almost 7 years for the reveal it felt even more special. Will always be a MeU. – Ban, Canada

i wasn’t there when it was announced, but when i found out i thought it was a really original and special name. – Agos/lulu, Argentina

It’s sweetest that ever happened in the fandom. – Bea Jeryca, Philippines

Kinda disappointed, but still amazed how cool the meaning of that fandom name is. – Aega, Philippines

I was honestly a bit confused (I thought we were going to be called Aff(x)tion), but I grew to like it over time – Madeline, USA

I was there when fx revealed MeU and it was so exciting and fluffy and cute🐱 – meusoyuna, South Korea

It was weird at first but eventually it became our identity. – ishy, Philippines

So freaking ecstatic!! Us fans had been waiting for so long for fanclub name, that we even took it upon ourselves to randomly name our fanclub. At one point we even temporarily named the fanclub Nameless 😂 – Roux, Indonesia

It is the best fandom name – Mitali, India

Finally we had a fanclub name:”Oh my god, I cannot believe it”. – Monica, Romania

At first i was shocked and confused lol but after that i get used to the name – Key, Indonesia

I wasn’t exactly overjoyed to hear it. But when they called us “MeU”, I just thought, “you know what? You girls chose it, it sounds great too so we’ll stick to that”. – Ally, Malaysia

Weird at first. But f(x) is known with their ‘weird’ concept. So in the end i just “WELL.. WE ARE INDEED A UNIQUE TEAM” – Benedicta. Y, Indonesia

I was so happy that time. – Antonette, Philippines

truthfully, at first, wasn’t really fond of it. but seeing how much the members have thought through and really love it, I started loving it too. I’M A PROUD MEU. 💜 – Zulaikah, Malaysia

I was thrilled, because they wanted to pass or even have with the fans with the same link that links them. – Igor Costa, Brazil

I love it. I was so surprise when I heard its. – Trường Lợi, Vietnam

I was crying at that night and Im so proud to be called MeU – Sung Ha, Indonesia

I like it, because it’s unique as they are and it’s cutely pronounced. – Nureni Kakanegi, Indonesia

When i heard fanclub name, i am be like “wow, it`s sound very cool!” – Anna, Russia

Finally! Our fanclub name MeU 🙂 – fxfanmeu, Canada

I thought the fanclub name was cute! Finally! After so many years of waiting! I’m proud to be called a MeU💜 – Cristal, USA

I wasn’t a part of the fandom when it was revealed but when I found out, I thought it was a smart choice and it’s also really cute! – Shreya, India

I was extremely happy because we finally had something to call ourselves. And it makes us feels closer to them because they have a name for us – Clairin, Indonesia

Additional loving words of MeU

I love you so much, i hope i can see f(x) go for a long time, but i’ll support you no matter what happens. You make me happy. – Sky, Spain

If I have to wait for f(x) another ten years I’ll still be there – Sophia, France

Maybe I’m not their fan from the start, but I will be their fan forever. I hope the members are always happy and can accompany us both on f(x) or not. MeUs will always support f(x) no matter what – Linda J, Indonesia

I really love them to the extent that i made a coin bank for them just in case they conduct a concert in the phils.and i feel hurt if someone or fake meus criticized one member even if its not my bias the only one group who bring me into the KPOP and ill never regret it – Ekhet Joulief, Philippines

They were the first girlgroup I’ve ever listened to, and since then I’m into girlgroups. I have to thanks them a lot. They are so special for me – Heesook, Spain

f(x) is irreplaceable in my heart. Not gonna give up on you girls no matter what. – Wahzi, Malaysia

Stan talent, stan f(x) – Ada, Romania

my dear f(x): maybe we haven’t been together for a long time, but the time we spent together was the happiest in my life 💜– Lou, Catalonia

f(x) are something essential to my life, they’ve always been there for me from my childhood up until now, and I hope that in that same way I can always be there for them! – Teresa, America



I love you f(x) and i want their all stay healthy and success with every individual activity and cant wait to see u all to come with another cool music. – Tita, Indonesia

They’re my world, my universe and my heart, like SNSD. – May, Thailand

f(x) is an irreplaceable existence in my life .. f(victoria), f(amber), f(luna), f(krystal), i’ve been loving and supporting you all and i’ll keep on doing that for a long long time. you’ve always been with me when i needed you, so i’ll be with you as well – Mimi, The Netherlands

I really love those girls. They brought me to a whole beautiful world that is Kpop. Without them, I wouldn’t know all of thise things related to Kpop, i would never have expressed love for an another country and culture, they made me more open minded than I was ever before. They made me feel alive and emotional like I never was with any other groups/artists in the entire world. 💜 – Annabelle, Canada

f (x) is the best for me and it will always be the best – personwaitingforf(x), Turkey

f(x) are so special to me I will forever love them even if I grow out of kpop. They mean so much to me and make me feel at home.  – Kaylee, USA

F(x) have always made me happy and inspired me in so many ways. They deserve the world and so much more, not enough words can describe how grateful I am! – Fiona, Australia

fx always makes me want to do more with my life, their songs and performance make me happy and brightening my mood – Sav, Indonesia

Well I am really just happy for everything that f(x) has done for us Meus. I don’t really have a problem with them not coming back yet since they will have more time for their selves. They need that time for them to learn more about the thing that they really wanted and their selves more. It God’s perfect time, they will come back and will give us more of what we expect they could give us. Much love and respect for my girls. Love you always, guys. Happy anniversary! ♥ – Asylla, Philippines

I love u guys so much so please be happy and stay healthy. Im willing to wait for a comeback and stay to support you guys. Love – Mija, Malaysia

I’m very proud that I got to know f(x). Although now it’s different from the other groups, they’ll never have the only essence I like and only f(x) has. – Marina, Brazil

I love f(x) so much. I admire their passion for their craft (esp. making music). I want to see them happy and I don’t want their friendship to end. – ClnKwon, Philippines

I just want to say that MeU loves f(x) and we will always do. Please take care of yourselves and be healthy. And live happily, do what makes you happy. – Liza Liad, Philippines

expressing with words isn’t enough but deep in my heart f(x) is the only gg i love and i hope their friendship and group stay for a long time – Natasya, Indonesia


I will never leave f(x). I hope SM can treat f(x) well. I miss them soooooo much – Nisa, Indonesia

E-peu-ek-seu!!!!!!! 💜 – Islay, Philippines

I love F(x) a lot. Their music is the best in the world. I was depressed the time I found f(x) and their music really helped me lift my spirits through the hard times. So I am very thankful for F(x). – Jessica, The Netherlands

F(x) for a long time has been something I cling onto dearly. Because I completely love them for everything that they are and what they stand for. Their music being my hope aswell as just for party times. I am forever thankful to them for all that they have done together and individually and I wish them the best – Mikaela, New Zealand

I love f(x) So much, They’ve taught me so many thing I am thankful to them and I am proud to be their fan – Mouna, Tunisia

f(x) is one of the most unique kpop girl group. I’m still waiting for the comeback even it’s impossible I think. I want to see them in person badly. I will support and love them till the end. Saranghae! – Mika Peraz, Philippines

i love them all equally i hope people would stop bashing soojung for her facial expressions, and luna wearing what ever the fuck she wants – Maria, Indonesia

They are the first girl band which I loved first. – Kiara, Hungary

I love f(x) because they are: Unique – And not afraid to show it. Talented – Best discography. Beautiful – Inside and out. MeU ♡ f(x) Forever – Diana, Singapore

F(x) en este 9° aniversario sólo quisiera decir que lo hacen bien, trabajen duro pero también cuiden de su salud. Son lo mejor en mi vida. – Karina Reuque, Chile (sent in Spanish)

To me, f(x) has always felt like my older sisters. They are very warm & makes me feel calm. I love them so much! 💜 – Dorothy Celly, Indonesia

Thank you for staying together as a united group through the hard times! f(x) = love – Samantha, UK

I love them so much! They are so different from the others!They are so unique!They are very special for me!They are the 1st kpop gg that i know! I know them since electric shock era and I still love like from the beginning! – Cansu, Turkey

I do not think I can express my love for fx just by writing, it’s too intense – Dainna, Chile

I hope they keep believe in each other and ignore all of hate comments. MeU, let’s protect and support them forever ♡ – Indah, Indonesia

Fx always love u – me – Chuyu, China

I love them so much that i dont care if i need to wait for a long time, i love them as a group and i’ll support them individually. Im from Malaysia and I know one day i’ll come to Korea and meet them. (im saving my money already😂). Thats the only dream i have. To meet f(x). They r the reason I can go through my high school life, uni life and now im in my final year. – Fiqah, Malaysia

MeUs will always support and wait for f(x)! f(x) fighting! MeU fighting! f(x) jjang💜 – Jass, Philippines

f(x) has left such an amazing impact on my life. They mean everything to me. Amber is my ultimate bias, but I love all five girls the same. – Emma, USA

I have a lot of things to say about them. I can’t describe it. I’m just want to them always taking care each other and support each other and always hold hands each other and hug each other in every way in this life. Even they will change in the future, Just always hold hands each other and hug each other..😄 – freak.woman, Indonesia

I admire f(x)’s bond. I want to see f(x) perform again in one stage together. I will not get tired of waiting no matter how long. – Elise, Philippines

I wish them good health and happiness. May their friendship last forever ❤ – Fae, Philippines

f(x), I can’t believe it’s your 9th anniversary already! you are by far one of my favourite k-pop groups. I hope you make a comeback soon because I miss you guys so much. you guys are doing amazing on your solo projects as well. much love xx – Sunsun, Australia

I may not be there from the beginning, but I’ll be there ’til the very end. – Issa, Philippines

No words can describe how I love f(x) as a group and as individuals. It was like, even if I don’t get to see them often on shows like before, I am still here supporting and loving them all through out. – Raine Rhinoa, Philippines

If you’re a true fan, you must and should love the other members. Not because you don’t have a choice or that’s the only way to considered you as a real fan but because you are getting mature and you considered yourself not just a fan but a family in the fandom, you love all the members because they deserved an equal love and care and an equal supports from you and the fandom. – Bea Jeryca, Philippines

I love them to the point I wouldn’t get tired watching, listening and loving them all this trials MeUs faced. – Aega, Philippines

Thank you for being f(x). Thank your for giving us such a high quality of music. Please be happy and healthy, girls💜💜💜💜 – Danar, Indonesia

Even if I have to wait for 5, 10 or more years I’ll be with f(x). No matter what happen they will always be my home. – ishy, Philippines

I just love f(x) and how they stand out from other girl groups without having to act pretty or maintain a certain image. They’re just being themselves! 💕– Angel, Philippines

F(x) is beautiful. All of the members are so different and unique in their own way, and relatable. F(x) is family, not only amongst the members but they are MeU’s family too 💜 – Roux, Indonesia

Thank you f(x) for being the reason I smile everyday – Mitali, India

f(x) is an equation: So, f(x)=Victoria+Amber+Luna+Sulli+Krystal. f(x) is a constant, so our girls will be always the same. – Monica, Romania

F(x), the first group that i really love ❤ thank you so much for existing because you’re my strength! – Key, Indonesia

I’ll Wait. I’ll Stay. Love and miss you. Forever and always. – Benedicta. Y, Indonesia

All I can say is that f(x) opened a whole new world for me. Their music spoke to me even though I didn’t understand and I cherish them so much. – Deborah, Nigeria

First of all Thank you for everything, always remember that meus will always be here with you no matter. We will kept on waiting & loving you – Antonette, Philippines

I’m with u girls, till the end of the line. – aviang, Philippines

f(x) are the reason I’m still trying my best in life to be happy. They have lift me up with their songs and also meaningful words when I was at my lowest. and I’m forever grateful. – Zulaikah, Malaysia

My Love to f(x) is 4 Walls. It feels AMAZING. And if it can’t be now, I hope next year when their 10th Anniversary they can make the GRAND COMEBACK. – Nureni Kakanegi, Indonesia

I love f(x), I hope they succeed in everything and do a comeback together soon! They are hardworking and love their fans too. Thank you f(x), MeU are waiting for you! ❤ Happy anniversary! – fxfanmeu, Canada

F(x) will always have a special place in my heart. They mean so much to me, it’s impossible to write it under 30 words. I love them and pray for their health and happiness. – Cristal, USA

 f(x) is my forever. They give me strength and my love for them is endless. I will support them in whatever they do. I only wish for their happiness. – Shreya, India

I’m not good with words but I must say that I will support and love them no matter what. Love ya – Clairin, Indonesia

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