[TRANS] 220923 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “It’s okay to be honest!💜”

Maybe they wanted to live so much that they wanted to die! Be honest, (tell others) I’m okay too, I want to live, help me.. It doesn’t matter if you see me badly or positively, if I want to live then I will.. It’s okay to be honest!💜 #SuicidePreventionandRespectforLife #SuicidePreventionCampaign

I love you all ♥♥ I’m happy you guys are by my side and cheering me up so I can keep living, thank you!

[TRANS] 220912 f(Luna) = Instagram Updates: “Are you living a happy life, everyone?”

While studying the musical <KPOP>, I asked the question, ‘Who is the subject in life?’ I thought everything would be better if my happiness, wealth, and honor could all be satisfactory, but that is not the case. How far can I live a satisfying life? Can humans be satisfied? It’s been making me think more deeply… Are you living a happy life, everyone?

Thank you so much to the staff and actors who worked hard for a long time during the shoot, I love you. Our team is the best.

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[TRANS] 220910 f(Luna) = Instagram Updates: “It’s like a dream to be able to focus entirely on this precious work”

The translation below starts from the 2nd paragraph in Korean, the first was translated by her in the same post

If I think about it now, it’s so cute and foolish. But now I think my voice is precious. I’m improving my sound and going further. If you watch my performance this time, I feel like it will have changed so much that you won’t be able to imagine how much I practiced. I was able to make sounds systematically since I was young, and if someone had taught me how to check my physical condition and sing smartly, I wouldn’t have wandered for this long. I do have some regrets about not giving up singing, but now that doesn’t help me at all. There’s only one now!
Fill our stage with passion and preciousness.

All these miracles are thanks to my family, my beloved Giovanni, my beloved fans, and the KPOP family. I love you.

Sit in the practice room and look around for a while.
I just look at it. That’s all. But I feel some miraculous happiness inside me. I think I can do something. I’m not alone, so we’re all here together, so I don’t have to compete with anyone. It’s like a dream to be able to focus entirely on this precious work that we create together.

Today’s meal time while recording 🔥
When I was preparing for Rebecca in the past, I was so grateful and thankful that Joohyun unnie would give me a meal or snack before I stood on stage, saying, “You have to eat well.” At that time, I couldn’t take good care of my body because I was doing idol activities. Now I can take care of my health! I’m taking care of myself with more responsibility.

I always remember how thankful I am now and then. Thank you. @o._.julia

Swimming+stretching every morning at 6:30 for 1 hour

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[TRANS] 220909 f(Luna) = Instagram Updates: “Currently recording the Broadway musical !!”

Currently recording the Broadway musical <KPOP>!! Thank you to the staff members who always caringly prepare things for us.

Everyone, you’re looking forward to it, right? Broadway New musical <KPOP>!! We’re recording☺️💜

Ready for the recording!!

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[TRANS] 220903 f(Luna) = Instagram Updates: “If practicing is so joyful and fun.. How happy will I feel on stage..?”

#letsloveme #tomewhodoesntcareforme

I needed #timeforselfcare. 💦

Our team that’s full of love💜 @kpopbroadway

If practicing is so joyful and fun.. How happy will I feel on stage..? Audience.. Let’s meet soon!!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 I’m not alone!💜


[TRANS] 220829+30 f(Luna) = Instagram Updates: “Now it’s time to really focus on me”

Musical <KPOP> “Take us to the moon!” @kpopbroadway

Grapefruit + orange and peach-flavored carbonated water in the morning = Flavor with energy 💜💜💜

I woke up at 6:30 this morning! 45 minutes of exercise, clear!
The taste of kimchi fried rice that I made is, haha .. But breakfast is also clear!
Let’s be healthy, Luna!

A star for the skin that’s more beautiful than pottery and soft like a baby ☺  I’m using the pdh facial oil recommended by Hwayoung!! It’s called magic oil.. When you apply serum, mix a drop at a time and you’re done!✨

#FacialOilRecommendation #VeganCosmetics
@hwayoung_ryu_93 Thank you Hwayoung 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
I’ll go to New York with great skin!

When the moment comes when you are so afraid of being alone because you love “together,” it seems that it’s time to stand up on your own.

I can’t write it all down because it’s such a thoughtful night, but… Now it’s time to really focus on me. I’ve been struggling mentally for so long that I forgot about my own self. I must stand up now. I’ll endure any obstacles. I can do it.

I’m not alone anymore
For those who are with me,
I’ll fight back and get through it!

I still remember the day when musical actor Keon Myung introduced me on stage. The words “actress Park Sun-young” helped me grow into a musical actress without giving up on being on stage. Above all, it was more meaningful and thankful because the senior whom I really respect was the first person to call me an actress after 10 years of debut. I am a singer and an actress.
This hasn’t changed, but things weren’t so smooth because I started out as an idol. I was too young and not good enough to break ‘prejudice’. It may have been the truth and not prejudice, so I had to try harder, do better and be more perfect and be strong to their standards. Now I want to validate myself rather than be validated by others.

I’ve always been the type of person who loves me so much and does my best to give myself validation. While I was an idol, I feel like I work extremely hard because I wanted to be recognized by others. I’m not gonna live like that anymore.

#Letsloveme ❤️

[TRANS] 220827 f(Luna) = Instagram Updates: “Until the day my breathing becomes perfectly stable, aja aja aja Luna!”

Looking at those who work positively and happily,
I feel a new stimulus every day. I hope everyone knows this cool person who has a lot to learn! Our Sam who has the best styling but has a special mind! Hurry up and come up with a new inspiration! I’m happy! With @sammyratelle 💜🔥

Mark and Nathaniel, thank you for your beautiful makeup

I’m really glad I got to sing with @.thehelenpark unnie💕 I love you..🔥 @jackie.moyle whose art even captured the details of my fingers!! Thank you so much!!

I really really like this art.. So I saved it..😍

Introducing the actors who will be in New York Broadway’s musical ‘KPOP’.🔥🔥

Everyone, the New York Broadway tricket box is having a discount only for today ㅠㅠ It’s awesome.. Totally go to the ticket box and get them😍🔥🔥

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