[TRANS] 191213 f(Krystal) = Instagram Update: “Wind.. phew”

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바람.. 휴

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Wind.. phew

Trans by hearteumi@functionlove.net. Take out with credits, if translating to another language please link back to functionlove.net. Thanks.

191212 f(Amber) = Friends’ Instagram Updates

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191212 f(Amber) = Instagram Updates: “Love is love. Love is beautiful.”

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Being able to love & being loved is the greatest feeling. It pushes me to be better & helps me persevere. It’s taught me that there is more to life than what the world teaches us is “important.” This video is dedicated to the people who have stood up for the ones they love and for those who have been persecuted because of WHO they love. Love is love. Love is beautiful. Song written by llama @seanalexander23 @babydeebeats Mixed by @clexch Mastered by @oasismastering Tracked & Edited by @edowadoshin @5a_label @misterxrocks Directed by llama Produced by @davidjypark Edited by @anngdang Starring @arden_cho DP: @anngdang AC: @ryanhasegawa Art Department: @sophiecheungvisuals @grassmo0n Key Grip: @scottsayasithsena PA: @kingesthersong Hair & Make Up: @makeupbyyukina SFX: @carlonecmusic

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191211 f(Victoria) = Weibo Update

2020倒计时啦,#今年你白过了吗#?!我是真的“白白的”过了一整年!一直很爱OLAY淡斑小白瓶,美白淡斑淡痘印功能很棒,暗沉瑕疵问题基本都靠它救急!还有它的最佳CP超A瓶,叠加一起用,效果更佳哦,#新年没纹题#~上天猫搜 【OLAY小白瓶】,用更白更元气的自己迎接2020!NOLAY淡斑小白瓶ProX亮洁淡斑美白精华液烟酰胺… NOLAY超A瓶精华Prox淡化细纹抗皱精华液补水保..