[TRANS] 180421 f(Victoria) = Weibo Update: “You’re all here, in my mind, in the spirit of our Hotpot team”

从一开始就知道,节目的规则注定会有淘汰。我们会失望,会难受,会哭…很抱歉@BBF-NiNi@XCREW-JC俊@向思翰HANS 没有给到你们上台的机会,还有我心中的大哥@肖杰-Crazy你们走的每一个人其实都还在这里,在我心里,火锅战队的团魂里。我理解的团魂,不仅是易燃易炸的激情,更是拧成一股劲儿的精神。谢谢你们的爱与理解,爱你们每一个人,来找我火锅约起来!想你们了

I know from the very beginning that some would be eliminated, that’s how the program works. We gonna be disappointed, upset, we gonna cry… Sorry for not giving you the chance to perform on the stage. You’re all here, in my mind, in the spirit of our Hotpot team. To me, the team spirit is not only passion, but also that we stick together. Thanks for your love and understand. Love u all. Let’s go eat hotpot! Miss u❤

Trans by Song Qian Bar


180421 f(Amber) = Instagram+Weibo Update: “#5 of the Rogue Rouge Mixtape”


180418 f(Amber) = Instavid+Weibo Update: “#3 of the Rogue Rouge Mixtape”

180414 f(Amber) = Instagram+Weibo Update: “MY MIXTAPE IS DROPPING FINALLY!!”

终于我的mixtape要出来了 真的很开心啊!!

4/15 0:00PST Mixtape release FULL AUDIO(会有连结)+ “Closed Doors” MV 4/18 0:00PST “High Hopes” MV 4/21 0:00PST “Lifeline” MV 4/24 0:00PST “Right Now feat. @GenNeo梁根荣 ” MV 4/27 0:00PST “Three Million Years” MV 4/30 0:00PST “Get Over It” MV