[TRANS] 160914 f(Amber) = X Sports News Interview

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[TRANS] 160718 f(Amber) = Allure Magazine August Issue Interview

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Q: You’ve been showing your singer-songwriter image since your solo album that you wrote&composed was released last year. What does showcasing your own songs mean to you?

Music had been my hobby before debuting, after debuting I kept being asked why I didn’t write my own songs, despite being a singer. So I played my songs around and the response was positive. I wanted to tell the stories I couldn’t tell during f(x) promotions. I use music as a way to express my life.

Q: It seems like it wasn’t easy to show who you are. Your image on your Youtube channel ‘What The Pineapple’, where you upload videos you’ve made, is very natural.

Ah, you’ve seen them! A few years after debuting I felt like people had made their own images of me. Some people would call me ‘strong’, others would call me ‘surprisingly quiet’. Since there are people who see me for who I am, I feel like I got greedy. A greed to say ‘Now It’s really me’.

Q: Why did you choose to film with your friends at home or at a broadcast station with no help and upload to Youtube?
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160627 f(Luna) = Korea Times Interview – “Luna jockeying for EDM artist”

Luna, 22, has been in the pop industry for 10 years, seven with girl group f(x) as its main dancer and vocalist. She released her first solo album, “Free Somebody,” May 31, with a heavy emphasis on electronic dance music (EDM).

Asked about feedback she’s received for the album, Luna said: “Once again, I realized that in Korea the public needs to be exposed more to EDM in order for them to appreciate songs like Galaxy,” indirectly referring to Korea’s competitive pop music charts usually dominated by pop dance songs and ballads.

Her album, which carries six songs ― “Free Somebody,” “Breathe,” “Keep on Doin,’” “I Wish,” “Galaxy” and “My Medicine” ― made the top 3 on Billboard’s World Albums chart in early June. In videos for many of the songs, such as “Free Somebody” and “Keep On Doing,” she sings and dances powerfully for more than two minutes. How does she do that?

“I worked every day for two months to prepare for the album,” she said. “For the song ‘Free Somebody,’ I initially could not digest the first verse.” So she went power-walking for about two and a half hours in the early morning in the Ttukseom section along the Han River, and did muscle training, focusing on the waist and abdomen. During those two months, she said she spent about 12 to 17 hours a day working out and preparing for the album. “I was worried about how I would appeal as a solo artist, but I feel I showed what I had prepared myself for, so I feel good about that,” she said.

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[TRANS] 160324 f(Krystal) = GQ Magazine March Issue Interview

GQ: How do you feel on days you have an interview?
Krystal: I don’t feel anything in particular. (laughs) But yeah, I do think I’m a little afraid of interviews.

GQ: You’re scared?
I’m sure you’ll see when we start talking but I tend to be honest, so I find myself having to ‘stop’ myself. I think I tend to reveal a lot about myself once I start talking.

GQ: Do you have a lot of secrets?
I wouldn’t say ‘secrets’, just things I’d rather not say. Like things I’d rather not tell my fans, or just things I’d rather keep private. I think everybody has those things. I tend to stay along by myself in my room. But I have a job where I have to always be out and always have people looking at me. So I like having something to keep to myself. I’ve filled my room with things that I love. Things that only I know. (laughs)

GQ: I have this preconception that because you have such distinct tastes and preferences, you really like sharing them. But what is something that you really want to keep to yourself?
I don’t want to tell you. (laughs) It’s just that, really. (laughs)

GQ: There are times you want to share, and times you want to just enjoy for yourself.
Exactly. There are things that heal me, and I’ve kept them hidden in my room.

GQ: If you were to describe that room, I feel like it’d make it seem more mysterious.
I like opening my windows often, especially at night when the cold breeze comes in. That cold air gets mixed with the warmth of the room, and my body is warm but the air is refreshing. I always like letting air in no matter the season. But there are times when I just close the curtains and keep it dark in my room even during the day. I like calling them devil’s curtains. (laughs) And I turn on a very soft light. Then you can’t tell if it’s 2 in the afternoon or 10 o’clock in the night. My mom nags a lot saying I’m wasting electricity during the day. (laughs)

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[TRANS] 151102 f(Krystal) = MyDaily Interview

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