[TRANS] 190312 f(Sulli) = Grazia March Issue Interview

How have you been lately?

I went on vacation to Taiwan for 10 days right after wrapping up Season 1 of ‘Jinri Market’. With one friend. I wanted to break away for a bit from the busyness of daily life and go anywhere. My friend knew someone from Taiwan so we went there and it was really nice. I did nothing for 10 days: I ate breakfast, napped, I’d wake up again and eat dinner, drank wine, repeat. Thankfully, I relieved all stress and came back. Ah, I didn’t use my phone for 10 days either. It was right when I was inactive on Instagram.

Usually, how do you spend your vacation time?

If I have time, I try to stay at home as much as possible. Like barely leaving the bed to go outside. Since I’m the type of person who needs to sleep to recharge. I’m the type who thinks sleeping a lot is important.

What kind of program was ‘Jinri Market’ to you?

It’s a program that took out the me who is always home into the outside world. I’ve always kind of been afraid of meeting new people; I’m the type who is afraid of even small things. When I’m determined to do something, I’m quite bold, but if I go into a cave once, I hide so far it’s hard to call out (from inside). But, while doing ‘Jinri Market’, I had to constantly go outside as if leaving for work, I had to do things that take responsibility, since I kept having to have meetings. It felt like I was an office worker for a bit. I like having a regular life. So I felt less stressed because I was heading to work at Jinri Market, instead of having an irregular schedule. Also, this is a reality program. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to appear honest, but those worries lessened as I went to work regularly, and later on I would do meetings as a real company employee.

Is there anything that changed after doing the program?

Finding out, ‘I’m a person who is good at something like this too’?

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[TRANS] 181022 f(Sulli) = Vogue Magazine November Issue Interview

Q. In an interview, you’ve named New York as the city that resembles you the most. Why is that?

A. About 3 years ago, when I went to New York Fashion Week, I said I fell for the characteristic energy of this vigorous city. The image of various ethnicities gathering and living busily was quite memorable. Or should I say, I felt an odd solidarity from seeing each true New Yorker.

Q. The location we shot at today is a traditional American diner that appeared in movies in the 80’s. We thought it would be awkward to shoot while it was open, but the customers didn’t bat an eye.

A. Haha! Honestly, the moment I came in I was taken aback, but none of the customers noticed (us). Whenever I’m in a photoshoot or acting, I fall easily into the character I’ve been given. I heard today’s concept was that of someone who “sat down at a diner after a fancy cocktail party and is endlessly missing someone”. I thought, “It’s a New Yorker no different from the people sitting there” and thus didn’t pay attention to the looks around.

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[TRANS] 180119 f(Krystal) = MyDaily Interview – Talking About f(x)&Comeback

Singer and actress Krystal expressed her apologies about f(x)’s comeback plans. On the 18th, Krystal sat down with journalists at the SM Communication Center and was asked about whether an f(x) comeback was in production, to which she confessed, “I suppose either the timing isn’t right or the situation isn’t right”.

“We’ve worked very hard. There were plans for something to come out in a couple of months. Didn’t turn out how we hoped.”

Matching her own feelings, whenever Krystal was asked, either at fan signings or while leaving at the airport, by fans she met, “When is an album coming out?”, she would think, “I’m really, very sorry to the fans”.

“Seeing that the fans are so tired (of waiting) is making me so sorry, and even more sorry because I’ve nothing to say to them. I’m frustrated because there’s nothing I can say.”

The other members are, of course, “Always upset”, Krystal mentioned that among the members, they often say they want to “Hurry and comeback.” and said, “We also want to release an album, the members are so attached that they want to do it.”

Despite the long comeback wait, the members’ friendship didn’t change. Instead, during these times, they’ve grown closer, like a family.

When asked how the members received her latest drama, tvN ‘Prison Playbook’, Krystal responded sullen. It was the appearance of an f(x) maknae who’s upset at her unnies.

“Members! One of us (Luna) is doing a musical! When I meet another one (Amber) I can’t understand her! Another one (Victoria) is in China! They didn’t see my drama! (laugh) But since we always keep in touch, I receive lots of ‘Be careful of colds’, ‘Filming is tough, isn’t it?’, ‘We’ll come to play’. But they don’t watch my drama!”

Especially, when Amber visited the set of tvN ‘Bride of the Water God’, “She came and asked, ‘What is your character?’. To which I said, ‘Me? I’m a goddess’, and she said, ‘Well then, you don’t have to practice'”, she revealed, laughing.

Credits to MyDaily

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[TRANS] 170929 f(Victoria) = Fashion iFeng Interview

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[TRANS] 170812 f(Sulli) = Grazia Magazine August Issue Interview

Sulli, who is building her career as a beauty icon and an actress, adorns the cover for the August issue of fashion magazine <Grazia>. In the beauty pictorial, she applied five colors of Estee Lauder’s ‘Love Lipstick’ and used different expressions and moods for each. Despite the busy schedule after the release of <Real>, she lead the set’s atmosphere with her bubbly charm and showed off her ‘refreshing’ and ‘alluring’ looks.

When Sulli was asked about the directions on how to have pretty lips like hers, she gave an amusing answer, “I apply the lipstick a few hours before I go out to let the color stain my lips. When I think that ‘This is my color for today!’, I decide what lip color I should use before I start to dress up. My face [make-up] should be done before I dress up”. On the same day, Sulli used Estee Lauder’s burgundy-colored ‘Love Lipstick’ named ‘Rose Excess’ for the cover. It suits August issue the best because this is where the summer ends while the autumn awaits. In addition, Sulli also used a dark autumn color lipstick close to aubergine (eggplant color). “I thought that ‘Since when did dark lips match me this well?’. I guess my face matches heavy colors”, Sulli expressed her thoughts about the shoot.

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[TRANS] 160914 f(Amber) = X Sports News Interview

기사 이미지

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