200920 f(Amber) = Friends’ Instagram Updates

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Before the night ends I wanted to go through the deeps of my phone and find small moments in my phone to translate just some of the appreciation I have for my big fam @ajol_llama on her special day🌟 ISSA YO BIRTHDAY WEEKEND YEEEE YEEEE !! 🦙🦙 . All of these pics of us and the team are literally us in a nutshell 😂😂 Writing this and having so much to say because it’s been so long already!! Literally trying to wrap my head around everything man!! So many moments of laughter, immatureness and heart felt moments. It is so rare to come across people who will stick by your side without the intention being only for them, but you show up for your people and truly want everyone around you to be more than ok. . From the vocal warm up shenanigans, to crazy tech rehearsals, from stage to honest conversations outside of that; all of these things I don’t take any of which for granted and appreciate you more than you could know. . We say this a lot but, I truly believe we can give back the way we want if we both keep working as hard as we are now✨ I hope that you have felt all of the love and care that you give to all of us on your day! Can’t wait for things to blow over and to be able to get back on track with everything w/ @nekodisco and the team🤘🏽😤 . “You smart, you loyal, you grateful! I appreciate that!” Live it up for da weekend before you get to “anatha one”☝🏼😂 . Be safe and don’t forget about the “cocaine and hookers” 😂😂 jkjk Love from baby bro😁✨🦙

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200918 f(Amber) = Instagram Updates: “🎂30-2 🤪 getting there haha.”

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