190724 f(Victoria) = Grazia Weibo Update [1P]

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[TRANS] 190312 f(Sulli) = Grazia March Issue Interview

How have you been lately?

I went on vacation to Taiwan for 10 days right after wrapping up Season 1 of ‘Jinri Market’. With one friend. I wanted to break away for a bit from the busyness of daily life and go anywhere. My friend knew someone from Taiwan so we went there and it was really nice. I did nothing for 10 days: I ate breakfast, napped, I’d wake up again and eat dinner, drank wine, repeat. Thankfully, I relieved all stress and came back. Ah, I didn’t use my phone for 10 days either. It was right when I was inactive on Instagram.

Usually, how do you spend your vacation time?

If I have time, I try to stay at home as much as possible. Like barely leaving the bed to go outside. Since I’m the type of person who needs to sleep to recharge. I’m the type who thinks sleeping a lot is important.

What kind of program was ‘Jinri Market’ to you?

It’s a program that took out the me who is always home into the outside world. I’ve always kind of been afraid of meeting new people; I’m the type who is afraid of even small things. When I’m determined to do something, I’m quite bold, but if I go into a cave once, I hide so far it’s hard to call out (from inside). But, while doing ‘Jinri Market’, I had to constantly go outside as if leaving for work, I had to do things that take responsibility, since I kept having to have meetings. It felt like I was an office worker for a bit. I like having a regular life. So I felt less stressed because I was heading to work at Jinri Market, instead of having an irregular schedule. Also, this is a reality program. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to appear honest, but those worries lessened as I went to work regularly, and later on I would do meetings as a real company employee.

Is there anything that changed after doing the program?

Finding out, ‘I’m a person who is good at something like this too’?

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