24 thoughts on “f(x)+SNS

    1. it basically means the absence of something. yes, Krystal doesn’t have any more SNS accounts (that we know of) which is why I added her Instagram and Me2day updates instead~

      1. Her IG and me2day are all old stuff. People have taken old ID’s and used them to make believe that they are Krystal and are fooling a lot of people. On Facebook there are 3 or 4 sites that have Official and Verified bar codes that say that Facebook and SMTOWN certified them as real celebrities. Why does Facebook and SM let them fool people like that. I love Krystal, but I hate Krystal fakers.😡✌

  1. Hi there! Im just dropping by to say: Great site!
    Thank you for subbing, translating and posting fx-related stuffs! I’m sure you’ve put so much effort into all of this. Great job! Keep up the good work 😀
    Have a great day 😉

  2. P.Ssul

    when sulli’s instagram is not private,that day will be my happiest day. Why her instagram has only a few followers while krystal has so many

  3. frank ocean

    amber has a snapchat @ajol.0918 if that helps keep people undated because she updates that more often (like everyday or every two days)

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