[NOTICE] Sulli’s Instagram

As you might know, Sulli’s Instagram isn’t active anymore. (It’s not deleted, as you can see on my screen cap above. Possibly private)

I have a tag for her Instagram updates on this site, however, I added everything as widgets and since the photos aren’t available on IG itself anymore, they don’t show up on my site either.

It’ll take a while for me to replace every single photo, so until then, I’ll be gradually compiling all her photos in a Dropbox folder, which I’ll be linking on this post. The photos are not in chronological order! It’s not done yet, I still have several months worth of photos to go through and I’m too busy with school at the moment. Krystal is filming ‘Graduation Season’, I’m actually in my graduation season hahahaha

Photos up till mid-September now up:

HERE is the Sulli IG Dropbox folder

Note: the last pics are via jin_ri__sul@Twitter, ChoiJinriBar on Weibo, the others are downloaded directly from IG or screen capped+cropped by me on my phone. Please don’t steal any of this, I’m using my potential studying time to compile these photos.

8 thoughts on “[NOTICE] Sulli’s Instagram

  1. Hearteumi you work way too hard 🙂 You have always been the best for keeping everyone updated on what f(x) and each individual member is doing in their careers. Good Luck with school and thank you for being the voice of f(x) ❤

  2. shibuyakahei

    hi..!! first i wanted to thank you for all the work you put in, having all this content in one place is a blessing, truly.
    also, i wanted to know if the link was still active, because when i open it the folder is empty and endlessly loading 😥
    thank you, and have a wonderful day!!

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