160529 f(Luna) The 1st Mini Album ‘Free Somebody’ Teasers [2P]

I’m soooo sorry for being late guys ;; I had 3 loud alarms, didn’t hear either. I don’t know why this is happening, I guess I should get more sleep ;; (these teasers come out at 4am my time)

160528 f(Victoria) = Vogue China Instavid Update

[TRANS] 160528 f(Amber) = Instagram Update: “Park Sunyoung, you’ve worked hard~”

Park Sunyoung, you’ve worked hard~ Cheer up #parksunyoungyouretall

19 HOURS ago? hahahaha guys i am so so sorry. i don’t even know how this happened. i have notifs on. i saw no sign of this anywhere. i was editing my class’ grad video at that time.