[TRANS] 160518 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “Please give our koala’s new song a lot of love”

My sis AMBER released new song 😘
I love you, Amber. I’m an Amber fan
Please give our koala’s new song a lot of love

It’s okay~ It’s okay

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160518 f(Amber) = Instagram+Weibo Update: “Please focus on listening for it now”

我的新歌出来了!跟我的好朋友@GenNeo 一起唱的!希望你们会喜欢

[LYRICS] f(Amber) – On My Own (English+Korean Ver.)

It’s okay it’s okay
I’ll lie and say It’s okay
So far I’ve gone to get to you
It’s okay it’s okay
You see through my hardened face
Trying to see the light
through the rain
Hoping that nothings gone
But still I hold on
this mask is running thin
I know I’m losing my senses
I pray each and every day
For me to stay awake
‘Cause I’m on my own
where are you Continue reading “[LYRICS] f(Amber) – On My Own (English+Korean Ver.)”