170110 f(Luna) = ‘Doni’s Hit Maker’ Twitter Update

Luna and Young Junghyung’s special song for ‘Doni’s Hit Maker’ to be released Jan 12th, 12PM KST

[NEWS] Krystal to make a solo debut in February (Update: SM denied)

Girl group f(x)’s Krystal is debuting as a solo artist next month.

According to a representative on the 4th, Krystal will release her first solo mini album in February.


(the rest of the article is just pointless old info)

Might not be 100% true, it’s not a statement from SM! – Yep



There is nothing decided about f(x) Krystal’s solo activities.


[NEWS] Sulli Reportedly Visits Emergency Room For Wrist Injury, SM Explains

November 24, it was reported that Sulli went to the emergency room for a wrist injury.

According to reports, the actress went to the hospital with her manager and received emergency treatment for 30 minutes, after which she got an X-ray.

A source from the Seoul National University Hospital PR team said, “The patient is currently not at the hospital. We are unable to disclose anything else, as it’s personal information.”

Sulli recently wrapped filming for the movie “Real,” starring Kim Soo Hyun. “Real” is set to premiere next year.


A source from SM Entertainment spoke to news on November 24 about the reports on Sulli’s wrist injury: “We spoke with Sulli, and confirmed that she injured her wrist due to carelessness while at home. She went to the emergency on Friday morning for treatment, after which she came home.”

Source, credits to @Soompi

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161018 Krystal, special appearance in ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’


Girl group f(x)’s Krystal will be lending her support to the new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’

On the 18th, an industry insider revealed that Krystal will have a special appearance in ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’. Filming is expected to start soon.

Following the 2013 drama SBS ‘The Heirs’, Krystal will be meeting Lee Minho once more after 3 years. It has been 2 years since her last drama, SBS ‘My Lovely Girl’ in 2014.

‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ is the drama following ‘Jealousy Incarnate’, the first broadcast will be on 16 November at 10pm.

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  1. [+368, -37] She was so cute in The Heirs as Lee Bona ㅋㅋㅋ
  2. [+218, -28] I definitely have to see this. It must’ve been awhile since Tan and Bona last met
  3. [+133, -22] Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. [+114, -17] I liked Bona. I’m anticipating this

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[NEWS] Luna To Play 5 Different Characters In Musical “Five Course Love”

f(x)’s Luna has been confirm to make a comeback as a musical actress!

She will be headlining her first small theater musical “Five Course Love.” On September 12, “Five Course Love” confirmed the news, saying, “Luna, who has consistently performed on the musical stage through [her roles] in ‘Legally Blonde,’ ‘High School Musical,’ ‘In the Heights,’ and more, will be taking on her first small theater musical.”

With music and lyrics originally by Gregg Coffin, “Five Course Love” is a musical comedy that follows three actors who play 15 different characters in five different restaurants as they hunt for one true love.

Luna will be playing characters Barbie, Sofia, Gretchen, Rosalinda, and Kitty. She will be joined by Lee Ha Na and Moon Seul Ah to round out the three-person main cast.

“Five Course Love” will have its third run in Korea on November 11, 2016 to February 12, 2017 at the KT&G SangSang Art Hall.

Source, credits to @Soompi