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181114 f(Victoria) = Drama ‘Broker’ Weibo Update

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[NEWS] f(x) Luna to Participate in ‘Player’ OST, Supporting Krystal

f(x)’s Luna has been revealed as the 4th singer on the OCN Sat-Sun original ‘Player’ OST.

On the 26th, OST representative Music Buddy revealed, “Luna is participating in the OCN Sat-Sun original ‘Player’ OST” and that “The ‘Player’ OST Part 4 Luna is singing, ‘Bluffing’ will be revealed through all music sites this 28th at 6PM”.

‘Bluffing’ is a powerful song that conveys the tension-filled action of the actors. Luna is participating to support her fellow member Krystal who’s receiving lots of love from the viewer as driver Cha Ahryoung, and will impress with her singing talent that perfectly unfolds the action-packed vibe of the show.

The OCN Sat-Sun original Luna is singing an OST for, ‘Player’ is a mini still action drama about a con artist, a driver, a hacker and a fighter, the best players, who gather and find dirty money illegally.

Source: Sports DongA, via Nate

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[TRANS] 180420 f(Luna) = ‘Night Reminiscin’+’Falling Out’ Descriptions

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[TRANS] 180419 f(Luna) = Gallery Music Production Instagram Update


f(x) Luna’s digital single ‘Night Reminiscin’ will be released on April 24th at 6PM.
This single’s title songs are ‘Night Reminiscin’ and ‘Falling Out’ which Luna wrote and composed.
Please give this album we worked hard on with Luna lots of interest and love!

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[NEWS] Sulli Confirmed To Launch New Reality Program

Sulli is making her return to television!

On April 18, SM Entertainment confirmed, “Sulli is appearing in a reality program. The filming schedule and channel have not been decided yet.”

The program is a lifestyle reality show that will follow Sulli’s life as she works on opening a pop-up store.

The working title of the show is “Jin Ri’s Shop.”

Meanwhile, Sulli is also working on selecting a project for her acting comeback.

Source, credits to @Soompi

[NEWS] f(x)’s Krystal And Song Seung Heon May Star In New Crime Action Drama

f(x)’s Krystal and Song Seung Heon may be starring together in a new drama!

On April 13, SM Entertainment confirmed that Krystal was considering a role in the upcoming drama “Hustle” (literal title). A source inside the agency stated, “[Krystal] has received a casting offer for the drama ‘Hustle’ and is currently in the midst of reviewing it with a favorable outlook.”

Media outlet Sports Chosun also reported the same day that actor Song Seung Heon would be starring in the drama as well. Neither the actor nor his agency have yet confirmed the report.

“Hustle” is an action-packed crime drama that will tell the story of an elite team of four notorious con artists. Should Krystal choose to appear in the drama, she will be playing the role of Cha Ah Ryung, a talented driver who grows up on the streets after being abandoned by her parents. Song Seung Heon is reportedly taking on the lead role of Kang Ha Ri, a veteran con artist.

“Hustle” is expected to air sometime in the second half of this year.

Are you excited to potentially see Krystal and Song Seung Heon join forces in this new drama? Leave your thoughts below!

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[NEWS] f(x)’s Luna Confirms Plans To Return With New Solo Music

Luna is gearing up for her next solo release!

On April 11, industry representatives reported that the f(x) member is the final stages of preparing new music.

In response, SM Entertainment confirmed, “Luna will release new music in April. Please look forward to it.”

Although Luna has released music for SM STATION, drama soundtracks, musicals, and more, this will be her first official comeback since her solo album “Free Somebody” in May 2016.

Source: 1, 2, credits to @Soompi