‘MeUniverse’ f(x) 10th Anniversary Project Announcement

Hello MeU!

This year, I am teaming up with f(x) Global, Stay United f(x), f(x) Fanzine, f(x) doing things, f(x) fancams, Arab MeU’s and MeUArgentina to bring you all a series of fun projects for f(x)’s 10th anniversary!

So, what are we doing exactly?

Note! If there’s any part of this project that you think you could help us out with, please let me know in the comments below! Thanks.

Part 1. Charity donation

Global MeU and I have decided to raise money and donate it, in f(x)’s name, for the following charitable causes:

  • Animal Welfare Institute, for animal protection

  • The Fenix Association in Brazil, for children and women exposed to domestic violence and/or HIV

  • The Ocean Cleanup

  • Personal delivery of school supplies to children in need from villages in Romania (since school starts around f(x)’s anniversary)

If you can and want to, even the slightest amount of money would help!

Deadline: Aug 31 2019

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190826 f(Victoria) = ‘Being Lonely in Love’ Still Cuts [3P]

Credits to 电视剧山月不知心底事
Please credit functionlove.net as well if taking out, thanks.


190826 f(Amber) = Kevin Woo’s Instagram Update

[TRANS] 190826 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “💛It’s the toner Lulu really loves.💛”

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• 💛루루가 너무나 사랑하는 토너 입니다.💛 29일 목요일 아침 10시부터 시작해서 이 마법같은 토너들을 랜덤으로 선착순 30분께 선물로 드려요!💜(선주문 하신 분들도 포함) ⭐️루루 수녀크림 디엠문의 많이 주세요⭐️ 🌿미스트 정보 미스트 전용 공병이 같이 증정되며 공병에 담아 사용하기 때문에 청결함은 물론 보존에 탁월해요~😍 토너로도 사용 할 수 있어 피부결 정리는 물론 워터팩으로도 사용하실 수 있답니다🤩🤩 아삐데르마 로즈힙 워터 : 천연 장미수로 피부진정에 뛰어나고 수분감도 더해주어 여름철 피부에 필수!!💋 아삐데르마 위치하젤 워터 : 건성피부에 탁월한 효과를 주는 위치하젤! 속부터 차오르는 수분감을 확인하세요!💙문의는👉 @lunaroom6 DM

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💛It’s the toner Lulu really loves.💛
Starting from 10AM on Thursday, the 29th, this spell-like toner will be gifted to the first 30 people!💜(the people who make pre-orders are included as well)⭐️Please send lots of DMs about the Lulu Nun Cream⭐️ 🌿 Mist information: the mist comes with its own empty container and since you have to use it by putting the product into the container, it preserves cleanliness really well~😍 You can use it as a toner too, or as a water pack, to take care of your skin texture🤩🤩  Apiderma Rose Hip Water: The natural rose water is excellent at soothing the skin and it’s also moisturizing, so you gotta use it during summer!!💋 Apiderma Witch Hazel Water: The Witch Hazel, which gives outstanding results on dry skin! Check out the moisture that rises from the inside!💙For inquires👉 @lunaroom6 DM

Trans by hearteumi@functionlove.net. Take out with credits, if translating to another language please link back to functionlove.net. Thanks.