The “l’amour pervenche” Project for f(x)’s 11th Anniversary

Dear MeU,

You’re invited to join the “l’amour pervenche” Project for f(x)’s 11th Anniversary!

Project in collaboration with Stay United f(x) and f(x) Fanzine

~ 11 weeks of love for f(x)’s 11th anniversary ~

This project is made up of 3 components:

Part 1: The Periwinkle Love Scrapbook

The 1st part of l’amour pervenche is a fanbook project called “The Periwinkle Love Scrapbook”

With a realistic scrapbook vibe, this fanbook will include a total of 10 unique sections (subject to change) through which you can take a trip down memory lane, remembering your favorite things about f(x), and show your love for them.

9 out of the 10 sections will be open for submissions for a week each, from Friday to Thursday.
Every Friday, a new section opens.
Alongside those 9, 1 section will be open for 2 weeks.
Stay tuned to find out what theme each section has!

Submissions are now open for Week 3 – Write a letter to your fellow MeUs (and/or Peaches)!

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200705 f(Victoria) = Weibo Updates

走咯~没睡[白眼][困]飞机上睡吧[哈欠]回去继续做冬冬子咯[坏笑]暂时88~ O绿洲 ​​​​

leaving now, didn’t sleep, sleepy, sleep on the plane, go back continue be dong dong (her new drama character name) bye bye

Translation by crouchy929

#创造营2020# 从春到夏,从101到7,回想三个多月的时间,第一次初评级舞台看到学员们惊艳的表现,到主题曲考核学员们积极向上的拼劲,再到公演的一次次蜕变,和大家一起走过的这段旅程收获了很多。每一位学员都拼尽了全力,把不敢变成敢,把不可能变成能,不断突破不断进步,我相信每一个人都收获了更好的自己,只要尽力了就没有遗憾。从教练到主持人,在这里我也实现了许多突破,很开心能和学员们一起见证彼此的成长。
今晚是终点也是起点,未来一定会更好,不要忘记最开始的初心和梦想,一直不停努力向前奔跑吧!敢,就有万丈光芒! O绿洲