Hello MeU!

It seems Weibo has made some changes, due to which lots and lots of photos from that site aren’t working here anymore (giving errors, those little boxes). This means that several posts on this site, from 2019 to 2017, are broken/empty.

Fortunately, I can recover all the photos, however, I can only do so manually, one by one, which means it will take up to a few months to fix all the broken posts.

I’ve started fixing them and will do a couple of posts per day until they’re all back.

I apologize and I hope you understand!

PS: if you just want to see a few photos from the events with broken posts, you can always search through my Twitter

[TRANS] 190519 f(Sulli) = Instagram Updates: “Cutie💋 @/luckychouette7”

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귀여미💋 @luckychouette7

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Cutie💋 @luckychouette7

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@luckychouette7 😻

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[TRANS] 190518 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “See you on May 25-26 2019, Saturday-Sunday, at #FragranceofLuna #Luna concert”

See you on May 25-26 2019, Saturday-Sunday, at #FragranceofLuna #Luna concert, bye !

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190517 f(Amber) = With a Fan

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Enjoy this series of photos in which Amber Liu clowns me for crying… • But okay I saw Pentatonix tonight and that alone was amazing @ptxofficial you are amazing and Hallelujah made me cry. Like man you’re amazing!! Worth. Like so Worth. I have been following you since the beginning and couldn’t believe I was watching you perform live after years of watching you online!! Thank you for a great night. • To top off the night, I met my IDOL @ajol_llama. My friends and I were walking out of the Forum and they were like “is that Amber??” to which is when I immediately started hyperventilating and crying Bc if you know me you know how in love I am with Amber Liu. Hey we already have the same last name (劉)so like we’re meant to be. @ajol_llama I seriously love you so much I’m sorry I had no words and couldn’t compose myself. I THOUGHT I’m that fan that is chill when meeting their Idol but I guess I’m really not. Thank you for being so chill. You are so beautiful and kind and you have taught me how to be comfortable in my own skin and I can’t thank you enough for that. I love you. @ajol_llama, our 🦙. Please randomly run into me again and any concert whether another one out here or your own (which I will deff attend again) I will try not to cry. EDIT: Fun fact I wore this exact sweatshirt to Amber’s concert in December!!!

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