8 thoughts on “[MV] f(x) – 4 Walls

  1. Orpheus

    Great song! Getting a smooth UK-Deep House vibe from it (Disclosure for sure changed the game when it comes to Pop/House-fusions)
    Also this might be Amber’s best Rap-part yet. On point!

  2. icecube

    Do you know where to buy their full album? I would like to buy one, since I’m not from South Korea its kinda hard for me to find one

  3. gabrielleMurad

    hello my dear
    i want to spread our project for f(x) all around the world but i didn’t find the right place to spread it expect your blog, some MeUs want to rise RPPP but others want 4walls and some others want RL so we decided to rise all f(x)’s Music videos to a specific goals, i really hope you help us and reply to me if you want to join us

    * i am not the owner of the pictures or the account in the link i just want to spread it

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