180114 f(Sulli) = Instavid Update

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180108 f(Sulli) = Estee Lauder ‘Lips to Envy’ Release Event [1]

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f(♥) New Year’s Eve Special – f(x)+2017!

Happy New Year, MeU!

This is functionlove.net’s 5th ‘Year in Review’ featuring all the highlights of 2017 for f(x) and Sulli!

You can check out the previous ones here

Note: I mentioned what I personally considered more important. If you want to see more, you can check out our archives. (on the sidebar)


Luna collabs with Hani and Solar for ‘Honey Bee

Victoria participated in Chinese variety show ‘Ace Vs. Ace’

E Channel ‘Strong Girls’ with Luna airs

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