170701 f(Sulli) = Movie ‘Real’ Stage Greeting [4] | 5P

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[TRANS] 170814 f(Sulli) = Instagram Updates: “Are they my friends….. Or younger siblings? Cousins? Um.. Distant relatives?”

복숭아 팝니다🍑

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I’m selling peaches🍑

친구들인가….. 동생들? 사촌? 음.. 먼 친척?

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Are they my friends….. Or younger siblings? Cousins? Um.. Distant relatives?

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[TRANS] 170812 f(Sulli) = Grazia Magazine August Issue Interview

Sulli, who is building her career as a beauty icon and an actress, adorns the cover for the August issue of fashion magazine <Grazia>. In the beauty pictorial, she applied five colors of Estee Lauder’s ‘Love Lipstick’ and used different expressions and moods for each. Despite the busy schedule after the release of <Real>, she lead the set’s atmosphere with her bubbly charm and showed off her ‘refreshing’ and ‘alluring’ looks.

When Sulli was asked about the directions on how to have pretty lips like hers, she gave an amusing answer, “I apply the lipstick a few hours before I go out to let the color stain my lips. When I think that ‘This is my color for today!’, I decide what lip color I should use before I start to dress up. My face [make-up] should be done before I dress up”. On the same day, Sulli used Estee Lauder’s burgundy-colored ‘Love Lipstick’ named ‘Rose Excess’ for the cover. It suits August issue the best because this is where the summer ends while the autumn awaits. In addition, Sulli also used a dark autumn color lipstick close to aubergine (eggplant color). “I thought that ‘Since when did dark lips match me this well?’. I guess my face matches heavy colors”, Sulli expressed her thoughts about the shoot.

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