190816 f(Victoria) = Drama ‘Being Lonely in Love’ Poster, Still Cuts [7P]

Credits to 电视剧山月不知心底事, Jiangsu TV
Please credit functionlove.net as well if taking out, thanks.

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Introducing MeUtopia!

Dear MeU,

I have created MeUtopia, a community on Reddit created for f(x) fans to gather and have fun! Pay attention to the rules, make sure to always add a flair to your posts, and enjoy your time!

I made this subreddit because I often make my own lockscreens of f(x) to use on my phone but I only share some of them to fellow MeUs. When I do share them, fans always seem to enjoy them. Thus, I thought of creating a space where any of us can share f(x) wallpapers we make, so that other fans can use them as well!

I also wanted to create a space where we could joke around and make f(x) memes and I thought, why not put these 2 together? So here we are!

Happy 10 years of f(x) ♥

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[TRANS] 190712 f(Sulli) = Instagram Updates: “Prada with Jaehyun and Jihoon~ #thedevilwearsprada”

Prada with Jaehyun and Jihoon~ #thedevilwearsprada

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With Ahreum unnie

Trans by hearteumi@functionlove.net. Take out with credits, if translating to another language please link back to functionlove.net. Thanks.


Hello MeU!

It seems Weibo has made some changes, due to which lots and lots of photos from that site aren’t working here anymore (giving errors, those little boxes). This means that several posts on this site, from 2019 to 2017, are broken/empty.

Fortunately, I can recover all the photos, however, I can only do so manually, one by one, which means it will take up to a few months to fix all the broken posts.

I’ve started fixing them and will do a couple of posts per day until they’re all back.

I apologize and I hope you understand!

PS: if you just want to see a few photos from the events with broken posts, you can always search through my Twitter

to fellow f(x) fansites!


If you’re the admin of another f(x) fansite/fanpage, keep reading! (if not, skip this post, and have a nice day :D)

In case you’re not already part of the f(x) 10th anniv project team: a couple of sites and I are currently working on projects for this september. Promo help and ideas would be very welcome! If you haven’t joined already and want to, leave a comment on this post or DM me on Twitter

Thank you ♥

quick notice for peaches!

Hello everyone!

Some of you have asked me for a translation to Sulli’s Grazia interview, and I did a bit of it but haven’t had the time to finish.

Sadly, I got a last minute long assignment for college to finish until Friday and the next day i’m going home so i’ll be on the train most of the day. I’ll try to work on it on the train, but it won’t be done until Sunday.

I’m sorry for the delay and I hope you understand! I’ll try my best to get it done, I just have to prioritize that school assignment 😦