Notice about Sulli’s Instagram

Hello MeU! This is a quick notice about Sulli’s Instagram posts being deleted.

You guys might have noticed that all of Sulli’s Instagram posts since the opening of her new account are now gone. No one knows if she deleted them herself or if she got hacked, although it seems more likely that she did it herself.

If you’ve been on this site enough times, you know I post Instagram stuff as widgets. Since all of her posts are gone, all the posts I made with them don’t have the photos/videos anymore – they just have the translation or nothing at all if there was no caption.

I don’t have all of her photos and none of the videos, but I will upload them to a Dropbox folder and link them for you guys sometime in the following weeks.

Hope you understand!


161022 CanCam December Issue – Krystal


Work Questions

Q1: What is f(x)’s charm?
The colour of our songs is unique and we are always challenging ourselves, so I believe that’s what allows us to receive love from our fans.

Q2: What’s the song that gets you the most hyped up when you perform it?
Papi! I like it when everyone jumps together!

Q3: Amongst f(x)’s songs, which is the hardest to sing?
Krystal: Maybe 4walls? It’s hard to catch the sound in the beginning of the song. It’s a song that took a lot of time to record. The tune is neither really high nor really low, and having to sing in a clear voice that’s neither real voice nor falsetto was really hard. As compared to the Korean that has bottom consonants, the Japanese version is definitely easier to sing (laughs).

Q4: What’s the f(x) song that you feel is the most like you?

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Hello everyone!

I’m writing this just to inform you. I’m moving across the country for college and starting classes in the next week and it will take time to adjust to everything. That means that updates will come a little bit slower for the next 2~3 weeks. I hope you guys understand.

Have a nice day and keep loving f(x)~