MeU, Please Don’t Believe This Crap

MeU, don’t follow this news site. Go on Soompi from now on. This is all clickbait. They just twisted her words. See for yourself, here is the original interview:


[UPDATED] Notice about Sulli’s Instagram

Hello MeU! This is a quick notice about Sulli’s Instagram posts being deleted.

You guys might have noticed that all of Sulli’s Instagram posts since the opening of her new account are now gone. No one knows if she deleted them herself or if she got hacked, although it seems more likely that she did it herself.

If you’ve been on this site enough times, you know I post Instagram stuff as widgets. Since all of her posts are gone, all the posts I made with them don’t have the photos/videos anymore – they just have the translation or nothing at all if there was no caption.

I don’t have all of her photos and none of the videos, but I will upload them to a Dropbox folder and link them for you guys sometime in the following weeks.

Hope you understand!

UPDATE! Most of the photos are HERE

(Note: I might have confused some photos others uploaded of her/omitted some photos, please let me know if you’ve found any of them. I’ll go through them myself when I have more time. Also, I have more on my phone which I’ll add soon)