[TRANS] 170820 f(Luna) = Instavid Update: “Youngest Jaemie passed away tonight ..”

Youngest Jaemie passed away tonight .. The baby who was alright a few hours ago .. When I fed him this morning, our Jaemie ran to the food first ❤️ I feel sorry for not being able to take care of him more .. I thank everyone who supported and encouraged me all this time. Our youngest Jaemie, thank you for being with mom for the short period of a few months, I love you. I hope you won’t be in pain anymore and I pray that you will only have happy days. I love you 😽

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170805 f(Amber) = With Fans [2P+1V]

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One of the nicest and most chill people I've ever met…ily Amber 💕 . . . . #amberliu

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