Thank you for everything!

3 thoughts on “Thank you for everything!

  1. Drew

    I’ve been a die hard f(x) fan since I discovered them in 2015. I’ve only known about your site for the last couple of years but I have loved it since I found it.

    Thank you for helping keep their legacy alive for all these years.

  2. JoJo

    Thank you for all your hard work!!! I’ve been using this site everyday since I was 15 back in 2014, so I have a lot of memories associated with you. Thank you for keeping us updated with all the members and for all the projects that you have done over the years. I’m sure it was all very time consuming, but with your creativity and organizational skills you made being a MeU lots of fun! I wish you the best in life! You’ll always be in MeU’s hearts! 💜

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