[KOR+ROM LYRICS] 02. 원하기 전에 (Falling Out)

한 번도 이런 적 없죠
내 맘이 맘처럼 안 돼요
매일 걷던 이 거리마저도
왜 이리 꿈처럼 아름다운지
천천히 한 걸음씩
내 심장은 그런데 너무 빨라요
이러다 먼저 울어버릴까 봐 두려워
혹시 알게 되어도 말하지 마요
나를 안아주지 마요
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[ENG+KOR+ROM LYRICS] 01. 그런 밤 (Night Reminiscin`) (With 양다일)

어둔 날이 오고 그런 밤이 오면
난 생각에 빠져 널 그려
그리워 보고 싶다 말할 거야
혼자 있는 방에 음악에 취해
아무것도 어떤 생각도
떠오르지 않아
손에 잡히지 않는 너의 향기
어김없이 반복되는 그냥 그런 밤
어김없이 반복되는 그냥 그런 밤
눈을 감아 잠이 오지 않아
조금만 더 널 그리다 잘까
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180422+24 f(Amber) = Spotted in LA [2P]

180423 f(Amber) = Friends’ Instagram Updates [2P+1V]

nautical squad ⚓️

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Progress Not Perfection! Started the morning with a #goal, I never thought I would, so I never thought I could, but now I know I should. Was able to finish my first long distance run today through the #Nike #10k. Learned so much about my limitations and also so much more about my body today. Definitely was empowered by these guys here. Goal is to be even faster and better for my next run. Also running outside is 10x harder but it was pretty cool that they closed down the 90 Freeway for this run. Here’s to knocking off more goals off my bucket list this year, first step is just doing. (PS I was that kid in class that couldn’t run even half a mile in elementary school, so even running more than that already makes me happy.) 🏃🏻‍♀️ 🏃🏻‍♀️ 🏃🏻‍♀️ #run #marathon #

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