160530 f(Krystal) = Filming ‘Graduation Season’ [2] | 3P

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160531 f(Luna) = KBS Yoo Jiwon’s Rooftop Radio Instagram Update

160531 f(Luna) = KBS Yoo Jiwon’s Rooftop Radio Translations

My favorite pose is with my neck tipped on one side, it was a fun shoot

I composed many ballads, but I didn’t want to give up dancing and wanted to show a performance

I think solo singers are so amazing, they practice so much

I miss my members, they sent me messages, Amber and Krystal surprised me at the MV filming with the cake I like, i really didnt expect it. They monitored my songs and told me what would be better

At first, My Medicine was a love song and not for my mom but I looked at her and decided I should write her a letter. I was crying and it started raining

MC: A listener is using up their data to watch the show

Luna (does heart pose): Thank you!

I dreamed of SM, my dream was to become a dancer. I was very touched by a Whitney Huston song and decided to practice singing.

I’ve been dancing/making choreos since 8 years old

MC: Are there musicians you’d want to collab with?

L: Since my first album is just out, I’ll talk about that later

There’s a Breathe song in In The Heights, just like a song from my album, and I though it was the same one. It’s a great song, you should listen to it before you go to sleep and forget your troubles.

When I first received It Was Love, I thought it was a musical, it’s so good. I remember the whole process, Zico was a great producer

I gotta prepare a gift, of course. I picked 3 people to receive singed CDs.

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[KOR+ROM+ENG LYRICS] f(Luna) – 06 My Medicine

사소한 일상에서 느낀
어릴 적 해맑게 웃어본
그날의 기억이
항상 내 옆에 있겠지
어리석은 내 교만함에
내가 더 싫어지는 밤
Oh my medicine
내 안에 들어와
날 치료해줘요 No matter what
No matter what No matter what
Oh my medicine
내 안에 있다면
말을 해줘요 No matter what
No matter what No matter what
No matter what

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