[TRANS] 181022 f(Sulli) = Vogue Magazine November Issue Interview

Q. In an interview, you’ve named New York as the city that resembles you the most. Why is that?

A. About 3 years ago, when I went to New York Fashion Week, I said I fell for the characteristic energy of this vigorous city. The image of various ethnicities gathering and living busily was quite memorable. Or should I say, I felt an odd solidarity from seeing each true New Yorker.

Q. The location we shot at today is a traditional American diner that appeared in movies in the 80’s. We thought it would be awkward to shoot while it was open, but the customers didn’t bat an eye.

A. Haha! Honestly, the moment I came in I was taken aback, but none of the customers noticed (us). Whenever I’m in a photoshoot or acting, I fall easily into the character I’ve been given. I heard today’s concept was that of someone who “sat down at a diner after a fancy cocktail party and is endlessly missing someone”. I thought, “It’s a New Yorker no different from the people sitting there” and thus didn’t pay attention to the looks around.

Q. You’ve constantly modeled for beauty brands since your debut. You’ve been with Estee Lauder for 3 years already, right? I’m curious what cosmetics mean to you.

A. A strong cure for stress! Can you discuss beauty without ‘fun’? I’m just like other women in their 20s. I enjoy the process of trying out this and that, sharing good stuff to my friends or finding colors that match my face. I’d like to say it’s a “Bond I will never let go of”. I can’t live without makeup. Haha!

Q. The beauty world uses the famous “Ssul” term for “The lip color Sulli wears will definitely sell out”. I’m curious about your honest opinion on the “Pure Color Desire” lipstick used today for the photo shoot.

A. I was so impressed by the application and color payoff that I was taken aback. I didn’t put weight on my wrist and yet it glided vividly as I applied it. So I recommend applying it rather carefully. I’d mainly recommend it for the various shade range. There are shades you’d always wear, shades you’d want to wear on stage, and shades you’d put into your pouch right now!

Q. Not too long ago, you finished filming a variety program called “Jinri Shop”. It seemed unique from the previews on Instagram, so tell us some bits to watch out for.

A. I suddenly turned into a young CEO. ‘Jinri Market’ is a program where I collaborate with various brands to make goods and open a pop-up store where I face customers as it is. The interesting thing is that from the beginning, there was no writer nor script. I’d be zoning out for quite some time, or going somewhere I want to go out of the blue, with no prior plans, or meeting people naturally, saying what I wanted to say. It was more fun and I was happier to film naturally, as I desired.

Q. When you were looking at your reflection in the window, you said “I feel very confident with this kind of pose! Making pretty faces when looking in the mirror is a very familiar thing for me” and made the staff members laugh. I feel like a bold yet bright and energetic image is only Sulli’s charm. When are you happiest?

A. I’m not sure, I might sound a bit vague, but it’s when I “get the desire to move”! When I do things I want to do, I get an insane surge of endorphins and feel very energetic. I’m thankful It’s been like that every day lately.

Q. From promoting as a singer, shooting pictorials and starring in a reality program, I like seeing the image of you dipping your toes into a new domain and pursuing it.

A. I’m thinking of continuing to do acting. Even though it’s the hardest, it gets more fun as you challenge it and I absolutely can’t give it up. As I said earlier, I work the hardest and do the best when I do what I desire. First of all, I feel like I transmit the energy I feel when having fun to my fans as I well.

Source: Vogue

Trans by hearteumi@functionlove.net. Take out with credits, if translating to another language please link back to functionlove.net. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “[TRANS] 181022 f(Sulli) = Vogue Magazine November Issue Interview

  1. meufxlove

    Can you also do a translation of her Grazia March 2019 interview? A Korean fan uploaded shots of her interview but soon deleted it.

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