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#Lunphabet Making your legs straight episode ❤️😍 Lulu is very touched because you showed it so much love. Seeing the message method, lots of you were curious about the products I used, so I’m posting this. While trying to find various ways to help me with dieting, I got a gel that is easy to use at home ! Lulu will upload her account, read it and succeed at making your legs straight!! 🤩

1. The Body Slim Gel -> Apply it to your arms and legs everyday, softly, and spread it until it absorbs. If you freeze the cooler and use them together, you get a better synergy and better results! (Lulu tip, if you apply it behind your ears, on your shoulders and collarbone, then massage it in, all your exhaustion from that day goes away) 2. The Body Effector -> Mix the effector with as much water as you want (I go by 1:1) in a zipper bag, and wet the bandage~ (Lulu tip! You can mix several of these bandages and leave them in the freezer, then use them when you need them) Wrap you arms and legs with the bandage wet with the effector and let it sit for 20 minutes, then you’re done ! 💕💕 Lulu is working hard dieting lately, see you on stage soon 👀😍

I feel like Lulu gets very cold when dieting, I hate being cold so so much heuk heuk Even though it’s a bit early, Lulu has already prepared her wardrobe for winter 😱😘 I tried on the Discovery Long Padding for the first time and it’s so light and warm to wear …? I love Discovery 💕💕 The padding Lulu is wearing is here 👇 I shall share the pink one soon too ☺️😊 #DiscoveryExpedition #DiscoveryLongPadding

181008 f(Krystal) = ELLE Korea Instagram Update

[TRANS] 181008 f(Sulli) = Instagram Update: “Staring into space🌟”

Staring into space🌟 #JinriMarket #Blin #Goblin #BestGoblin

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