[NEWS PICS] 181027 f(Luna) = 2018 Happy Alliance Party [8P]

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[TRANS] 181022 f(Sulli) = Vogue Magazine November Issue Interview

Q. In an interview, you’ve named New York as the city that resembles you the most. Why is that?

A. About 3 years ago, when I went to New York Fashion Week, I said I fell for the characteristic energy of this vigorous city. The image of various ethnicities gathering and living busily was quite memorable. Or should I say, I felt an odd solidarity from seeing each true New Yorker.

Q. The location we shot at today is a traditional American diner that appeared in movies in the 80’s. We thought it would be awkward to shoot while it was open, but the customers didn’t bat an eye.

A. Haha! Honestly, the moment I came in I was taken aback, but none of the customers noticed (us). Whenever I’m in a photoshoot or acting, I fall easily into the character I’ve been given. I heard today’s concept was that of someone who “sat down at a diner after a fancy cocktail party and is endlessly missing someone”. I thought, “It’s a New Yorker no different from the people sitting there” and thus didn’t pay attention to the looks around.

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[TRANS] 181027 f(Luna) = Instagram Updates: “I’m deluding myself that my ‘Falling Out’ performance was legendary .. 🤩😜”


Is it due to my lack of sleep from composing lately .. That I’ve turned into a carp 🙄🙄 Busan to which I’ve come after a while !! Today I’ve worn padding while performing for the first time because it was so cold and since I was warm, I thought I’d sing so so well, and I’m deluding myself that my ‘Falling Out’ performance was legendary .. 🤩😜 Today’s outfit point !! Padding !! #filla #fillapuffershotdownjacket


The pants size is 23…? 22..? Which one am I, Hanna..?  Hanna shortened my pants by a lot and they fit me just right, I’m happy 😍

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