221130-06 f(Victoria) = Weibo Updates

#何其有幸联手鉴茶#今晚品茶🍵 ​​​

#He Qi is fortunate to join hands with tea# Tea tasting tonight🍵

一会儿见[哈哈] 绿洲

See you later

公园里面耍大拳[笑哈哈] 绿洲 ​​​

Playing big fists in the park[笑哈哈]

#HeXiaoranMeetsXiaoShangqisParentsTemplate# Don’t be bitter, come and drink more and you will be good~#AlmostLover#

萧尚麒走的第1天家里来了只小蜘蛛,今天…它结网了。 [doge] @许魏洲ZZ #谁都知道我爱你#

On the first day that Xiao Shangqi left, a little spider came to the house, and today…it made a web. @徐伟州ZZ #AlmostLover#

Assemble on the roof, four rows into the circle! Snip on the roof with me~ Didn’t have enough “team building” last time? This time I’ll be waiting for you at # Peace Elite Four Row Festival#! The four-row water-saving competition has now started, let’s work together to meet on the island ~ pay attention to the recruitment information of the water-friendly competition on the official blog of @ Peace Elite, and accept my invitation to form a team. On December 3rd, enter the four-row game “Friends Circle” of “Pig Zhuqian” and join my four-row super weekend party!


The blue sky with white clouds floating in the sky~ The next sentence 🎤

Translation via Google Translate


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