180720 f(Amber) = northoftwo Instavid Update

180720 f(Luna) = jungmolim+__dohyun29’s Instagram Updates [5P]

^ Source: __dohyun29

[TRANS] 180720 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “I’m currently preparing a #Lunparty birthday party for 2018.8.12 !!”

2 shows left as Luncarlet O’Hara. I’m glad I got to meet such a charming and lovely Scarlett. I’m parting ways with her next Wednesday, I’ll do better in my remaining 2 stages, full of sorrow 💜❤🧡 • I’m currently preparing a #Lunparty birthday party for 2018.8.12 !! I’ll update with detailed info with weekend 😍

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