180301 f(Amber) = North of Two Instagram Update

[TRANS] 180301 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “I love you, pretties who came to see unnie❤”

I love you, pretties who came to see unnie❤  They’re probably busy with their comebacks, but they stayed loyal and bought tickets themselves to come see me as a surprise, our pretty Chungha and pretty Heehyun who is working hard promoting with DIA 🤗🤗 Event heir greeting was bright and cheerful, thanks to you guys I shined very bright during today’s stage, thank you and I love you 💋

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180301 f(Amber) = Instagram Update: “Sometimes i dont know what the hell im doing”

有时候我不知道我在做什么. 可是我记得没有人知道. 我们没办法预测未来可是我们还可以准备. 我在做的时候我会玩得开心. ​​​​