[SHOW] 180407 f(Amber) = SBS ‘It’s Okay to Go a Little Crazy’ EP21 Cuts

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180407 f(Amber)+f(Luna) = Emaar Dubai Twitter+Instagram Updates [3P]

Credits to emaardubai
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[TRANS] 180407 f(Victoria) = Weibo Update: “X-Crew, here they are!”

#热血街舞团#X-Crew来了!不要被他们的来势汹汹吓到!反差萌了解一下[偷笑]BATTLE超强的哦!@超级霹雳k@秦煜SUTAheart4real@DaTing杨雨婷X-crew@XCREW-JC俊@X-CREW-HR-EAZY@Tooozin兔子 ​​​今晚看你们的

X-Crew, here they are! Don’t get frightened at their vigour! They’re cute as well😜And they’re awesome at battle! @超级霹雳k@秦煜SUTAheart4real@DaTing杨雨婷X-crew@XCREW-JC俊@X-CREW-HR-EAZY@Tooozin兔子 ​​​ X-Crew it’s your turn tonight❤#HBDC

Trans by Song Qian Bar

[TRANS] 180407 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “She’s having fun, our Koala🤣🤣”

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신나쪄요 우리 코알라 🤣🤣

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She’s having fun, our Koala🤣🤣

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