190115 f(Victoria) = Yue Kai Company Press Conference [2] | 16P

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190115 f(Amber) = akusesu, davidjypark’s Instagram Updates [4P]

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When #supersmashbros is life

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[TRANS] 190115 f(Luna) = Instagram Updates: “Luna _ Even So”

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• LUNA _ 운다고 (Even So) #운다고

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Sleep tight ⭐️ Sleep tight tight
It’s now time for Luna’s Even So promotions to sleep tight too🤗
I’ll sing a sweet song for you at Lunight
Lulu will do many lives in 2019 🤫

Honestly it’s so good… You gotta listen to it😎

Our Jisoon oppa’s new song has come out !
Feat. Jinyoung unnie @qwerwls95 whose voice melts..
A-No ‘I Believe In You‘ lyrics 🙏👇👇
“While looking at the sky on a rainy day
I imagine things up in the clouds I Believe In You”
#IBelieveinyou #ANo

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