190629 f(Amber) = ‘Eagle And The Albatross’ Instagram Update

190629 f(Sulli) = Friends’ Instagram Updates

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[TRANS] 190629 f(Sulli) = Instagram Update: “Thank you very much for being with me today, I’m very happy!”

Peaches! Thank you very much for being with me today, I’m very happy! I hope it was a happy time for all of you, see you again 🍑 Please like #goblin #onthemoon #dorothy a lot 💝

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Human wreath kekekeke The flowers couldn’t go in so they were sent…. Thank you anyways #sm #mystic #replynight #EsteeLauder

My lovely friends, thank you always. I’ll always be by your side. And Shimo oppa who couldn’t talk today, I was glad to compose with him and Jibin (?), I love you all

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