[TRANS] 190905 f(Sulli) = Instagram Update: “Is it the first time I wrote a letter? Thank you for remembering me❤️”

Is it the first time I wrote a letter? Thank you for remembering me❤️

2019/09/05 A thunderstorm-y day

Today is my 14th debut anniversary. Lately, I’ve only been looking ahead so much that I even forgot when I debuted. But I’ve got everyone who didn’t forget and were first to remember and congratulate me. I sincerely feel the gratitude of the support I’ve been getting for my life lately and for my future, I’ve had time to let go of lots of thoughts for a bit and look back at the previous days. I’ve lived by getting help from anyone at every moment, thanks to them I was able to smile and get courage. I’m thinking I don’t have to live by myself. Lots of people are by my side and and we’ve all made precious memories together. I also want to become someone who can emit warmth. I’d like to thank everyone and please take good care of me in the future ♥

– Jelly Jilli Jinni Sulli is the Truth

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