[TRANS] 201009 f(Luna) = Instagram Updates: “I’m happy because I got to see people I love!”

It’s a song prepared a really long time ago

It saw the light of day, finally, today !!

Please give my collab with @bronzekim, #melody, a lot of love. It’s the first time Lulu sings city pop, oh yeah><

It’s a song with lyrics I really liked. It’s a song you totally need when feeling tired and sick of something.

‘I can’t dream all dreams with you, but / Even if it’s a little hard / The sound I hear in my ears / Our melody / I’ll smile during this long day too’

See you on Naver TV on the 21st, at 5PM. #Luna is doing a show for the first time hehehe

I wonder if I can be this happy today… I just get nervous when I feel this happy.. But I’m happy because I got to see people I love! I hope everyone around me only have happy, fun and good days. Have all my love!!

I love you, Sunee unnie who cut my hair perfectly today, and I love you, Jiyoung unnie, you did my makeup perfectly

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